50° Feature: Casual vs. Hardcore Games

These days, it's impossible to ignore casual games. With the popularity of the Wii, and with Microsoft and Sony expanding their downloadable content offerings, casual gaming is growing into much more than just a niche market. However, this growth may come with a cost. As more money is made off casual gaming it's possible developers will begin investing a bigger percentage of their budget into their games. And this begs the question, will the growth in casual gaming be detrimental to the traditional, hardcore gamer?

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wiizy3917d ago

there is no casual vs hardcore.. its gamers that like good games and enjoy playing any game that are good and entertaining.....vs childish gamers that like to play shooters all day cause of beautiful graphics and are usually on sites complaining.

XBOX 3603917d ago

You can have both graphics and gameplay. You wouldn't know since it looks like you've been playing Kidtendo games all your life.

LastDance3917d ago

Theres nothing wrong with crankin donkey kong and killer instinct or sunset riders or alien rebels or TMNT 4 turtles in time when your 19!


hahaha. goooooood times.

bigjclassic3917d ago

With these two posts.

The first poster had adult logic=hardcore gamer

second poster had immature comments=casual

Casual gamers play games that magazines and TV tell them too.
Hardcore gamers play all games regardless of genre and appreciates all games and consoles.

BrianC62343916d ago

I think G4TV is confused. Is The Sims really a casual game? Maybe they think it is because you don't need every button on a controller or it runs on a PC? The whole casual games and casual gamers thing is getting mixed up.

I see a casual game as something simple like Bejeweled that is easy to play and anyone can learn. you can play it five minutes or five hours. A casual gamer is someone who doesn't play many games. If you start out as a casual gamer and start playing a lot of games you become a hardcore gamer. Even if you just play casual games. They're still games, just easier.