EPIX Coming to PlayStation 3, Vita

IGN - Ever heard of EPIX? Well, its official website describes the service as “the big new movie channel that's more than just a big new movie channel,” but you can call it the latest streaming service coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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-Mezzo-1576d ago

Seems like an interesting idea.

AngelicIceDiamond1576d ago

Not as much enthusiasm with this than Amazon Video getting released on PlayStation last year.

freezola751576d ago

Ok now I wonder what will be the difference between EPIX, Netflix, and Vudu? Which service will get the newest movies faster? They may have a deeper movie selection than others perhaps? Either way, I am a bit curious..

Then I'm like oh boy not another movie streaming website :(

FunAndGun1576d ago

I really don't understand the relationship between Sony and these video on demand services.

You have the PSN video store and then you have Vudu, Hulu, and Amazon. It is $1 cheaper to rent an HD movie from Amazon. By having Amazon available on the PS3 with cheaper prices, doesn't that undercut the possible profit from Sony's own video store?

Anytime I purchase a video on demand, it is always through Amazon because it is always that $1 difference.

Just_The_Truth1575d ago

Epix signed with Netflix so no worries

Noami1576d ago

so they are racist against little movies ic ic

Godmars2901576d ago

Hasn't this been on the PS3 for a while? They seem familiar.

Fullmetalevolust1576d ago

Yet another option to watch movies on PS3 and not have to pay a hefty amount for cable. Hulu, vudu, netflix, amazon and now Epix at $7, not sure cable companies can beat that.

lodossrage1576d ago

All that isn't enough to out class cable or satellite. Until the home systems get things like to local news, live sporting events (without jumping through hoops), and some sort of quick turning ability without the need for buffering and loading, traditional pay tv will always have the edge.

Yes, that may be changing, but as it stands right now, having just a bunch of stand alone movie/tv services isn't enough.

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