Project CARS Achieves Photorealism - First Community 2013 Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "2013 will definitely be the year of Project CARS. Even though Slightly Mad Studios’ racer is not – at the current state – as hardcore as rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa, it looks miles better than those two afforementioned titles. Slightly Mad Studios seems to aim for a mix between arcade and sim - instead of a pure simulation experience. This may put off some purists but still, the game promises to be better than Shift 2 or all other previous attempts. Project CARS is planned for a late 2013 release on PC, WiiU, PS3 and X360. And even though we don’t know how it will look on consoles, we already know that it looks spectacular on the PC. Enjoy!"

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Hasanhastam1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Look great but why they only show super fast cars instead of soMe classics?

cooksauce1933d ago

you dont know cars if you can't see any classics in those photos

RumbleFish1933d ago

The variation of cars in the game is very good so far. No lame FW but I can do well without them.

Hasanhastam1933d ago

I see some classic zonda R!

inveni01932d ago

There are some classics in there, for sure.

But I'm not sure I'd call this "photo real". That term gets thrown around too much. This does look really nice, but it's still a number of steps away from photo real.

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Jessika_S1933d ago

Not trying to start anything I'm a big PC gamer but this game does look like Gran Turismo 5 to me. I think it's probably because it's just still photos, but if you think I'm wrong just go google search Gran Turismo 5 and look at the pics.

Pandamobile1932d ago

Are you telling me that two near photo-realistic racing sims similar?

No waaaaaaaaaaay

Jessika_S1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

They don't have to be similar just look at Forza and Gran Turismo, Yes they are both Sims but each one has a unique look. Even gameplay feels different.

aliengmr1932d ago

At a glance maybe. Anymore than that and you can see the lighting in PC is more advanced.

GT5 also cost $80 mil to develop, and I doubt PC will get anywhere near that.

xtreampro1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The problem with most racing sims is the lighting and although the lighting in this looks good GT5's lighting actually looks like real-life.

I'm no fanboy but I've only ever been impressed by Polyphony's lighting and it has yet to topped. I've had my fare share of problems with GT5 but time & time again many devs make the same mistakes when it comes to lighting and PD seem to be the only ones who got it right.

I thought Forza 4's new lighting system would get it right but even they ended up with the over top shiny cartoony look.

PCars lighting looks good but it sufferes from the same problems Forza 4 has.

aliengmr1932d ago

"PCars lighting looks good but it sufferes from the same problems Forza 4 has."

Its still in alpha.

Granted GT5 is very impressive, but AO is much tighter in PC.

In no way did I notice any over-the-top-shiny-cartoony look in any of those screens. Some low res textures and some environments that need work, but like I said, its in alpha.

DOMination-1932d ago

This is obviously better. Having said that the cars look too shiny for me


i think u should checkout the you tube vids as a matter of fact i got one for u

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blackbirdi1933d ago

this screens are old --'

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