6 PC Games That Gave Glimpse of Next Generation Graphics

There's one bitter truth that consoles gamers are currently living with i.e "PC gaming is way way ahead of console gaming". This saying is indeed a Universal Truth because there are plenty of PC games that already look like next generation games. So we have listed below Six PC Games That Gave Glimpse of Next Generation Graphics.

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MaleManSam1900d ago

Have to agree with The Witcher 2 and BF3.

But Skyrim takes the cake imo. I have mine modded to hell and back and it just surpasses anything I've ever seen in gaming or films. It's just astonishing with some of the visuals that are capable with just an amd 7970 and a i5 3570k cpu and some ram.

Which is by all means just a semi hardcore gaming computer. (No hate pls ;) )

Plagasx1900d ago

Would it be too much to ask exactly which graphic mods you are using? lol.

MaleManSam1900d ago

I have around 60 mods running ATM, still get around 40fps, which in sky rim is more than enough, it runs smoothly until around 19fps. But for the most part I use everything (graphics wise) listed here and most of the ones on nexusmod, just google it and go the skyrim one if you don't know what that is, then use the BOSS program which helps put all the mods in order of boot load and you'll be hard pressed to ever get a CTD again.

Eldyraen1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Disagreed on accident...

I agree with the whole list from the article as well as your Skyrim comparison. The work modders have put into it is superb and really does make the game look next-gen. Add Enb and it looks infinitely better though as adds much that the original engine lacked.

I can't remember exactly what mods I use (not at home) but some of the 2-4k textures are pretty insane--I actually use an 8k rock texture. Some of the new character textures are beyond what most other games have as well (Nuska female for example and a new male that I can't remember). I just wish monsters got as much love as everything else (monster mods exist but not as many standalone, simple replacers for vanilla monsters--when compared to character/environmental anyways). The hard part is finding all the mods as if you want a true next gen Skyrim you need some serious research/hunting to get it (and hope the mod doesn't get removed for some reason when/if you you change things).

I have to disagree about film though ;). Still, fully modded Skyrim is a wonder to behold and its weakest point is draw distance (ugrids help but with heavy mods can take performance way down). It all comes down to mods though as game itself is quite dated.

BattleTorn1900d ago

I recently have done the same! And the game is still one of the best looking games i know.

I went back to Skyrim (after 10months of not touching it) after I played Far Cry 3 and got a hunger for more hunting, and archery.

I've now put 90+ more hours into it, in Dec. (I had nearly the entire month off)

Skyrim modded still looks amazing. I don't why, but mods where ruining my game-experience when I stopped playing, but when I rebooted it (after uninstalling a few other games) the game runs perfect now. (perhaps patches..)

As for which graphics mods, PlagasX, I'd suggest the usual popular ones. (stick to the tried and tested)
For example, the high-res texture pack is a must, then i'd say better snow, enhanced sun-glare, view distance, HD-flowers, and OH! "Lush grass" "Lush trees" and there might be "more grass" too.

But, I usually pick ones that are top-downloaded.

TheGamerDood1900d ago

Why isn't Hitman on the list that game looked unbelievable. The lighting and the texture work was amazing!

ATi_Elite1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

BF3 on Ultra
The Witcher 2 with uber sampling on
Crysis 3 on Ultra
GTAIV with Ice Mod
Arma 2 with ACE mod
STALKER Call of Pripyat with Complete mod
Skyrim with high texture mod
Metro 2033 with DOF on!

those are some of the games that will graphically bring your PC to it's knees or at least make it sweat!

Next Gen consoles should produce graphics at the BF3 PC level or better.....and be able to finally run Crysis 1 PC on the CryEngine 2!

Meanwhile I'll be playing Starforge and it's Voxel graphics and hopefully something Ray Traced!

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th3n00bg4m3r1900d ago

I don't know why people compare modded to originals?

Allsystemgamer1900d ago

Mods show a game engines true potential. Just imagine if Bethesda actually took the time to do that. It COULD look that way. Modders tend to be more skilled than the actual devs IMO often implementing fixes in a matter of days that devs couldn't do in months. Example dark soils ptde and skyrim

cyguration1900d ago

GTA IV with iCEnhancer is another clear indicator of what the RAGE Engine is capable of but console gamers got gimped of that experience big time.

It seemed like a bit of waste that Rockstar put so much time into such a high-end engine that only PC gamers with mods will get to experience. Not to mention the "realism" mod for car damage and physics that take the game to a whole new level of immersion.

th3n00bg4m3r1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I get it, but still it is not fair to compare modded games to non-modded games.
How many FPS would you get if you mod let's say Skyrim?

Bladesfist1900d ago

@th3n00bg4m3r That depends on your hardware.

AznGaara1900d ago

Skyrim is great only if you have it running on some mods and I have about 15+ mods on mines lol. I personally don't like the low saturation / low contrast of the vanilla game.

The Witcher 2 On PC is the prettiest game ever. I say that in regards to both art style and tech. I have an i7 3770k, 16gb of ram and a factory OC 660ti and I still can't run it on ultra settings without the frame rate dipping to 30fps. Sure 30fps isn't bad but once you see how smooth the animations are at 60+fps you just can't go back. The lighting, character design, environmental design and partical effects are all top notch.

fossilfern1900d ago

Turn off ubersampling it rips through any GPU!

AznGaara1900d ago

Oh I already know and turned that of but that isn't really the "ultra" setting is it? lol

sourav931900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


LAWSON721900d ago

If you run skyrim with 2k texture mod it is easily the best if not one of the best looking games

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