Microsoft reiterates end of FY line-up…hints at something new for Xbox

Today Microsoft sent out a reminder email pertaining to the big releases coming out for what looks like the last period of the financial year 2012/13 with some big hitting titles scheduled between now and March 2013.

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ziggurcat1939d ago

all but 2 are going to be out for PS3 as well, so...

Belking1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I don't think MS cares what is on the ps3. They care about how games sell on their own platform. New xbox is coming folks. Save your money. This console just may be pretty awesome.

TheGamerDood1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

"Halo 4, continues the fight with the “Halo 4” War Games Map Packs"

And one of them isn't even a full game but DLC! Wow...MS is crawling to the finish line this gen.

I just don't understand how anyone could recommend MS to anyone after the horrid performance of their hardware this gen... 54% failure rate, over heating issues, built-in coaster maker, no new IP for the last 3-4 years, and worst of all a fee to access online services that should have been free since you bought their hardware.

EVILDEAD3601939d ago

'And one of them isn't even a full game but DLC! Wow...MS is crawling to the finish line this gen'

LMAO @ these fankids crying because MS is promoting the new Spartan Ops series for a game that was only release a couple of months ago thats ONLY sold 7 MILLION plus copies in it's firt 7 weeks.

Yup..MS is REALLY crawling to the finish line..

Oh my's just another trollathon account made a week ago..disregard we know what this is all


god_mode1939d ago

More than enough to keep me happy. In all honesty the only game i'm seriously pumped for is Bioshock Infinite. I can't wait to get the TRUE sequel to Bioshock.

adorie1939d ago

Same here. Bioshock Infinite should be a "power house" on the PC.

Riderz13371939d ago

I seriously hope Microsoft doesn't stop supporting the 360 in 2013. That would be a big bitch slap to their consumers. Although it does look like they will be stopping when you take a look at their 2013 lineup (first party).

Belking1939d ago

The support for xbox360 lies more on the developers. If they still want to support the 360 then they will. With over 73 million consoles out there I don't see why they won't.

god_mode1939d ago

Are you concerned because you own a 360 and want to keep playing it well after 2013?

Their consumers are not worried since their are more than enough games coming out to keep a 360 only owner going well through 2013.

Lvl_up_gamer1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

MS will more then likely stop producing AAA games for the 360 when making the transition to the 720. Wouldn't make too much sense to support a last gen consoles with AAA 1st party games. Sony didn't do it with the PS2 when the PS3 came out.

However many 3rd party devs will more then likely continue to support the 360 since it may be to expensive to develop for a next gen console right away. It would be cheaper to work on current gen. Again, like Belking says, it's going to come down to the developers to support the 360 in terms of games. As for features and Hardware, I expect MS to continue to produce more 360's going into next gen and we won't see another complete cease in console making like what happened with the original Xbox as well as continue to build upon XBL and offer XBLA titles.

cee7731939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

God of war II says hi
PS2 went out with a bang
I remember many comparing this work of art to 360 launch games the game held its own.

Can't wait for ascension Santa Monica and Naughty Dog goes at it they continue to set the bar how and last of us will be some of the best looking games on consoles this year

Lvl_up_gamer1939d ago

@ Cee773

Actually God of War 2 doesn't say "hi".

GOW2 was already in development long BEFORE the PS3 was being manufactured, even before the final specs of the PS3 were given.

GOW2 was released in March of 2007 and the PS3 was released in Nov 2006. That is a 5 month difference.

So no, the PS2 didn't go out with a least not from 1st party devs.

And way to show your insecurity by bring up Sony.

cee7731939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )


Why bring up Sony you ask did you not speak of Sony PS2 and ps3 multiple times in your comment lmao

God of War still says hi

Did gow2 come on PS2?

Wasn't the ps3 in development long before gow2 was developed on
There were talks about should this game be a ps3 title and Sony decided not to, rather this was being developed before ps3 was manufactured means nothing it was developed with PS2 owners in mind a year after ps3 non the less you stop being defensive

I'm sure Xbox 360 will not cease production early either it will simply be a kinectbox for the next 5 years lol

RuleofOne343 1939d ago

All this news about a New Xbox coming got me thrilled & excited
that these song pretty much cover how excited & thrilled I am.

RGB1939d ago

360 going out without a bang or class. Only 1 major game release known so far were as the PS3 will be leaving this gen with a collection of games, many of which are new IPs.

You know when a system has no games when people need to list DLC to pad a "game exclusives list" and the rest will feature on the rival system anyway. :/