DmC Contains No On-Disk DLC

TSA: "Capcom have confirmed to TheSixthAxis this morning that the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot, cutely named DmC, will feature no on-disk DLC."

"Capcom have been the subject of much internet moaning over the last year, with several games containing DLC already on the disk, unlocked via Store purchases that were (in some cases) merely 100KB unlock keys."

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andshesays1969d ago

I wish for platform and adventure games they would just give us the stuff for free, because im never going to buy download content as I find it a waste, and mainly I get annoyed when you've played a game like DMC or MGS or TEKKEN for example the more you play it the more stuff unlocks... seriously annoying

I will be buying this though its the aesthetic style of the game in contrast to its predecessor which is making me interested as well as the cool characters I like that!

Tetsujin1969d ago

"As Capcom says..."

Like I believe anything they say anymore, I know it's the new year however don't lie out the box Capcom.

Hanso1969d ago

even if it isnt on the disc i bet they have already dozens of finished dlc already
gotta milk them all crapcum LMAO

brish1969d ago

They will have at least 2 dlcs available upon release.

"Vergil's Downfall will be available via XBLA and PSN for $9 (720 MS Points) in early 2013, and Capcom makes sure to note that it is not on-disc DLC. North American pre-orders through GameStop or EB Games get a code to download the content, along with the Samurai Weapons Pack, at no charge."

Information Minister1969d ago

Being on disc or not is irrelevant. The simple existence of day 1 DLC should be more than enough warning for gamers to stay away from this train wreck of a game. I can almost bet you the true ending will come in the form of DLC.

ThanatosDMC1968d ago

So messed up too. A genre like this will have paid dlc.

Summons751969d ago

But like the first dlc that game is getting it will be a massive chunk of story left out to be called "new content" and sold for 10-15 bucks. Seriously hey already finished the first dlc before the game was released when the game has ten tons of bugs and broken combat but they just insult the people who point it out and continue on their merry way. NT is a screwed up company and no one should give them money for this poor excuse for a game.

Chuk51969d ago

Have you played the full game?
Just a question. Also, what is broken about the combat in the demo? Serious question. I'd like to kknow unsarcastically.

prototypeknuckles1969d ago

the broken thing about the combat is that you can literally get an SSS rank in a dogde and one axe attck, i m dead serious i did it and a few people on youtube did it, and the scythe is utterly useless, unless its on colored enemies, and the axe is way to overpowered its pretty much the only weapon you need,so im not trying to start a fight but im just saying there are some combat issues that really need to be adrressed.

VileAndVicious1969d ago

Proto, fair enough. I agree with you 100 percent. In the demo the style ranking But honestly (and Im being serious here.)how does that break the combat?? Its not as if when you get a higher ranking Dante becomes more powerful or something. So in that respect I wouldnt say that combat is broken, I would however say that the style ranking is. Some other things

I thought the scythe was fine, its meant to serve as an juggle extender and a crowd control weapon. The axe on the other hand probably does need to be toned down, but it is quite slow to be fair.

Linked a video from the demo that shows the combat fundamentals work fine

DangerousDAN1969d ago

"Broken Combat" constitutes having unresponsive controls, dodgy hit detection, or just anything that keeps you from doing things freely. None of which I've heard about or have come across myself having played the demo many times. I was properly connecting combos without any problems. Glitches can be present in demos, however, and ALL games contain them. Even worse when you're blatantly out to find them.

As far as your judgement on the strength of the weapons, it was assumed you'd pick up on the fact that the scythe is the lighter weapon, but attacks many enemies at a time and has a slightly longer range; sword is a medium (default) weapon; the axe is the heavier, stronger weapon, but it's wrong to call it overpowered due to it being slow. A true overpowered weapon will have everything positive going for it. Both speed and strength would be high. Which the axe doesn't have.

DangerousDAN1969d ago

And regarding the SSS ranking after the dodge and axe hit, I honestly believe that's a bug and it could also depend on which version you're playing. I have the PS3 demo. Upon watching that youtube video, i wanted to try it myself and I did, but never got that SSS ranking. So I don't know, maybe i'm doing something wrong.

If i am, and the style meter is really like that, then it means there's that one thing making style points easy to get because everything else about it functions well. A glitch, a crack, call it whatever, but that still doesn't make it broken, since -- apart from that dodgde-and-axe move -- it still rewards variety. Spamming won't get you anywhere and I say it because I've tried it myself and been unsuccessful, so maybe i'm lucky to have caught a bug-free demo or maybe i just play the game without trying to find any little thing to have a go at calling the game broken.

ThanatosDMC1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

"'Broken Combat' constitutes having unresponsive controls, dodgy hit detection, or just anything that keeps you from doing things freely."

Try being in between 2 or more enemies. Now do the combo you want. Why the hell did they put auto-targeting instead of manual lock-on. You cant do things freely, therefore, by your definition, it's "broken combat".

Temporary1968d ago

the haters are grasping at straws ... hoping for dear life that this game crashes and burns ... coming up with every little excuse not to like it.

If you decide you dont like a game while it's still in the Alpha stages then chances are you wont like it when it's released ...

Let the butt-hurt "gamers" shun this game, while us REAL gamers play and enjoy it.

I didnt notice any bugs in the demo (i didnt look for them and none were obvious), and the game's combat was fluid and responsive.

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vallencer1969d ago

Also might want to point out that the Virgil's dlc is free if you pre order....just sayin. Also worth pointing out is that NT may not be makin the dlc. Companies do out source dlc figured you might be interested in knowing that.

GSpartan7771969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

In all honesty, you can either go by Capcom's word or wait till after the game is released and someone digs into the game files. The other times they have stayed quiet about it and people found a whole bunch of files on the disc. The games' demo files had about 10 folders named DLC which you can presume are the pre-order DLC's and the Vergil DLC along with possibly more in the future. But again, you either go by their word or wait till after the game is released.

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