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What Does Sony Need To Do To Be Successful With Its Upcoming PS4?

Forbes - Here’s what I’d like to see;

Take Full Advantage of Gaikai Acquisition
Sony, you spent $380 million to buy Gaikai, don’t let it go to waste. Full integration with Gaikai (online streaming games, like OnLive) means (Next-Gen, PS3)

-Mezzo-  +   974d ago
In order to get a purchase out of me, they need to keep the PSN free & Killzone 4 must be a launch title.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   974d ago
What about Resistance 4? Or Uncharted 4?
MikeMyers  +   974d ago
You have 3 basic categories for potential consumers.

1. Those that will buy it no matter what. They are the ones likely to buy the system on day one. So to them it doesn't matter what Sony does. They are loyal and will fight tooth and nail making sure they get their recognition and paint the most positive light their way.

2. The diplomatic. One who waits to see what will be offered and one who is cautiously optimistic. They take a bit more convincing but in the end it's about value and software.

3. The hardened gamer. One who needs a a lot of convincing. A pessimistic potential consumer who will look for all the flaws and is eager to jump all over any mistake.

All 3 could be PS4 owners. All I know is I'm not about to rush out and buy any of the new systems, including the Wii U. Not in a market so convoluted with politics and backroom exclusive deals. There's no reason for me to be loyal to any of them even though in the past they have brought a lot of fun. This isn't the days of only one choice like the Atari 2600. So you won't be seeing me standing out in the rain 6 hours before the door opens so I can get my cold hands on one.
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-Mezzo-  +   974d ago
I never said i don't want them.

ThanatosDMC  +   974d ago
Planetside 2 needs to be playable on PS4 on ultra. This would be the shooter for the PS4. If they do, they better fix/copy the way people use mics in MAG. 48 people + outsiders talking to your ears is annoying.
EliteDave93  +   974d ago
In order to get a purchase from me all they have to do is to keep PSN free.
jammy_70  +   974d ago
They need to market the shit out if it, and let people know it has awesome games!!!!
jimbobwahey  +   974d ago
I'd take a Wipeout launch title over Killzone 4, personally. It seems incredibly doubtful though given the loss of Sony Liverpool, which is a shame.

Still, if it launches at the end of 2013 it's a safe assumption that we'll see Modern Warfare 4 and Battlefield 4 accompanying the launch. I think putting Killzone 4 out there alongside them might not be the wisest use of their first party studios.
torchic  +   974d ago
I heard Studio Liverpool were really really far ahead with the next-generation Wipeout game, and since the Studio Liverpool peeps moved in with Evolution Studios it probably will get completed. it's pretty much a given so don't fret :D

I want a new Wipeout as much as you do. there's nothing that parades Sony hardware like a Wipeout game, ever since the PSone days.

I would love to have Battlefield 4 and Imfamous 3 on launch. Infamous on PS4, that's the dream!
BlmThug  +   974d ago
I'd personally love to see GT6 as a launch title *drools*
Eyeco  +   974d ago
Those 2 go without question, PSN will be free obviously with cross game chat as well with the optional plus subscription, there will be an exclusive launch title obviously, maybe not Killzone 4 most likely the new IP GG is working and that will be fine and dandy.

What Sony needs to take in consideration is the pricing, because lets be realistic the pricing is what really bit the PS3 in the a$$ at launch despite the fact that Sony managed to pull through especially with all the media hate, could you imagine where the PS3 would be had it launched at half the price, i know it would have been extremely unlikely but just imagine.

Also it needs to be developer friendly, so this poses another question will Sony keep the cell despite the fact than in 2012 are still incompetent to get the hang of developing ? or will they neglect it for the sake of those incompetent devs if so wouldn't that effect BC ? thats the real question.
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Sci0n  +   973d ago
PS3 was definitely worth the price tag though, it launched with a blu ray player, built in wifi, HDMI ports, wireless rechargeable battery free controllers. It took the 360 a few years to get some of those features on there console. I am not worried about PS4s price tag.
Eyeco  +   973d ago
Obviously to people like me and you the PS3 was worth the price tag and was a worthy investment, but to the average joe $600 was extremely steep. especially when at the time the 360 offered the gamer so much more.

The PS4 price tag won't be a problem to me I'll buy it regardless but again to the average joe, they will be looking at affordability especially in today's economic climate
PopRocks359  +   974d ago
Definitely more exclusive content is a good start. Keep the price reasonable; anything above $400 is simply not going to work as a launch price. Finally, excite gamers; if you're going to give it a new controller, make sure it's something brand new and groundbreaking. A new action IP perhaps? A new control style? Rumor has it there's a VR type visor that's in development for the console which sounds really cool.

That's just my thoughts on it anyway.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   974d ago
Sony must sell Sony ATV Sony classics music lable now while it's valuable, keep Adele and other modern singers, and use the money to buy more AAA game publishers/studios.
They must have the most powerful console, it must be focused on games rather than being a set-up top box like MS next console is rumoured to be. Utilize Gakai in a unique way, keep internet free and the opperating system should be an Android hybrid so it can support mobile in-put similiar to Smart-Glass as well as the vita.
Most Imporatantly

phantomexe  +   974d ago
Idk if i'd like some of what he talked about but being able to watch ur friends play games sounds preety sweet. I'm just don't want everthing digital..... something great about having a case with game in your hand.
portal_2  +   974d ago
A powerful console
Non-sophisticated architecture
Continuous 1st party momentum
Continue to support 3rd parties more
Live IPTV streaming (freeview/cable/sky etc)
Better VOD support and execution
Snappy OS
Smooth application switching
Bring across SOE titles
Improve the game patching policy/make games easier to patch/smaller patches
Seamless downloads/patches in the background
Shift streaming services to Gaikai/Sony Streaming (Video/Music/Games/IP TV etc)
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NiceGuy360  +   974d ago
Three things
1. Not implement that ridiculous anti-used game patent.
2. $400 launch price
3. Continue what they've been doing this gen, release great games and keep PSN free. But cut down fluff games that nobody is going to buy (see Ps move heroes, Q force, all for one, PASBR)
freezola75  +   974d ago
I agree with your list friend except PASBR isn't a game of fluff..

Oschino1907  +   974d ago
Why shouldn't they combat used game sales when they can offer rentals through Gaikai or Full Game Trials like they currently do now for PS+ members.

Also they could always bring prices down or drop them faster, they just won't have to worry about retailers always low balling them by charging atleast $5 cheaper for used games.

I welcome the stopping of used games if its done correctly. It could simply just mean they lock out the game regardless of any sort of online pass so if you buy the game in any form that isn't New you must pay some sort of fee so the makers of the game get some sort of cut. But that fee may just be the difference of price between the brand new version physical/digital and used, so it makes it worth it or cheaper to buy new.

I feel good Devs should get their cut. If you like the demo, trial or rental you had then support them and buy the game new. If you didn't like it then pass and look for another game. You will/should have more then enough outlets to know if the game is something you will like.

Also if we want bigger, better, more indepth, advanced and blockbuster styled games devs will need more money. On the other hand if we want simple, smart, intelligent, basic games and artsy adventures from indie devs then they really need all the money and recognition they can get.

A true gamer would support this if its done right.
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ThanatosDMC  +   974d ago
I disagree with your anti-used game patent. Why is it ridiculous?
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DigitalRaptor  +   973d ago
I agree. Instead of complaining, people should either get a job and pay the developers instead of the used game leeches, or learn to manange patience and respect the people who are creating the games that you love.

Sure, the mechanism might be anti-consumer in the sense that used games are an established legal product, but used sales are anti-developer and certain studios are shut down if their game doesn't sell a certain number. You can blame Sony or Microsoft, play the selfish teenage angst, blame the developer for "not making a better game", or perhaps grow up.
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AlucardFury  +   974d ago
1.Easy to develop for
3. A new OS
Cocozero  +   974d ago
Look at nintendo and ms and copy them lol. Since they both gained marketshare its best to follow the leaders.
asmith2306  +   974d ago
A launch price no more than €450, keep PSN free, keep PS+ going, keep the Dualshock, some next gen worthy launch titles. Basically an upgraded PS3. Don't fix what isn't broken.
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DragonKnight  +   974d ago
This list is stupid.

1. The online infrastructure doesn't exist to take full advantage of cloud gaming, not unless you live in Japan. This is not necessary for Sony to be successful with the PS4.

2. No optical drive model is a terrible idea. One of the best things the PS3 did was have every unit come with a harddrive which saved developers a lot of headaches.

3. No. Just no.

4. Playstation Mobile fool.

5. Will never happen. Not unless it's completely digital. Retail stores don't want to appear to be smut peddlers with AO rated games. And again, it's not necessary for PS4's success.

6. F*** NO! Are you serious? Was this list created while you were high?

Sony does not need to invent a better device than the Kinect. Kinect is crap and the core gamers of the Playstation brand have been vocal, and proved with their wallets, that they like traditional controls better.

PS Vita and Playstation Mobile can already easily be allowed to have PS4 integration. This writer is clueless.

You hate to be a doubter? Your article is filled with pointless crap (except maybe Gaikai) and it's clear you're an Apple fanboy. This article is ridiculous. Don't read it people, seriously, save your brain cells.
ziggurcat  +   974d ago
to be fair, it's forbes, so... obvious troll article is obvious. not even going to give it the satisfaction of a click.
DragonKnight  +   974d ago
True. I'd vote them down, but forbes will never be blacklisted from this site.
tigertron  +   974d ago
Continue to provide excellent first party support, keep the current PSN plan (basic free, PS Plus), give us great hardware - 1080p 60fps, keep the Dualshock, don't launch too late, Blu-ray, make full use of Gaikai and have backwards compatibility if possible.
remanutd55  +   974d ago
besides the obvious hardware upgrade i want Motorstorm World Tour as ps4 title and i will be pre ordering the system as soon as it becomes available.
Next Gen Lunatics Unite!!!!
r21  +   974d ago
One other thing i want to see, its already mentioned in the article but i dont know if its possible, is the ability to record gameplay then we could have an easier time making machinimas :D

Besides that, new ips and sequels :)
Flatbattery  +   974d ago
Affordability, free PSN, easier to code and the exclusives to differentiate it from the crowd.

Oh, and convince the gaming press to stop smoking Microsoft pole.
strigoi814  +   974d ago
i want backwards compatible at least for ps3
Tapani  +   974d ago
A new business model.
Tonester925  +   974d ago
Riderz1337  +   974d ago
PSN free, PS Plus for PS4 and have amazing quality first party games.
Sci0n  +   973d ago
Sounds good it may even help Sony a bit if they launch PS4 with free 3 month PS plus subscriptions. I am pretty sure the basic psn service will remain free.
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black911  +   973d ago
Just make the ps4 what made the PS1 & PS2 so great.

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