Dreadful Debut Trailer Bodes Poorly for The Walking Dead FPS

1UP - Maybe being killed by zombies wouldn't be so bad.

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-Mezzo-1899d ago

LOL, agreed.

I hope the game shown was a early, early built.

HammadTheBeast1898d ago

Looks like just another cash-in by Activision, looks outdated and even the animations and gameplay is clunky.

Muffins12231898d ago

If they redid the animations,player models,and some of the textures this game wouldn't look that bad..............

-Mezzo-1898d ago

Thank God.

But i think i was also confirmed that footage was indeed in-game. though i hope i'm wrong.

TheNocturnus1898d ago

It is in game but it from an alpha build I think. I don't expect to be amazed by this game but I do hope for at least a decent zombie killing experience.

Derekvinyard131897d ago

hey mez how did u get all ur bubbles back?

ninjahunter1897d ago

Well, thats very viable, this is usually how prealpha/proof of concept looks. Visuals are always developed last unless you have a budget large enough to employ an art team for that long. And mechanics usually smooth out as well. you would be surprised what a little screen shake and smoke can do.

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Snookies121899d ago

Is that supposed to be Merle? This game just looks bad... Really bad... Bland as hell, hope they step things up, I really do.

BanBrother1897d ago

"Is that supposed to be Merle"?

Yeah from the latest episode in Season 3 (sneak peek). Apparently he gets sucked into a N64 while trying to outrun some walkers.

Oh, btw; Fred Flinstone called, he wants his graphics engine back.

Snookies121897d ago

Hahaha, never liked the guy, but that's too harsh a fate even for him...

Lordchunk1899d ago

I got this preorderd for my ps2 lol,
But in all seriousness lets just hope like -Mezzo- said hopefully this is a early build and you never know tell tales the walking dead got a lot of grief for the art style before its release now look where it's at.

Lvl_up_gamer1898d ago

The best Zombie killing game I have played thus far this gen is Dead Island.

As for the best game I have played this gen that had Zombies in it was The Walking Dead.

I can't wait for Dead Island 2: Riptide.

born2live1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I liked Dead Island and I am also looking forward to the sequel, but I wouldn't go as far as to say this is the best zombie killing game I've played this gen...

JohnApocalypse1898d ago

That wasn't really a trailer, it was footage put together from a video interview. Unless this game comes out in the next 2 months the full game will most likely look allot better then that

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The story is too old to be commented.