Why Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest games ever made

GamesRadar - It's nigh impossible to have a discussion about Japanese role-playing games without name-dropping titles like Phantasy Star IV, Final Fantasy VI, and Dragon Quest V and VI. Despite releasing in the '90s, they're widely considered the best entries in some of the most accomplished JRPG franchises ever conceived. But there’s no other game as synonymous with role-playing greatness than Chrono Trigger, a game that managed to outshine its highly regarded contemporaries and land the number three spot on our list of best games of all time thanks to its complex plot, lovable cast of characters, and ambitious technical achievements.

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Snookies121805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I've probably played this game from start to finish... Maybe, 12-13 times now? It was one of the greatest experiences of my childhood as a gamer. Along with Final Fantasy VI of course. This generation, we don't get anything that even comes close to the quality of these games.

Tewi-Inaba1803d ago

Tales of the abyss was pretty good 8)

Murad1803d ago

Totally agree. Chrono Trigger is easily one of the best RPG titles around. Chrono Cross was as well pretty spectacular.

XXXL1803d ago

Chrono Trigger is greatness. God what happened to square.

NukaCola1803d ago

Enix... :/

Should of never joined.

chadboban1803d ago

Didn't need an article to tell me this is one of the greatest games of all time. It's one of my absolute favorite games ever. Don't forget the amazing soundtrack, Yasunori Mitsuda is incredible!

MrKingofVideoGames1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Yup, this game and Dracula X are the only video game soundtracks I have ever purchased (not including the ones that come with "collector's editions"). The sparse drum beat song in the prehistoric world is often overlooked whenever anyone mentions this game but it is probably my favorite track.

saoco1803d ago

yea this new gen of gamers have truly missed out on thousands of gems like Chrono Trigger.

TongkatAli1803d ago

This is the ignorant generation. They probably don't care that they missed it.

Capt-FuzzyPants1803d ago

I'm a new gen gamer. I started on the PS2 and I've gone back to play Chrono Trigger, all of the old Final Fantasies and Xenogears. A lot of times I enjoy them more than current games.

Irishguy951803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Never mind, not sure what people meant by new gen gamer/

I did go back and play everything I missed though

Tetsujin1803d ago

This game is what kept me into SNES until I was able to get Killer Instinct and Final Fantasy 3/6. Games like this proved putting in time, effort, and listening to your fans will take you places.

Now if this was released today; 5 of the 15 endings would have been DLC; Magus would have also been DLC to play as (paid); and the game would have been split into 3 different games to boost sales.

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