Seduce Me, the too-steamy-for-Steam sex game, is out now

KSD - Last fall we interviewed Miriam Bellard, one half of the duo behind Seduce Me, the indie converse-and-get-perverse game that Steam yanked from Greenlight for indecency. Speaking to Bellard, I realized that the game wasn't a cash grab or a stunt; she legitimately wants to address what they perceive as need in the gaming market for thoughtful erotica.

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Pushagree1631d ago

It's no wonder gamers still can't escape the lonely virgin sterotype.

Baka-akaB1631d ago

then again who cares ? It was the same opinion for scifi series and comics not so long ago .

And from what i've seen , it was quite a few couples interested by such games

Bimkoblerutso1631d ago

People always say that, but I can honestly say I have never met anyone that plays games like this with their significant other...

Petro1630d ago Show
DragonKnight1630d ago

@Petro: A simple "I have a girlfriend" would have sufficed. We don't need to know all of that. And no, it isn't about being prudes, it's simply a matter of too much information.

@Pushagree: It's also why games will never be able to be taken seriously because we can't have games like this without people saying stuff like "It's no wonder gamers still can't escape the lonely virgin sterotype." Mature themes can exist in literature, television, and films, but put it in games and gamers are "lonely virgins?" Double Standards.

Th3 Chr0nic1631d ago

@Bimkoblerutso maybe the reason why you havent met anyone/couple that plays these games is cause there arent any of these games worth playing

in the interview with the dev there is this:
"Why were you and Andrejs looking for erotic games?

Curiosity? When you look for erotic games in English all you come up with are crappy little flash games, really crude 3d simulations. Then you have the Japanese Hentai. There is no western gaming equivalent of erotic fiction or film."

Bimkoblerutso1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Have you seen any of the game or read any of the dialog?

It's just a crappy porn game that has become a sort of "martyr-in-disguise" simply because it was barred from Greenlight.

I mean, I love porn, but I know the difference between a thought provoking depiction of eroticism and something that was made specifically for me to fap to.

KimoNoir1631d ago

Lol youre telling me virgins only do play with this sht? i have ti watch porn like every once in a while cause i cant just have sex with one girl

MidnytRain1631d ago

Lol, you sound like you have commitment issues. Also, you don't consider watching porn to be having sex with a girl, do you? Lol, wow.

MidnytRain1631d ago

Who on EARTH disagreed with me?! This is just pathetic...

nunley331630d ago

LOL i hope not, don't worry he'll be down to no gf and then he can have all the cex with his pron videos he wants.

SilentNegotiator1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

PAYING for cheap interactive porn in the 21st century = Probably a virgin

jocomat91631d ago

i know right... im getting it

MRMagoo1231631d ago

yeh cos you can get it for free why pay.

BinaryMind1630d ago

If this game wasn't a cheap cash-grab, they should have released it for free.

KwietStorm1631d ago

A need in the gaming market for thoughtful erotica. Lol OK.

scotchmouth1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"Thoughtful erotica" yeahhhh.......right. lol

claud31631d ago

so crap and why bother making a game that has no point

nunley331630d ago

Sounds like you haven't played Flower or Journey on PSN.

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