Why I Hate The PlayStation 3

PSN, slow patches, and mandatory installs. All of these seriously get in the way of PS3's potential - and that's putting it gently.

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ssb31731692d ago

IMO PSN on the PS3 may not be the best, but it is damn right amazing. Yes there are mandatory installs and at times patches, but these usually make the games better as they decrease loading times in game and they make the game run smoother. While I do agree with the writer that slow downloads are a pain, just do something else while it is downloading or just download it at night when sleeping.

PS+ is really awesome, free games and amazing deals, but the thing is that while this may be subscription based, it is not as important as playing online for free, which MS make you pay for. It may have its small faults, but in the big picture is is a really fantastic system.

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Derekvinyard131692d ago

the downloads and installs are sometimes frustratingly long. if u don't think that, your blind.

WeAreLegion1692d ago

The PSN now downloads as fast as Steam. It's even faster than the 360. I've been doing speed tests since the PS3 came out. It's SO much faster now. Go try it.

LOGICWINS1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I said the same thing until last month when I did a test connection on my PS3 and realized that my Internet speed was garbage. Ended up switching to Time Warner's 30MB download/5 upload service. It used to take me nearly a day to DL one full game, now I can do it in an hour TOPS. The issue my friend is your Internet service.

Ezz20131692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

i have 4mb connection
those updates and download don't take more than 1 or 2 minutes
and if i download a big game from psn+ i took me about an hour or 2 max
so i don't know WTF are you talking about ?!!
you connection must suck
it's on you

talisker1692d ago

Or maybe you're just patient. When I was raised, patience was a virtue.

For the people commenting over me: game patches are provided by game publishers, not Sony and downloaded from their servers (unless it's a Sony game, of course).

Yourworstenemy1692d ago

But that's the fault of your internet speed not Sony! People with fast internet download them in minutes!!

krisq1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

That's actually not true. I work in game development and patches are on Sony's servers. We do not host them. They're going through similiar certification process as games and we're paying for it.

GribbleGrunger1691d ago

I don't know how long it takes me to download stuff. I set them all to download overnight and they're there when I get up in the morning, installed and ready to go.

ThanatosDMC1691d ago

Only 4mb? That's slow. Your at getting like 200-300kbps or less download speed.

I have 20mbps connection and i download games from Steam at 2.5mbps. My PSN downloads are the same. 15gb took about 2 hours.

MaleManSam1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

In the 5 years that I've had my ps3 I don't think I've ever had to wait over 45 minutes for a PSN download. I have no idea how anyone could think that that is long for a sometimes 5-10gig sized game...

Albeit I have around 35mbps.. None the less with a connection at around 10mbps it'd still be acceptable to wait a couple of hours.

You just need to upgrade from 24kb broseph.

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playnextgames1692d ago

PS+ is the same business model as buying a membership at Sam's Club. They lock you in; you're forced to use their proprietary system and if you don't, you wasted your money. You could say the same about Live.

That being said, I like Sam's Club and PS3 exclusives. PS+ discounts are for either old games, Sony games(that I've already bought,) or crappy games. I prefer neither Live or PS+.

Riderz13371692d ago

I think you are forgetting PS Plus is optional so I fail to see the point you make when you say that "they lock you in". You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

playnextgames1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

The one thing I don't make perfectly clear and someone has to find it. "Lock" meant lure in and become obsessed with.

Reply to below(no bubbles left.)

I'm talking from a marketing perspective. Screw the consumer for just 5 seconds. Notice how I said business model in the first sentence.

Riderz13371692d ago

If you become obsessed with it, does it not mean that you enjoy what it offers? It's your money and you aren't forced to pay for PS Plus but if you see it's a good service then there shouldn't be a problem with being "locked" into it.

violents1691d ago

how do they lock you in? I can stop paying for ps+ any time I want.

as for only crappy games. Uh bioshock 2 Infamous 2, uncharted golden abyss, gravity rush, and gotham city imposters just to name a few games I have gotten for free with my subscription. Just right there is 300 USD worth of games I've played for just 50 usd a year subscription.

And they discount all kinds of games all the time new and old for plus subscribers.

and for that matter you site sams club as an example. How are you "locked in" to shopping there? How are you using some proprietary system shopping for bulk food items? Do they have their own monopoly money for sams club or something?

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LOGICWINS1692d ago

PS Plus doesn't give you free games. You pay for the RIGHT to play rented games that you don't own for the duration of your subscription period. It's a damn good value, but it ain't free. Nothing is FREE in life. There's always a cost, monetary or otherwise.

LOGICWINS1692d ago

Four disagrees already? Facts are like leprosy around here lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Is there a word for "at no additional cost?" As long as you are subscribed to PS+ you get games at no additional cost. How's that? Or is there nothing in life that comes in at no additional cost?

I mean, no duh it isn't absolutely free. I don't get why people insist on stating the obvious. I really wonder if you guys constantly point out how the second item in "buy one get one free" deals isn't really free.

Whatever floats your boat I guess.

LOGICWINS1692d ago

"As long as you subscribed to PS+ you get games at no additional cost."

But there was an initial cost. Because I paid that initial cost, I'm a Plus member for a year. I WILL be paying the additional cost when I renew my sub in a year.

"I mean, no duh it isn't absolutely free. I don't get why people insist on stating the obvious."

And I don't get why people insist on stating the erroneous. The games aren't "free". Why does saying that bother people?

Hicken1692d ago

This argument is so played out.

It's not quite this simple, but let's say you buy Plus for $50, and get ten games valued at $100 total(an average of $10 a game). That's $50 worth of games you DIDN'T pay for.

Next year, you again pay $50 for Plus, and again get ten games that would normally cost $100. You've now spent $100 for $200 worth of games.

And so on, and so on. Ten years of consecutive Plus-subscribed has cost you $500 and netted you $1000 in games. Simple math says half of what you got, you didn't pay for. In other words: FREE.

And that's with nice, easy numbers to use. In reality, you get more than ten games, and the value is far above $100 for them.

And, as usual, that's excluding any and all other services that are included when you pay for Plus. Including these things further cuts down the average cost of each game.

When people talk about the games on Plus being free, we all know they don't mean you don't pay a thing for them.

Just... I mean, it's such common sense. Nobody complains when there's a sale that says "Buy 1, Get 1 Free." They understand that you have to PAY SOMETHING in order to pay nothing for the other thing.

Come on, man...

Murad1692d ago

How about Free-to-play games on Steam? the only charge is to give a shit about free to play games isn't it?

reynod1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


With that reasoning almost anything on discount can be considered free lol.

If on Christmas holidays i bought a suit that normally costs 1000usd for 500usd since it was on discount? would i consider the suit free?

Of course not. I can consider it at a discounted rate but not free.


Funny to what level some of you will go just to label the games free rofl.

You need to pay the 50usd to get those games. If you dont you wont get em. Let us know when u can get those games without paying for the subscription.

Outside_ofthe_Box1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

lol You are seriously going to debate this?

***"But there was an initial cost. Because I paid that initial cost, I'm a Plus member for a year. I WILL be paying the additional cost when I renew my sub in a year."***

The initial cost was for the *subscription* not the games... You are paying an additional cost to maintain the *subscription* not the games...

***"The games aren't "free". Why does saying that bother people?"***

Because one, it isn't incorrect to say it's free... You aren't paying for the games itself. Therefore the games are free. Businesses and the like have been doing this for YEARS. Two, as I said earlier we all know it isn't purely free if you really want to get to the technicality of it. You are just stating the obvious meaning we ALREADY KNOW. You are just reiterating what we know and yes it can be a bother to some people. Not everyone is the same.

-- Edit --


More like funny to what level some of you will go to label something as not free.

***"You need to pay the 50usd to get those games. If you dont you wont get em. Let us know when u can get those games without paying for the subscription."***

PS+ is a premium service. The fr-- err(I dare not say free...) I mean getting games at no additional cost are incentives to become a member and stay one.

LOGICWINS1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Hicken, your not factoring in the MAIN reason why PS Plus is so cheap. Plus members don't choose what games they get. The value of what I get for "free" drops considerably when you factor in that many of the games that are offered are dead weight, as in games that people wouldn't even pay $5 to have such as Chronovolt/Rochard etc. You aren't GUARANTEED the full value of every game offered because not every game offered will interest you.

"The initial cost was for the *subscription* not the games."


playnextgames1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I've come to the conclusion that only fanboys rate the comments. Edit: 3 votes already. Need I say more?

If you say anything that is Informative, Insightful, Interesting, or Funny you should check out Slashdot game articles because N4G is neither of these.

Muerte24941692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"Nothing is FREE in life"...Except that I'm not being charged to play with my friends on PSN. You're also talking about a technicality, which (in a way) you're correct. But regardless you don't receive this kind of deal with XBOX LIVE which some consider superior. You can try to knock PS plus all you want but the fact remains is you simply get a greater value as opposed to LIVE. Even if you don't choose to subscribe, you're still able to enjoy PSN. You're not treated like a second class citizen like you are with XBOX LIVE SILVER. I'm both a PS plus member and LIVE subscriber.

morganfell1692d ago

Damn Logic, do you have any other life than coming in to every single PS thread and doing your level best to find something negative, some detraction about Sony? In a remark above, you acted amazed that you had four disagrees already. Don't you understand people do not read your comments? They aren't debating you? They're just tired of the constant attacks. Personally I think you know very well why you had those disagrees and they fake wounded attitude makes you entire routine even more loathsome. You are worse than the Sony doom and gloom bits because even in the positive articles you are right there with the "let's find the downside". It's tiresome and it's played itself out. I really really wouldn't want to be a person with such a sole reason for existence. No one here, no one believes you are an objective gamer. Even you name is dripping with irony. I was hoping in the new year you would, like so many other trolls just move on with your life. But that apparently isn't going to be the case. Nobody in their right mind thinks for a second you have a PS3 nor have anything for the PS3 except contempt.

It's obvious you are a 360 supporter. There is nothing wrong with that. But did you ever consider spending as much time praising it as you do attacking Sony? Oh wait, that's one of your other accounts.

BitbyDeath1692d ago

@reynod, if you paid a dollar for a scratchy and won $1000 from it, do you consider the $999 to be free?

It's like a glass half-full thing i guess, i see it as being $999 that i didn't have before but all you see is the initial value you spent.

Kurt Russell1692d ago

I got a Playstation 3. I don't have any free games because I won't PAY MONEY for playstion +. If you think them free you're deluded. It's as free as Netflix... or a magazine subscription :/

(a slight lie on my part, I do have 2 free games compliments of my details being lost by Sony).

nukeitall1692d ago

Does anyone of you consider Netflix as providing free content (outside of the trial periode)?

If not, then why would PS+ offer free games?

I play online on XBL for free, after I paid MS!


It says Buy 1, Get 1 Free, it is literally that. You get to OWN that game. Does PS+ do that? Do I get to play those games after PS+ "subscription" end?


"The initial cost was for the *subscription* not the games... You are paying an additional cost to maintain the *subscription* not the games."

I pay the initial and additional cost to maintain my account SO I CAN play online. Does that mean, I'm not playing for online play?

If I'm not paying for the games, then can I access the games without a subscription?

As LOGICWINS says, it ain't free, but it is damn good value if you like and haven't played those games.

insomnium21691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Ummm.. shouldn't it also be said that if you sub for PS+ for 10 years you get to play ALL THE GAMES THAT EVER BECAME FREE during that time.

I enjoy going back to games. I finished GTA 4 like a week ago and I hadn't played it for YEARS. OK GTA4 is not in PS+ as a free game but you do get the point from this right? I got LBP 2 from PS+. I sold my retail copy of said game and got back 15€ when I sold it for example. So my 1 year subscription only cost 25.5€ with that game alone. I also sold Infamous 2 for 9€ etc. etc.

Anyway I get to play all the games I've ever gotten free with PS+ so the annual value of PS+ actually GROWS every year along with the accumulated free games. I'm sure this math is lost on many people though.....sigh..

@kurt russel

Unlike Netflix games aren't the ONLY thing PS+ offers so your logic if flawed.

MikeMyers1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Logicwins, the Plus service is a lot like Netflix. They offer you content within your subscription and the content they offer that is included is much like the sell-through stuff Netflix offers you. Meaning games that have already gone through their cycle of demand. Most are older titles people no longer buy in large numbers. What they have offered for Vita games seem to be more desired as they are newer and some AAA games like Uncharted.

What people like about Plus over other paid services like Xbox Live is it gives consumers more flexibility and choice. Xbox 360 owners don't really have a choice when it comes to online play. Which I think in todays times doesn't make much sense given how many games almost require online to get the value out of the software. Software you already bought.

The article does bring up some points though and the weaknesses within the Playstation Network. The patches and system updates are more cumbersome to work with, getting friends together and accepting invites is not as friendly as it is on Live. Being able to talk with your friends and constantly staying connected has its benefits. I can play with friends and be within the service and stay within Xbox Live and it feels much more integrated than Playstation Network. Is that worth paying for? That depends on who you ask. The Plus service is becoming the focus for Sony by bringing in features like cloud saves and automatic updates. So in a sense it's a bit like Live Gold and Live silver where they are bridging themselves from free to a paid model. Thankfully Sony still offers online play for free but you can see the growth of services will be thrown at the Plus model.

Microsoft excels in this area because they specialize in operating systems. They keep the gamer playing because they make sure it is still a console like experience. They make sure the patches are small and that everything just flows within it. Look at Playstation Home. It would be so much better if they actually made it work within the xmb. Instead it's a slow connection that breaks the experience with long loads and feels isolated from the start screen. I don't use Home anymore because it just doesn't work the way I want it to. Miiverse looks to be in the right direction where it's all part of the experience.

The other point they bring up is the mandatory installs. So now we are getting away from the console experience and becoming a sub-par PC experience. People who buy consoles want to be able to just turn the thing on and plug in a game and start playing. They don't want to have to face a 15-minute update or wait for a 4GB game to install.

So as we can see we can pick out faults while still saying the PS3 is a great system with great games. You don't have to be a fanatic and make it appear like it has no issues. You also don't need to just highlight its faults and make it appear that the system is terrible. These topic headers will stay like this because of the reaction. We are already over 100 comments which goes to show how passionate some people are about these things. Just keep one thing in mind, it's only a entertainment device. So don't get all emotional about the media or people picking on it.