Hand in the Toilet: an Examination of the Joy of Discovery in Zelda Games

ZI writes: You’re walking along a dark hallway, listening in on the harrowing tales of lost love and broken spirits that waft through the inn. As the moon above threatens to crash into the earth, destroying all life, the people of the town have grown introspective - whether by acceptance or fear, you do not know. It is when pondering these deep questions of life that you round the corner to find a damn hand popping out of the toilet and asking you for paper.

What is it about discovering something that’s so innately exciting? When playing video games, we know and accept that everything we’re interacting with has been created by someone else; so then why does it feel so genuine and new?

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OhMyGandhi1992d ago

I absolutely love articles like these. There needs to be more of them, and less "top ten" lists.