If released, do you plan on purchasing the PS4/Xbox 720 this year?

Gimme Gimme Games says what their plans are if new consoles are released by Sony or Microsoft this year and asks if you plan to pick up these hot new devices if released this year.

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Twisted_H3art1727d ago

Yes. Why? I like shiny new stuff.

Abash1727d ago

If they have a good launch title and are priced reasonably. There's no rush with all the new PS3/360 games coming out over the next several months.

I have to admit though, Im more enticed to get a PS4 than the next Xbox

a_bro1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Nope, its good to wait a year till most or all services are introduced, and more games are available for those consoles.

Not really a fan of being an early adopter. besides, these current gen consoles have a good year left in them.

GraveLord1727d ago

Yes I plan on buying a PS4. Already got some money saved up.

KangarooSam1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I got my 360 in 2011 and my Vita, 3DS, and PS3 all in 2012. So although I've been rushing through my back catalog I feel as if I'll have quite a lot to play in 2013, 2014, and maybe even 2015. Especially with PSN and continued support for PS3 as Sony usually does.

Nothing against next gen; I'll be lusting after them, believe me. But I'm kinda glad I'm giving myself a chance to wait for hopefully a price drop and a revised model because let's face it, some kinks are usually overlooked (YLOD, RROD).

And, the impulse buying of a lot of games day one, 32gb card for my Vita, etc. has put my wallet on life support lol.

thebudgetgamer1727d ago

Not yet, need all my money for the games coming this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.