The 6 Most Baffling Video Game Spinoffs

A spinoff doesn't necessarily have to be bad. On TV, both Frasier and The Jeffersons were spinoffs, and audiences went right along with that shit. If the audience loved the characters here, they'll love them over there. You'd think it would be even easier with video games -- hell, Mario is really just a spinoff of Donkey Kong. Yet the game industry has birthed some absolutely baffling spinoffs, taking the new games so far away from what made the originals great that they barely reside in the same solar system.

By:Chris Snipes

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sithsylar1936d ago

haha I would of added the Sub Zero one.

dirthurts1936d ago

That wasn't baffling, it actually made sense.
It was just poorly executed. The concept was great.

josephayal1935d ago

Street Fighter 2010 has one of my favorite soundtracks for the NES, love this game