Journey: Where's The Game? (A Sort of Review)

PS3-exclusive title Journey might be the "it" game of 2012, but it's more of a sleep-inducer than anything else.

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GribbleGrunger1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

'After about two hours of walking through the desert, I gave up. But afterwards, I did feel like I needed a nap, because that’s as excited as Journey actually made me feel.'

Did this woman REALLY play this game? I'm not convinced she did. You can't wander around the desert for two hours because the wind won't let you and if her sense of direction is THAT bad, I suggest she buys herself a compass and map next time she sets off to buy her morning paper.

I very much sounds like all she did was wander around the tutorial section of the game ... unless of course she just wanted to hate on the game and decided not to mention the platforming sections, the slalom sections or the climb through the wind and snow to enlightenment. Come to think of it, she CAN'T have climbed that mountain or endured the agony of understanding because she wrote this sour little article.

It's a real pity this 'person' didn't understand or play the game as it was intended because if she had, her life may well have been better for it. Perhaps she'll come back to it one day when she tires of shooting baddies, with a little more understanding of the pure joy of being free.

Happy new year.

KangarooSam1966d ago

^^^ #winning

Some people are so... what's the word I'm looking for... not misinformed but lazy, I suppose. Brings to mind that lady on Fox with the whole Mass Effect sex debate. Stupid people stating uninformed opinions labeled as "facts".

People can keep complaining that Journey isn't 100% a game but I knew that going in. I'd consider it to be one of the best purchases I've ever made and I'd say it again if it cost $60, it's a steal.

It really allowed me to put a new perspective on things and it's probably been a month or so, feels like time for a refresher course. :)

ginsunuva1965d ago

Yeah only 45 min of the game is in desert.

smashcrashbash1966d ago

Look if you can't play a game that for once is a calmer form of gameplay just don't play it. Do you go through life driving fast all the time, or leaping off cliffs, running from explosions and running at full speed? No.Aren't there times you just want to take it easy and smell the roses as you walk at an even pace stopping to smell the air every now and again? That is what games like Flower and Journey are. A chance to do something that doesn't stress you out with missions and extremely hard puzzles or raises your blood pressure killing and destroying everything in sight. If you can't appreciate or understand that then don't play it. Don't even look it it's direction.Just let us play it in peace.

Megaton1965d ago

Clearly the game doesn't have enough space marines and explosions for the writer. A common problem for the modern gamer.

AznGaara1965d ago

So did she finish the game? Because journey is a game that delivers its "message" at the end. And "tries too hard to be art" are you kidding? Everything in journey is strung together to deliver its purpose and guess what... You won't get that if you don't finish the game. "There's no goal" oh so I guess when you said you started going to the mountain in the distance that wasn't your goal? Did you need a map and a big navigation arrow pointing to the mountain?

MysticStrummer1965d ago

It almost took her longer to get out of the desert than it does to play the whole game. Clearly this woman should seek other employment. If she stuck got in Journey I'd hate to hear her take on something more complex. Puzzles might make her head explode.

On the other hand, her article and headline will probably get the site some hits, so maybe she did her job after all.

Gaming journalism, can you sink any lower than you have this generation?*

*I'm not asking that because she didn't like the game, by the way. I'm asking because instead of playing it through and forming a valid opinion she chose to give up and write something she had to know would be flame bait. It's as bad as reviewing a game based on a beta. Do your ****ing job and play the game, dammit. If you hate it after that, then so be it.

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