Will the PlayStation Vita stay strong in 2013?

There has been a lot of controversy about the PlayStation Vita lately. Some complain about the lack of big titles, while others are quite happy with all of the indie games the Vita has been getting. So what should we expect this year from the PlayStation Vita?…

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LOGICWINS1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I would argue that it will get strong-ER. But those memory card prices need to drop. That or a Vita redesign with with AT LEAST 8gb of internal memory.

dedicatedtogamers1933d ago

Agreed. I wouldn't call the Vita's current status "strong", simply due to first-year jitters and the overall lack of compelling games (NOT saying "no good games" and I'm NOT saying it's a bad system). I think if Sony really wants to push the system, 2013 is the year to do it. PSP started off strong and slowly crawled to a halt. PSVita started off slow, so let's hope it will build momentum.

MikeMyers1933d ago

Sony can't really have the thing be a slow cooker. Some people bash the PS3 during its first few years but it still outsold the Xbox 360. The PS3 also grew stronger as time went on. I don't think Vita will have that same luxury. It's a different market and one that they need to build momentum on rather quickly. I expect a big push this year but with the PS4 looming that could make things rather difficult.

Nintendo has done a great job at separating the Wii and now the Wii U from the 3DS. Sony has aligned the Vita with the PS3 which is a good idea but may fail to capitalize in the long run.

Rush1933d ago


While I agree with most of your speculation just one thing, the PS3 hasn't outsold the 360 all the evidence and figures reported suggest otherwise. But hey I guess some people still believe the world is flat so this is hardly surprising that people believe the PS3 has outsold the 360.

Although if I want to try and be objective I would say due to the early 360 failure rate the PS3 has more unique owners. But again this it just speculation from a purely factual bases the PS3 hasn't outsold the 360.

One could argue as well that the PS3 has sold more pre year, but again changing the bar doesn't change the fact the PS3 simply hasn't outsold the 360 well according to the data anyway.

MikeMyers1933d ago

What I meant was during the first few years the PS3 still outsold the Xbox 360 during the same span of time. Not overall for the entire generation. The system got a lot of flack but still sold better year over year and has slowly closed the gap of total sales. All while being released one year later.

remanutd551933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

i think the system had a decent/good holiday season and pretty good one year overall when it comes to software released i do think sony will need to make an official price drop on the system itself and its memory cards that would certainly help to get a bigger install base and games like Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, Sly Cooper, Warrior's Lair will most likely play a part to get a bigger install base on the system as well, im not saying they are system sellers im saying that all together could appeal to a wide range of non vita owners.

people say Destination Playstation is not about showing new games but i think PSvita needs more time to shine before the ps4 gets unveiled at E3 2014 so i think that could be a good place to show one or two new unannounced vita games.

anyways i think the best is yet to come.

XTGamers1933d ago

I'm not sure if the official "PS4" announcement will be of any help to the Vita. People might get distracted and obviously Sony's focus will change towards the newest console.

A price drop in the near future might do some good, though.

profgerbik1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Sony never just drops something, PSP still doing great in Japan and developers still pushing out some pretty good games for it even in NA.

Chances are the PS4 just like the PS3 will work with the PS Vita considering how long it's lifespan is set for it's obvious already on their mind.

Maybe that is exactly why there isn't much PS3 and PS Vita support now, maybe they are holding out. I mean if they wanted to compete with the Wii U it would be a smart move to invest more with the PS Vita and PS4 than the PS3 right now.

Just speculating though but I know Sony will for sure have support across both the PS Vita and PS4 there is no doubt about that, especially when Gaikai gets up and running.

Really excited to see what they do with Gaiaki altogether.

Veneno1933d ago

It will be interesting to see what Sony has lined up for Vita and PS4 compatability. Very interesting.

XXXL1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Just support the damn thing and it'll take off. Sony needs to set an example for 3rd party game companies. If they don't support their own product why would anybody else?

AznGaara1933d ago

But they have. Little big planet, sound shapes, uncharted, escape plan and gravity rush were all first party tittles sprinkled throughout the year. Plus all the cross buy games and now psn+ they have been and are supporting it. It's the third party developers who are staying back. To say that Sony isnt supporting the Vita at all is just ludicrous. They just need that one game that sells bucketloads and gets the third party to go "okay now people have this device now we can stop being afraid our games won't sell."

Genuine-User1933d ago

Hit the disagree by accident. Damn phone!

supremacy1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I agreed with you to a certain extent. And i say this because if Sony were to look and see what made the psp sell well in certain regions they would quickly address this with the vita.

Sony has its own games, but Sony isnt Nintendo in that they of the 3 are the most versitale. They could easily pay key third party for key selling ips to appear on their platform. For example, if were them i would have gone to Capcom and make a deal that would see the vita launching with a monster hunter. This move alone, could have change the perception of the device and many other publishers would likely react and follow.

Its how this industry works.

Now as for fillers, you only need to look at your rival and see what strategies work. Nintendo is noctorious for reusing older ips, and that for the most part works.

So instead of making multiplats out of ps3 exclusives, simply take a dive to the past and assemble a small studio dedicated to bringing ps2 classics in HD with trophies exclusively to the vita. Personally i would target the top 20 rpgs to ever grace that platform; the proof is there. Just look at persona4 golden, now imagine what those other games would do for this platform.

But again, Sony seems to spread itself thin with too many platforms. I mean kill the psp already, so the support shifts. There is no need for a psp, vita is psp and much more.

Vita needs a solid stream of exclusives, good and decent exclusives. No cheap attempts like declassified or resistance.

More gravity rush, more filler ups like persona4 golden and yes good third party exclusives. Man, i would love to see resident evil or Dragonquest or even a FF remake of their own like the DS had.

And i get it, 1st party stuff is good and costly. But sometimes is worth looking outside and see what could potentially help you move units to help you gain traction in a very rough market.

And while the indie stuff is appreciated and helps the industry grow. I think if Sony really wants Playstation mobile to be a success they need to make it more part of what makes psn grow than go with the idea of making mini games that can be played elsewhere. And what i mean by this is simple; leaderboards, trophies and those fundamentals that make Playstation games stand out. You address this and ps mobile wont be just another tab on the ps store thats for sure.

Now firmware updates is another issue for another topic but...

its all i am saying.

god_mode1933d ago

They need to integrate it more for the PS4 for it to be attractive to masses or anyone on the fence about getting one. Hopefully upcoming announcements from Sony will do this along with of course an announced PS4.

A lot of people here said to give it a year but even that didn't help.

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