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Submitted by THESHAUNZY 1137d ago | opinion piece

Next-Gen consoles to be backwards Compatible? 3 titles that say NO. writes: "The Gaming industry is currently going through a transition in preparation for the next wave of home consoles. With that being said we should highlight the fact that some of these companies are launching titles in the early months of 2013 to help move the last consoles to store shelves. Or are they? Could these games actually high light the fact that the Next-Gen consoles will not be backwards compatible? You decide as we highlight 3 titles that should be releasing in the later half of 2013." (Gears Of War Judgement, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

aquamala  +   1137d ago
wouldn't surprise if the Last of Us would look better than many PS4 launch games!
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Raoh  +   1137d ago
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TheGamerDood  +   1137d ago

that could be true for small/indie devs but for large developers that have the resources & tech to take advantage of the new hardware you'll see a huge jump in visuals/gameplay. I predict that the hardware Sony will debut this year will be beefier than most are expecting and it has to be if its going to last 5+ years.
Temporary  +   1137d ago
many analysts and devs have already said you wont see a huge jump in visual quality from this gen to the next. I doubt games will look SO MUCH better, the leap from last gen to this gen was pretty huge, but from here on i doubt it'll be as significant.
BitbyDeath  +   1137d ago
Agreed, is hard to imagine how good nextgen is gonna look.
ylwzx3  +   1137d ago
I wouldn't expect leaps and bounds.
Ezz2013  +   1137d ago
first time i agree with you on something
both consoles next gen won't look much different on the launch but 2 or 3 years later
games will start to show the gap
but again it won't be as huge as what people think
it won't be ps2 to ps3 or xbox to xbox360
stefan771  +   1137d ago
Sony stated there will be no PS4 until a significant leap can be shown
KwietStorm  +   1137d ago
Cmon now this love fest has to stop
CrimsonSquall  +   1137d ago
The Last of Us is kind of like GOW 2 releasing when the ps3 came out, epic game that will still sell well way into ps4s launch. On a side note...R*, whatever happened to the most untalked about game of all time, AGENT???
TheGrimBunny  +   1137d ago
this may be an issue...
LightofDarkness  +   1137d ago
I think that largely depends on how much of a difference there is between what we already have and the next gen. With the PS3, for instance, backwards compatibility was a mere novelty or mild curiosity which never amounted to more than me playing one game through seriously and completely (GOW2). I only popped in a game or two on launch to see if it worked. After that, I was only interested in PS3 games. The same went for 360 vs. Xbox games; once you've had a taste of something seemingly far superior, you don't want to immediately return to the same old games. The same was true of the PS2.

The Wii, on the other hand, made a better case for BC. Wii games were not too far ahead of GC games graphically (or mechanically, really), and certainly did not have the scale and polished presentation that we expect from HD gaming. If you were to own a Wii alone, the GC back catalogue would've been quite pleasant to sift through as the differences wouldn't be so noticeable (barring waggle controls).

It's beginning to happen now with some PC games, for me. Console games are looking noticeably less vibrant compared to a modern PC game, to the point where only the most powerful exclusives seem to warrant the interest. I'll certainly be playing Ni No Kuni and The Last of Us, but I can't see myself terribly interested in anything else that's solely on consoles in 2013. Hopefully, next gen console will at least be able to attain this level of fidelity, which should be enough to sway gamers toward the upgrade path without worrying too much about their existing library.
Canary  +   1137d ago
The only reason I can live -at all- with Sony's asinine removal of b/c from the PS3 is because PC emulation is mostly workable now.

But PS3 emulation is a -loooong- way off.

It's not, "this may be an issue...."
And anyone who tries to claim otherwise is either operating off of invalid assumptions or talking out of his or her ass.


Nevers  +   1136d ago
I thought if anything this article would be about HD collections. The assumptions made don't make much sense to me.
AlucardFury  +   1137d ago
This is a pretty flawed assumption. They're releasing early because they might get lost in the shuffle of new consoles.
Nevers  +   1136d ago
"flawed assumption" = right on.

I only commented again to tell you nice avatar, lol. SotN is one of the greatest games I've ever played.
AlucardFury  +   1136d ago
God bless you good sir.
firelogic  +   1137d ago
So games coming out for the ps360 means that the next iterations won't be BC? Yeah makes a whole lot of sense right there.

For the record, I don't care about BC and if it means a cheaper retail price, I'm all for not having BC in it. Play your damned games on the console it was made for.
spacedelete  +   1137d ago
dumb gamer is dumb. many people sell their consoles to fund newer consoles and backwards compatibility is very important especially in a systems launch period. plus old consoles don't last forever.

Your logic is stupid as there are many people buying HD collections and even PS2 classics. hell i bought GTA 3 off the PStore the other day. nostalgia sells you dumarse.
KwietStorm  +   1137d ago
DaPrintz  +   1137d ago
If you're not done playing older games on the system they were made for, why upgrade? If b/c is an option, sure, but if not.....How is he dumb? I'll be upgrading day one, doesn't mean the ps3 is out the door too.
Raoh  +   1137d ago
I expect a lot of games coming out in 2013 to be released for both current and next gen consoles.

Halo series on 360 and 720.
The last of us, uncharted series on ps3 and ps4.

Major third party games the same, no way EA is going to miss out on spreading madden across 360, 720, ps3, ps4, ps vita, wii u etc.
dirthurts  +   1137d ago
I'd like to see games that would run on both, natively. Like a pc game.
It could just automatically select the higher quality graphics when played on a newer console.
Great way to reach more people with your game. At least while the new console transition is happening.
BitbyDeath  +   1137d ago
But like a PC game that brings it's own issues.
Games will have to be held back as the advances won't be just in graphics.
dirthurts  +   1137d ago
This is true, but that's why I mentioned "at least while the new console transition is happening".
Meaning, only when new consoles are just released.
If your game was made for the older console, you could add some code to make it run on the new console, with some slight graphical improvements.
Of course a game designed for the new console shouldn't be programmed to run on the older one also.
That would definitely be counter productive.
MysticStrummer  +   1137d ago
The premise of this article makes no damn sense to me.
Sniperwithacause  +   1137d ago
I would hope so, but whether they listen to the fans or not.only time will tell.
jay2  +   1137d ago
GOWJ..........MS have Nothing. TLOU. Naughty Dog have 2 teams, new Uncharted, returning IP, New IP that will = a PS4 Launch title. GTA 5, R* want this to by on Multipal platforms for money.
ALLWRONG  +   1137d ago
Well Wii games are compatible with Wii U and 300+ Xbox games are compatible with 360. MS has already said games, gamertags and achievements would continue beyond 360. The only one that has dumped BC has been Sony.
PsnGammer21  +   1137d ago
Actually every ps3 can play playstation games meaning Sony didn't not get rid of backwards compatibility.
chuckyj1  +   1137d ago
Those 3 games don't mean the systems will not be backwards compatible. What a weak article...

Maybe game companies are releasing early to get more people to buy the current system. If they release around the time of the new system and the new system is backwards compatible...Why would anyone buy the old system?

No merit to this article at all...
delboy  +   1137d ago
No backwards compatibility because
HAHAHAHAHD remakes brings more money. Lol
Nevers  +   1136d ago
That is exactly where I thought this article was heading but what it says makes very little if any sense to me. Seems like a very lame writer wanted some traffic and decided on a flashy title.

LAME article.
black911  +   1137d ago
Beyond Two Souls Looks like a PS4 Title.
violents  +   1137d ago
This artcle makes no sense, how are any of these games saying that BC will not exist in the next gen.

Honestly if it means a big difference in price Ill just hold on to my old systems so I can play those games if I want to.

Im pretty sure at least in sony's case BC will be cut out to make an affordable launch console. We will see something that is a capable machine but nothing comparable to a pc powerhouse. We will see a big jump in steadier framerates, less screen tearing, way better lighting(which wiill make a huge difference in realism), big jumps in AI, and some slightly better textures. The graphical leap wont be as big as ps2-ps3 because the tech to do that is way to expensive. Overall the gaming experience overall will be a huge leap from where we are now but I just dont see any new console being some unstopppable powerhouse just due to the fact that people wont buy in masses if the initial cost is too high. Sony learned that this round and they would be stupid to make the same mistake twice.
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Tzuno  +   1137d ago
Kind of late for that. Ps3 anyone?
bobshi  +   1137d ago
It is funny - because I was thinking that actually GTA is a very strong reason for MS and Sony to make sure their consoles are backwards compatible.

There might be a lot of people willing to put off purchasing the next console if they have a backlog of high grade titles like GTA.

If the next console was able to play GTA then you'd have less of an excuse to wait to clear out the space from under your TV.

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