Fan-Made LEGO The Last of Us

IGN writes:

"Hyped now that The Last of Us is just a few months away? Well, so is the Internet, and that includes YouTube user legoC97. In fact, legoC97 is so into The Last of Us that he/she took the initial announcement trailer and made a LEGO version. It's a frame-by-frame remake that must have been maddening to create."

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majiebeast1784d ago

I laughed when they showed the lego infected.

Oschino19071784d ago

Saw it hours ago on IGN and still snickering over it. I don't think there could've been a better alternative, it's like the perfect match that was always meant to be.

Lego films will always be epic to me. Had them all throughout childhood and used to have a friend with a whole Lego room with big base sets and bins of Legos, spent hours building fortresses and having fake battles.

Ezz20131784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

the lego infected is soooooo cute
lol Ellie is bigger than joel

izumo_lee1784d ago

Pure GENIOUS!!! Even with Lego you can see how epic this game is gonna be.

If that is how the infected look like in the game this will be the SCARIEST game ever made!!!! /s

landog1784d ago

lol.....nice work, great job to the guy who did this, (he's 15 btw)

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