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The Boy Genius Report: The Wii U is Nintendo’s last console

I remember it still — people flipped out about the Nintendo (NTDOY) Wii. Yes, its name was mocked for a while, but there was genuine excitement around what Nintendo was doing with motion and the entire gameplay experience. While the original Nintendo Wii was almost an Apple (AAPL)-like product — Nintendo focused on the gameplay and not on specs; the company didn’t even have HD graphics when every other console did — the Nintendo Wii U clearly demonstrates how far Nintendo has fallen and how out of touch the company is.

I bought a Nintendo Wii U for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to play and beat “Super Mario Bros. U.” I’ll probably end up returning the console after I’m done, because that’s how horrible the Wii U actually is. (Nintendo, Wii U)

1upgamer99  +   656d ago
Well, gee I am so sorry this guys does not like his Wii U. I On the other hand totally disagree. I really like the gamepad. Most of those who have one do. If you don't like the gamepad use a Pro-controller. Mario looks great in HD, though I wonder why Nintendo did not choose to make a 3d Mario game instead of 2D. The Updates will be already be installed on consoles released in a few months, so that issue will go away. The Wii u does more than my PS3, so whatever. Nintendo is also going to have a smart phone app to interact with the Wii U as well. So yeah I don't think Nintendo is going to be making a deal with Apple any time soon. The major problem I still have with Wii u is the app function the OS takes too long...That is supposed to be fixed soon. HURRY UP NINTENDO! :)
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xursz  +   655d ago
I'll make this quick but is anyone even impressed by the WiiU aside from Nintendo fanboys (i don't mean this in a rude way). The only thing i see talked about is mario and zelda.

Right now the WiiU is losing badly to xbox360 and ps3, which pretty much everyone who wants one already has one. And nobody is jumping ship to next gen until the new xbox and/or ps4.

I see a sudden price cut happening.
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GadgetGooch  +   655d ago
Yes I am impressed, Very impressed. This is my first Nintendo console since the N64, I also have a 360 and PS3 and have never been a fan boy to anything and i will always give an impartial view and I believe the Wii U will easily be able to coexist with whatever Microsoft and Sony do next as again Nintendo have gone for innovation and if Microsoft and Sony don't do something similar with there next pad then I feel even though the graphics will be above and beyond what the Wii U is ever going to be capable of it will still be losing out on one of the best console innovations I have seen EVER, I never thought a second screen on the pad used for playing full on console games in bed at night or whilst taking a shit would be as ground breaking or inviting as it has been but I have been truly been blown away. Apart from the Gamepad Nintendo then have there first party games which are still some of the best in the industry and bring people over to their console solely on that basis. I for one will be getting the next Xbox for sure on day one and keep my Wii U sitting nicely at the side of it for hopefully a few years to come. The graphics are not all that bad and this is only the start of their Next Generation so let's see what Nintendo them self's bring to game in the first party games before we start to bully them again just because they don't like to follow suit.

And I'd just like to add that the Nintendo Wii U is the most sociable console I have ever played, Your completely connected to everyone else who owns a Wii U regardless of the games you own. The fact that is has its own social networking platform (MiiVerse) is a statement of the effort that Nintendo are putting into the social side of gaming. Give it a rest.
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xursz  +   655d ago
Thing is, I clearly remember all the comments on message boards about how the WiiU is going to "dominate" this holiday. I think we know how that turned out. It's struggling to keep up let alone dominate. In Europe it's outsold about 5-1 by the ps3. And it's not that people don't like Nintendo (3DS sells fine, i bought one this holiday).

Basically i think the Wii U is overpriced and being that it's not impressive compared to the xbox360 nobody really needs one.
Kingofwiiu  +   655d ago
The wiiu is amazing. I love it and so will those who have had the balls and dough to go and buy one on launch day.

I can't stop playing mine , and the console has ridiculous amounts of potential.

Don't be suprised people when the wiiu takes off and starts to fly off the shelves...
PopRocks359  +   656d ago
A system that has sold more quickly than the 360 and PS3 is the last platform by Nintendo?

How about no. This system would have had to be a huge flop for that to happen. If it was ever to happen to begin with. Nintendo didn't exactly drop out of portable gaming after the Virtual Boy.
Kingofwiiu  +   655d ago
Exactly. People write shit about Nintendo all the time. It means nothing... The articles were worse back in the GC and wii days.

Just wait until Rayman Legends and pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter Ultimate and Wii fit U come out.

It will take off.

This is far from Nintendo's last console lol....
This guy will look very very very stupid when the wiiu sells at least 50M+ in 6 years....
solid_warlord  +   656d ago
I tried the Wii u out at HMV for like 45min and i played the 3 games and checked the interface. I have to say that this console sucks. They could have atleast made the screen bigger. The thump stick should be clickable just as traditional controller. Im left thinking this is the worst console in modern times. I have owned every console this gen. I brought the original Wii cause of the hype and cool new way of playing, it didnt last long until i got bored but atleast it felt fresh and unique at the time...it cant be said about Wii U. It felt like ipad that isnt really portable, the battery wont last long and u cant go too far away from the Wii U to play on the wii u tablet controller. Im one of those people who always have to own the latest gadget but this one i will gladly stay away.
stragomccloud  +   656d ago
Did you really try it? Because the analog sticks are clickable.
dark-hollow  +   655d ago
No he didn't.
n4f  +   655d ago
its sad,
3 people agree'd with him
pedroyamato  +   655d ago
Well you are lying or trolling.

The sticks are both clickable and the pad is more portable than any controller on the market Try to play COD on the bathroom with you xbox or ps3 and tell me your experience. Btw I hope it is a bathroom big enough to put a television inside it.
Kurt Russell  +   655d ago
I don't own a Wii U... but I wish I could poo and play!
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GadgetGooch  +   655d ago
The analogue sticks are clickable you moron, I've played at least 20 feet away from the console with ease and whilst in another room, The battery last around 2-3 hours but has a power pack with a long enough lead that it does not cause a problem. Please research before you make stupid comments.
1upgamer99  +   655d ago
45 min is not enough time to even get used to the controller. Also you don't have to use the Gamepad as your controller. You can use the Wii Remotes or Pro controller. You have to chillax in your own home, Online with the entire system set up to even skim the top of what the Wii U can do. I would say with a couple of games. Black Ops2, and Madden13. Those games will give you a good idea of what this console can do. If you are just at a demo station it just is not the same. If you have a friend that has one ask if you can borrow it when they are working or something and sit down with the system. You will more than likely rethink what you thought after just 45 min. :)
millzy102  +   655d ago
my guess is no because the gameoad doesn't even feel like an iPad (which I would never own but my bro does and have used it) and the demo kiosk for it are shit, you have to use it someone's house, everybody who has spent and hour plus on mine loves it as I show them everything it can do from multi tasking whilst games run in background to multiplayer zombi u and Mario and 2 player online cod with one person signed into gameoad and one person signed into tv, the screen is big enough for its job and I havnt played ps3 in over a month although that will change tomorrow when I get far cry 3, hasn't it been Nintendo's last console since the n64 but look there still here, when one game on the wii sells 35m units (mario kart) I don't think they will give up. look at the GameCube, it only sold 21m units and there still here, it will take a lot for minty to be out of the game.
pedroyamato  +   655d ago
Thank you for the "nintendo hating time" of this week.

It was getting boring 1 week without a "wii u doomed" article :P

Now that I read this shit opinion (not an article at all) and had some laugh I will go back to my wii u play some nice games that I CANT PLAY on any tablet on the market.
G-cis  +   655d ago
"When you see a beautiful iPhone app’s interface, there’s a good chance you couldn’t tell if it was designed by a company in San Francisco or Paris or Hong Kong. But Nintendo’s interface is blatantly Japanese"

it doesnt make any sense,whats having a japanese oriented UI has to do with anything????
chronoforce  +   655d ago
the author is right, there is nothing spectacular about their hardware they leave that to their software. Their software is elegant and thoughtful, it proves this author knows nil about how Nintendo operate. The features they include in their hardware only exist to supplement their software hence the Anologue stick for Mario 64. the only market tablets and the IOS et al are going to really tuck into are the PC and dedicated handheld, as if someone who plays Mass effect, uncharted, halo etc will exchange that for angry birds and modern combat. For Nintendo to opt out hardware would be of choice not necessity.
TongkatAli  +   655d ago
Pikmen 3 makes it a auto win to me. Don't judge the Pikmen series if you haven't played it, peace.
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RFornillos4  +   655d ago
all i can say is, the author's an obvious iPhone/iPad fanboy.
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TongkatAli  +   655d ago
I'm on my Iphone problem ? Stop dissing people who have Iphones Nintendo fanboys. We know you're all about sales and you can't say #### about it in that department.
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RuperttheBear  +   655d ago
How was he dissing people who own i phones? He was just talking about the author, I don't see him talking about everyone who owns an i phone.
G-cis  +   655d ago
"When you see a beautiful iPhone app’s interface"
n4f  +   655d ago
yeah whatever
more like you know more how to back-stab and sued then anything else
RFornillos4  +   655d ago
@Rupert, thanks

@TongkatAli. did i say anything about other people using the iPhone? i was talking about the author. and although i'm no iPhone user, i have lots of friends who are.
PopRocks359  +   652d ago

Wait a minute, you'll incessantly call me a fanboy for giving my thoughts on Nintendo, but when you demand someone "stop dissing" the iPad you're in the right?

This community never makes any sense.
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wiiulee  +   655d ago
obviously...genius shouldnt be part of your name.....boy clown is more like it....wiiu is already ahead of where ps3 and xbox was during the same period, and the games will start coming out , great third party support, miiverse, tvii , the gamepad which is already being copied by both the competition..the wiiu is over 2million ahead and its there to stay....3ds after all is killing the competition and selling like hotcakes...wii is still million aheads and selling....once the games come out this year and nintendo has better advertising....the wiiu will be about at least 8 million ahead of the competition with zelda and other top games waiting to come out.....so please change your screen name
Hasanhastam  +   655d ago
Yes and they want to release twin cookies!
josephayal  +   655d ago
may be Nintendo's last console but 3DS will never die
Nevers0ft  +   655d ago
The article reads like the immature ramblings of a teenagers gaming blog trolling for hits... Oh wait, it is.

Complaining that a controller packed with features, including a 6.2" touch screen has a limited battery life is like complaining that the laws of physics hate you... Running all that takes energy, and you can only squeeze a finite amount into a battery. Sure you could make the battery bigger, then this Muppet would complain about the Gamepad weight instead.

Then his criticisms of the UI... Sure, it needs optimising in a few places (like Wii U Chat incorporating into Miiverse and being cross-game) but he criticises it for being "Blatantly Japanese" and not looking like an Apple UI. I don't have enough middle fingers to respond to a statement like that but suffice to say the UI is "Blatantly Nintendo" (it's consistent with the Wii, DSi and 3DS FFS) in much the same way that iOS is "Blatantly Apple"

Nintendo's last console? Errrr, no. They may stay out of the Sony/Microsoft pissing competition but they have their niche and no doubt they plan on staying there.

Credit where credit is due though. It must be difficult to pull an opinion out of your ass without also disturbing the iPhone that's jammed up there.
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deafdani  +   655d ago
Actually, I disagreed on EVERYTHING this dude said... except the battery life, which in My opinion was the only valid complaint, and even there he stretched it a bit. Only 2 hours? I get at least three to five, depending on how I use it, but even that is a shitty battery life, when you compare it to that of pretty much any tablet - they do more stuff, they have their own processors, brighter screens, etc... still they have much more battery life. My android tablet (that I'm using to write this) has about 8 hours of battery life on average.

Everything else on this article is just bullshit.
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MsmackyM  +   655d ago
What an ignorant article. For the record I will never buy am Ipad or Android device to play a Nintendo game or any console game for that matter. One of t he things that makes Nintendo so special is how their software compliments their hardware, which is a concept the"boy genius" can't figure out.
deafdani  +   655d ago
Oh, man, there's just so many things factually wrong on this "article", I can't even be arsed to try and pick it apart. Too easy, man, too fucking easy.

Trolling, this is what it is. No self-respected journalist would write this crap.
Munnkyman  +   655d ago
I have enjoyed my wii u. And I love playing call of duty on it with the pad controller. Haters are just gonna hate
millzy102  +   655d ago
why do people want nintendo games on other platforms, if you like nintendo games buy nintendo, i did, i also like sony games so i buy playstation, i would never say sony should release there games on pc, xbox etc... people like this don't deserve the privilege of playing nintendo games and the day nintendo go on ios is the day nintendo die, i use to love apple but know there shit, atleast nintendo tell you what there selling like 3ds xl, unlike the iphone 5 which is an iphone 4 xl, but they've already sold 2 iphone 4 models so they lie on the xl version and call it a 5.
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3-4-5  +   655d ago
If I were nintendo I would destroy The Market srating in 2018.

* Console + New Hand held = $450-500

This way every single person has both Nintendo console and Portable hand held, they would destroy the market because 3rd party dev's would see the install base and make games exclusively for Nintendo.
kirbyu  +   655d ago
Are people seriously still talking about this? Who cares if the update is long? Who cares if it's a gimmick? Who cares if the graphics are worse then what's coming soon? All that should matter is that the price is right, the controller is a good size, and the games are good. Two of those things weren't even mentioned in this article.
ShaunCameron  +   655d ago
It seems that the author don't like video games complaining about how Nintendo emphasizes gameplay over graphics.

<Nintendo focused on the gameplay and not on specs; the company didn’t even have HD graphics when every other console did — the Nintendo Wii U clearly demonstrates how far Nintendo has fallen and how out of touch the company is.>

Actually the only thing this article (which I didn't bother to read the rest of) clearly demonstrates is that he doesn't really know **** about video games nor does he really like them.
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