Gran Turismo 5 won't release in UK until 2009

In an email sent to customers, GAME, a leading retailer of video games, has confirmed Gran Turismo 5 won't be released this year, with European PlayStation 3 gamers having to wait until 2009.

The email does, however, promote the March 28 release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which will be priced only £19.99. This early teaser will feature five tracks and 40 cars, plus 16-player online racing.

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Fishy Fingers3950d ago

Honestly, i didnt expect to see it untill 2009, i predict it will release in time for Christmas in Japan so we "should" get it a few months later.

Im not to bothered, theres plenty of great PS3 games coming towards the year so GT will be here before i know it.

dzg4ever3950d ago

I totaly agree! It was stupit to expect that GT5 will be in Europe in same year with GT5:P. Nex spring is realistic, same thing as with GT4!

nicholascage243950d ago

But theres just too many ps3 games coming your way this year

PS3 has the best lineup for 2008

FF13,MGS4,KZ2,RESISTANCE 2,WKS,WARDEVIL, GETAWAY 3,AFRIKA,8 DAYS,LBP, HOME -----that lineup cannot be matched

ff13,mgs4,kz2 and r2 are bigger than the entire lineup of games on other consoles COMBINED

resistance1003950d ago

No great surprise here, i suspect this will be the same for the US aswell, however Japan will see a 2008 release.

whoelse3950d ago

A shame but what can you do...

Im not paying £20 though for 5 tracks and 40 cars.

rushbd3950d ago

50+ cars for EU
60+ cars for US

vloeistof3950d ago

so for 2009 we have gt5 gow 3 and twisted metal and ff xiii

kingOVsticks3950d ago

ff13(prolly),uncharted 2,jak 4,ratchet and clank sequel,ico game,heavenly sword 2,warhawk:campaign,folklore 2(maybe),onimusha 4(capcom you owe us) sly cooper, zone of enders 3, and some unannounced games. So it seems like 08 isn't year of the PS3 its the beginning of the next few years of the PS3 lol

INehalemEXI3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

LA Noire in 09 too. One of the FFXIII's could ship in 08 holidays season I bet.

poopsack3950d ago

dont forget 8 days in 2010!

niall773950d ago

its 5 tracks (10 if you count reverse) and 60 cars.

for £20 thats a better deal the motorstorm :)

whoelse3950d ago

Not according to game though.

I hope you're right. If you are, then i might get it!

Antan3950d ago

Its 5 locations with 10 tracks in total, not simply 5 forward and reversed.

London- forward and reverse,
Eigur- forward and reverse,
Daytona- forward - 2 variations(speedway and infield),
Suzuka- forward - 2 variations (full and short),
Fuji - forward - 2 variations (full and short(er).

This is based on the Japanese version ive been playing since december.

techie3950d ago

US and Euro GT5p will have 6 tracks (12 counting variations) and over 60 cars. Just thought you'd like to know.

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The story is too old to be commented.