thatgamecompany Heavily Hints That the Journey Collector’s Edition is Coming to Europe

Last year, we were disappointed to hear that Sony decided against releasing the Journey Collector’s Edition in Europe, with the thatgamecompany bundle not only including their three incredible PSN titles but three all-new minigames, a documentary, soundtrack and a ton of cool stuff.

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TrendyGamers1213d ago

Awesome news for European gamers.

dbjj120881213d ago

Who doesn't have this game yet? They shouldn't wait for the Collector's Edition.

LOGICWINS1213d ago

I don't, neither do any of my immediate friends/family. I'll wait for it to pop up on PS Plus as a freebie. Currently swamped with a backlog of games.

Ultr1213d ago

Im waiting for the bundle! :)

Cam9771213d ago

Yes! I for one will be buying it.

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