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Submitted by aviator189 1133d ago | opinion piece

Is Microsoft already teasing us with a "next Xbox" countdown?

Neowin: "Major Nelson, the blog where many Microsoft Xbox 360 announcements are made, has just posted a countdown clock to E3 2013, which could be a tease for the reveal of the next version of the game console.." (Microsoft, Next-Gen)

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GraveLord  +   1133d ago
No, its just a countdown to E3...
lastofgen  +   1133d ago
except that Microsoft has never done this before on their I'm guessing it means they're doing something huge at e3 this year.

and e3 2013 does seem like the perfect time to announce and show off their next-gen xbox.
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Abash  +   1133d ago
Anyone who is not expecting the new Xbox at E3 this year are in denial
princejb134  +   1133d ago
more kinect games
im kidding

i really hope is the next gen console
TheGamerDood  +   1133d ago
The ball is in your court Sony.
LAWSON72  +   1133d ago
Something huge... to ms that means KINECT!
VickBoss   1133d ago | Spam
NukaCola  +   1133d ago
Sony has DESTINATION PLAYSTATION coming in 3 weeks. This is clearly MS getting ready to counter. I am expecting a bunch of teasing for next gen, so hype can be built for E3. But for the clock, MS has always gotten the opening spot for E3. It's been long enough. Look at the Wii U pulling a 1 year head start. Look at MS's insane lack of games, look at Sony pushing all their heavy exclusives before the summer. They are getting or have gotten all their current titles out to close out the year. Next gen consoles are coming.
kreate  +   1133d ago
As long as its not something stupid. Imagine getting all hyped up and arguing for nothing.
kickerz  +   1133d ago
I'm so pumped to see the next Xbox. still loving halo4 at the moment but dam looking forward to playing next gen games :) hope they stay wit the Xbox controller design :)
inveni0  +   1133d ago
Something "HUGE" means that Little Kim will come out and sing a song while a Kinect video plays.
ashleypatterson8   1133d ago | Spam
Tr10wn  +   1133d ago
I should really bookmark this post so i can come back after the E3 event and laugh at all the "Something big is something to do with kinect" that'll be fun.
MikeMyers  +   1133d ago
"The next xbox was said to be out last year with 100% confidence. will this be any different?"

By whom? Did Microsoft have a countdown timer last year like this?

"according to Microsoft they said last year that the 360 has more than two years left.
and also shane kim said the 360 will be around in 2015"

So. Sony said many years ago the PS3 had a 10 year cycle as well. That doesn't mean Sony was going to wait 10 years before they release the PS4. What that meant is they believe the PS3 will be available in production for that long. The PS2 was in production even longer than that but the PS3 came out 6 years after it came out.

Microsoft is also confident there will be support until at least 2015. Still don't mean that is the year the Xbox 720 comes out.

This year is an exciting time for me. Valve is rumored to have a Steambox. Both Sony and Microsoft could announce new hardware. Apple might even get into the mix or at least more news about iTV. Both Vita and the Wii U will have a big push this year. The PC is very alive and kicking ass as well. I just think Microsoft really needs to take a look at previous E3 events and do a much better showing. For the past few years they have been terrible from my perspective. They might do well as far as sales in the U.S. but it's hard to watch as a consumer.
LordZ  +   1133d ago
Winter is coming.
One doesn't simply walk into E3.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1133d ago
@ VickBoss

Shane Kim hasn't worked for MS in over 3 years, you idiot. What do you really think he knows about their interior dealings now?
DOMination-  +   1133d ago
I actually think both xbox and playstation will be announced before e3.
That-Guy  +   1133d ago
If it releases around the end of this year I am betting my money they'll make a reveal before E3.
inveni0  +   1133d ago
What's funny is that people actually expect the next XBox to be what they want it to be. Microsoft has been all miss for the last two to three years, with their only successes being third-party software. Sure, the big countdown may not be Kinect2, but it's not going to be a console with twin Nvidia 680 graphics cards, 16GB Ram, and an i7 Extreme, either.

If it is, I'll eat my hat.
Cr7ValkyrurXIII  +   1132d ago
I hope at least Microsoft has some new Ip's because have to wait halos and Gears it's so annoying and tired. Wait a year for a new game not like the Ps3.
bobshi  +   1132d ago
So if he posted a topless picture of himself in some kind of drunken rage would that mean the 720 is coming?

Just because it wasn't done before doesn't mean it relates to the 720.

An completely ridiculous assumption.

That doesn't mean I think we will not see a new console at E3. I do.
ThanatosDMC  +   1132d ago
The only thing I dont like is I have a Kinect and now they're making a Kinect 2... so it's not gonna be compatible?
Irishguy95  +   1133d ago
I doubt it, with the recent news it really seems like the Xbox is set to reveal at E3. Well, it was expected anyhow.

Also, how often does Major nelson post a coutdown to E3? Never...really? Oh ok.

Oh in case anyone doesn't know, there's a rumor floating that MS is essentially finished the Nextbox. It's getting done now. All that's left is testing it at it's release stage extensively/
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ziggurcat  +   1133d ago
that may be, but it stands to reason that the next xbox (as well as the next playstation) will be announced at E3 this year.
IAMERROR  +   1133d ago
They've never done this before, and this early? This must be special
Abdou23  +   1133d ago
SONY will most likely announce their console after E3:
1- To wait and see what Microsoft exactly have to offer.
2- To not ruin the sales of games like TLOU-Byeond.
I_am_Batman  +   1133d ago
I don't think that they'll wait because even if they see what MS has to offer they won't have the time to react to it unless they want to release PS4 in 2015 or so. And I don't think an announcement would ruin TLou sales at all. Can't remember PS3 ruining any sales for late PS2 games especially when it's one of the most anticipated games to come.

On Topic: I think MS will annonce the Nextbox before E3 and show some games plus giving more details (like release date) at E3.
rainslacker  +   1133d ago
I wouldn't doubt that Sony already has some idea of what MS will already do next gen, and vice versa. These companies cooperate a lot more than they compete. They also both have analysts which can look at what the other company is doing and make predictions on what is to come. Those predictions come from real fact checking and market trend predictions, and not wild speculation. On top of that, both these companies have numerous patents that they will be using off one another, and those were likely licensed well in advance of now.
Abdou23  +   1132d ago
I know they already have some strong info about the other console's specs ( ram - GPU ) but what i meant is that SONY might wait to see what the next XBOX console will be priced at, release window, models etc.
1Victor  +   1133d ago
@ grave lord you're making a grave mistake as abash and others have pointed out M N have not put a countdown to E3 before.Now Sony is forced to show/tease their next system on their event amonth before E3 and price+ release date at TGS
twisterjamz  +   1133d ago
The new Xbox will probably be out by the end of next year, they will announce it this year at E3, show it a little bit more at E3 2014 and then release it a few months later
Cocozero  +   1133d ago
A countdown for nearly half a year must mean something big.
BanBrother  +   1133d ago
If it is not XBOX 720, Alan Wake 2, Lost Odyssey 2, new Banjo Kazooie game or new Conkers Bad Fur Day game, count me out.
aviator189  +   1133d ago
Tr10wn  +   1133d ago
wow lost odyssey i loved that game
blue_flowers  +   1133d ago
well...i would think if the new xbox were to launch this year, Microsoft would at least announce that the console exist well before E3'13, so as to start the hype train and advertisement. other than that, i guess the countdown clock is either Microsoft's way of generating some buzz for themselves having a big E3 presence or simply just a countdown to something else entirely around the same time frame.
iNathan  +   1133d ago
its going to be huge
MS is in a great position, alot of new studios built up from the ground, outstanding 3rd party support, tons of money to buy DLC/Exclusives and a huge huge huge brand with Xbox that is now everywhere, from Iphone, to Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8.
Root  +   1133d ago
Sorry but I'm studios built up from the

I mean apart from the obvious ones 343, Lionhead, Rare, Black Tusk Studios and the ones that does all that Kinect crap
Root  +   1133d ago
Disagrees for asking something

You guys are way too sensitive
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1133d ago
There are non next to 343 there is 000.
Dlacy13g  +   1133d ago
No disagree's from me but here is a list of the 21 game studio's off of Wikipedia

United States:

343 Industries – Halo series

Connected Experiences – Untitled Project – Design Large scale multiplayer title and help other

Good Science Studio – Kinect Adventures, Kinect Fun Labs

Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Untitled Project

Microsoft Studios – Los Angeles – Untitled Project

Microsoft Studios – Mobile Gaming – ilomilo

Microsoft Studios – Redmond Publishing – Overseeing and co-developing multiple projects in conjunction with third party development studios

Platform Next Studios – Untitled Project

Playful Learning – Untitled Project

Skybox Sports – Untitled Project

Turn 10 Studios – Forza Motorsport series

Twisted Pixel Games – The Gunstringer, LocoCycle

Xbox Live Productions – South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, Avatar Kinect


Lionhead Studios – Fable series, Black & White series; Unannounced MMO-like New IP

Microsoft Studios – London – Untitled Free-To-Play Project

Rare Ltd. – Banjo-Kazooie series, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark series, Kinect Sports series

Soho Productions – Kinect Sesame Street TV

Press Play – Untitled Project[23]


BigPark – Joy Ride series, Kinect Sports: Season Two

Black Tusk Studios – Untitled Project

Microsoft Studios Victoria – Untitled Project
ALLWRONG  +   1133d ago
Root! you missed a few, and you made it way obvious.

Nice try though
Skips  +   1133d ago

Well I'm pretty certain about one thing given the past games the majority of the those studios have worked on.

There will be no shortage of Kinect titles. Probably the majority of their launch lineup could be all focused on Kinect given what kind of audience Microsoft has been aiming for the past couple of years.

Not saying it's bad, it's just not my thing : /
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Root  +   1133d ago

Most of them are Kinect titles in the making and I said not the obvious ones

So what are you actualy left with...titles that have been in the making since the begining of this gen but in the end will be Kinect titles.
DOMination-  +   1133d ago
I have brought this up many times and always get the kinect excuse. The reality is only four of those 21 studios have made kinect games. Even if they were to do so again next gen that still leaves 17 studios. The Sony bias on n4g is in denial because for the last three years they have gotten used to a lack of first party content from ms (rightfully)

Soeaking of Sony.. They only have 12 studios now. One is SCE London which has only made singstar and eyepet games. San Diego only makes baseball games which only North America cares about. Ico and Cambridge who have released nothing between them this gen. That leaves 8 relevant studios. I seriously think people will be surprised when next gen hits..
Abdou23  +   1133d ago
Actually Gaming wise Microsooft is being Crushed by SONY- Nintendo, those 2 have more Exclusives and successful ones.
Kurt Russell  +   1133d ago
lol. no.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1133d ago
Barley got our foot in 2013 and a possible mega ton announcement is already planned. 2 words

Bring It.
NiceGuy360  +   1133d ago
One picture

Related image(s)
NiceGuy360  +   1133d ago
Looking to be a fantastic year to be a gamer no matter what platform you support. I for one intend on enjoying my 360 and ps3 a bit longer before taking the next gen plunge though.
god_mode  +   1133d ago
3rd times the charm, now that MS has carved a spot in the video game stone and established itself with the big boys and learned some hard lessons from the 360 it'll be great to see what they bring us with their next system.

I am seriously looking forward to it.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1133d ago
I would argue that in MS's case, 2nd time was a charm.

The 360 has been a HUGE success for MS.
Dlacy13g  +   1133d ago
Anyone claiming the 360 has not been a huge success is in full denial. Selling 70+ million units in direct competition with the PS3 and Wii with their 2nd console is a huge success.
BanBrother  +   1133d ago

Totally agree. Most people who own a 360 were Sony and Nintendo long before the Xbox was announced, now they have either switched sides or enjoy multiple consoles.

Having been a Nintendo and Playstation fan, who never owned an original Xbox, I agrre that the 360 has been a success. I love it.

Hopefully next gen, and I don't mean to preach the same rhetoric, but I really hope for new IP's. Not for fanboy bragging rights, but for enjoyment. As most exclusives are successes.
InMyOpinion  +   1133d ago
Compared to Sony they actually gained install base this gen, instead of losing it.
RuleofOne343  +   1133d ago
Bring it on .
Plagasx  +   1133d ago
Countdown to more Kinect crap.
RuleofOne343  +   1133d ago
Maybe for you it seem like crap but for Father's like myself & others it's not crap but quality time w/family.
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esemce  +   1133d ago
There is nothing quality about Kinect, anyway can't wait for E3 2013 we need the next consoles this year or early next year.
azshorty2003  +   1133d ago
XboxKinect 720
memots  +   1133d ago
I said it before and ill say it again.

My current backlog of games is so big that i am still hoping they will delay it a little. imo, The market is not ready.

Just looking at these company losing money, The economy, Publisher having issue and moving to ios type game instead, Free to play on pc.

I think they should be careful and not rush in there.
Benjaminkno  +   1133d ago
Honestly, I'm ready for the 720. I play xbox, but I've never personally owned one. I think the time is right.
I just hope they can make some reliable hardware this time around.
Theyellowflash30  +   1133d ago
KInect 2.0, hardware meltdowns, and $50 a year for Xbox Live. Honestly thats kinda what I'm expecting from the next Xbox until proven otherwise.
cell989  +   1133d ago
cant wait for a new era of flame wars on the internetz with the release of the PS4 and Xbox 720
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1133d ago
Yeah, and come next gen I probably won't be on this site. Trolling, lies, one sided opinions bashing, bashing and the dreadful fanboys. Is only a few things that make me want to leave this site. Not to mention doom and gloom articles.

I bet you as soon as the new Xbox gets announced we will have "journalist" bashing it like crazy. Trying to morally bash the new Xbox before its even release. Just to try to turn peoples thoughts and excitement into negatives, yeah we've seen it TONS this gen.

As I said I might not be on this site come next gen. I'll check the news but I dunno about commenting. That is if this site gets its act together until then (which I doubt)
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munish23  +   1133d ago
This website was a great place before it became N4G. There were 3 separate websites, one for each console maker. Eventually they put them together to create N4G, and then the trolling and fanboyism just went out of control.

I stop by every once in a while, this website is a nice place to get your news all in one place but the community for the most part is just embarrassing.

I'm all for sharing opinions and stuff but many comments go way beyond that and are just pure insulting. There are many other places for people to go for a better community. For any Canadians, I highly encourage you to sign up for Tsilon/G-List.
#13.1.1 (Edited 1133d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
DeadlyFire  +   1133d ago
N4G needs a filter for opinion pieces and flamebait articles. I come here for gaming news not that sucks articles.
dubt72  +   1133d ago
Alright! My next gen consoles are the next Xbox and the Steam box. That will cover ALL my gaming needs.
kalkano  +   1133d ago
How have you already made that decision? We barely know anything about them.
Theyellowflash30  +   1133d ago
Unless you want to play God of War, Zelda, Uncharted, Metroid, or Killzone.
DeadlyFire  +   1133d ago
I still wonder what would happen to your opinion when Sony offers same type of service as XBL for free on PS4. Why buy next Xbox.

Xbox has only had Halo that gathers my attention to their console. I personal have little interest in Gears, but New one shows some promise for a new direction.

PS4 and Steambox have my attention. Next Xbox could pull me in to buying it, but I think I will wait out the first batch or two of consoles just in case any errors and see what Microsoft is bringing to the table before I decide to grab their console. Its been said that Dec 31st was the start of their production. So some units could be ready before Fall 2013.
Getowned  +   1133d ago
I think I may just go PC next gen.. not sure yet.. Steambox looks intresting yet I have a gaming rig lol.. I say this yet I will probably end up getting a ps4 and a x720 to go along side my PC :P
IIZANGETSUII  +   1133d ago
The 360 is a fantastic console but it needs more exclusive games, but im seriously, if their launch titles are involved with kinect crap 2.0 then im sooo done with xbox, looking forward to PS4.
BitbyDeath  +   1133d ago
Hopefully MS announce prior to this though and just do a full showing at E3.
landog  +   1133d ago

this gen has been dragging on too long, there have been some AMAZING games, no doubt, but 720p or much less, jaggies, screen tear, stuttering and bad frames.....i want ALL of that to be a bad, distant memory

being it ms and sony, i will be grabbing both systems!
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AlucardFury  +   1133d ago
My body is ready, oh crap..... wrong company
ItsTrue  +   1133d ago
isyourhouseonfire  +   1133d ago
The gaming world has officially been put on notice! Can't wait for E3!!!
tigertron  +   1133d ago
159 days until N4G will explode with new details of the new Xbox.
SITH  +   1133d ago
And so it begins. The slow creep of new console information begins to speed up.
WetN00dle69  +   1133d ago
AHHH YEAH!!! Cant wait for both MS and Sony to unveil their systems!
hivycox  +   1133d ago
hoping nex gen wont circle around power
if they announce just more powerful system then it will be lame -.- do something different will you?
BitbyDeath  +   1133d ago
Like what?
And please don't say you want a screen on the controller.
SkullBlade169  +   1132d ago
If you think like that, just buy an Ouya and be done with it.
vega275  +   1133d ago
I can't wait. hopefully it will support B/C which is a big plus for me. so there will be no reason to keep my old 360 when i can play my old games on the new system nor will i have to rebuy games I already own.

I may get the steambox if they announce some games on it that won't be on pc and if i came install my games i already own on the system from steam.
PS4isKing_82  +   1133d ago
Let me guess it'll be forza sunrise, forza sunset, fable 4 and fable 5, and 3 more gears of wars for this holiday XD lol
360ICE  +   1133d ago
I think MS are very likely to announce the 360 on E3. But it's not impossible that Sony will beat them to the punch with PlayStation day.

... To be honest, who the -bleep- knows.

F u c k
Riderz1337  +   1132d ago
Nope, when was the last time a console was announced at E3? You announce a console before E3 so that it gets people hyped and THEN at E3 you show off the console and what it can do. The reasoning behind announcing a console prior to the E3 press conference is so that it gets people excited and it makes them want to watch it not just for the video game announcements, but also for more news on the next gen console.
360ICE  +   1132d ago
Well, the last one would be The Wii U.
It was confirmed before E3 that Nintendo would show their successor at E3, but they revealed the console and the name for the first time at E3 2011. Notice that that's probably the best way to get people hyped, by announcing the upcoming announcement so that people will tune in.

Also, regarding your reply to my comment on the Last of Us:
It was a joke. Just a joke ;)
allyc4t  +   1133d ago
Uh oh. He posted a Countdown to E3 on his Blog. MUST MEAN SOMETHING ABOUT NEW CONSOLE.

Can't believe this shit got approved.
DrugAddict-  +   1133d ago
You're so dumb
2 cents  +   1133d ago
Looking forward to a new console war, to be honest. This gen has been kinda disappointing in that regards. Both companies had been a major disappointment. MS lying about shady hardware and Sony lied about delays and about the ps3 capabilities, which was meant to be miles ahead of the 360. For me no winner this time. Expect nothing better this time around. If anything will be shown at e3 it will be just cg cr^p, lies and hype. Apparently called marketing.
Justinakach0ppa  +   1133d ago
Kinect 2.0 lol
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