Why The Walking Dead Should Be Game Of The Year

Kotaku: "This game is not about the guns, and it's not even about the zombies. It's about people."

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Agheil1994d ago

Even though TWD was amazing and I loved every minute playing it, I would say Journey deserves it more. Journey gives you this refreshing experience. I've played the game a couple of times and 100% the trophies and I would still go back just to go through it again with someone that just jumped in with me or by myself.

Belking1994d ago

Journey was also a great title but no way it was gonna beat TWD. Zombies, good characters, and great story = win. Hopefully they will work to give us more gameplay in the next series.

Hicken1994d ago

Zombies don't exactly give a game a leg up... unless you're a person who likes zombies. Generally speaking, they do nothing for me, so it's not like that would raise the game in my eyes.

What pushes Journey over the edge is that it does what it does WITHOUT specific characters, WITHOUT dialogue, WITHOUT intricate gameplay. It dispenses with many of gaming's traditional trappings, and yet it brings forth a fresh and engaging experience unlike anything else out there.

No doubt, The Walking Dead is a standout game. But I don't think it trumps Journey.

That said, I don't think you could go wrong with either as GOTY.

I won't comment as to why you don't think Journey can compare, though.

BanBrother1994d ago

What world does everyone live in?

I thought that Game of The Year awards went to multiple games, but everyone acts as if only 1 game gets that crown.

Out of all the game of the years awards awarded to many games, who is to say any of them are more or less important than another?

Someone??? Anyone?? Help, I'm confused.

MikeMyers1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

There are different categories but they usually pick the best game overall. Look at the Oscars, they have best picture and best director, along with many other categories.

The Walking Dead was a great game but I think a lot of that is it came out of nowhere. Most games that are based off of TV and comic books don't do all that well but everything did. The comics/books are great, the TV series is awesome and the game was highly acclaimed. I do wish we got more choices in the game and was sad to see that certain characters could not be saved no matter what but it was done very well. Another interesting this was how it was released in chapters. That kept it interesting and made the anticipation higher. I expect more games will be released like that in the future. Back to the Future was like that too.

The great thing is not everyone has to agree. Some may like Journey more or Dishonored or any game for that matter. I'm just glad these smaller games are getting more attention.

Valenka1994d ago

I loved The Walking Dead but I don't think it deserves Game of the Year. To me, it didn't feel like a video game. There wasn't much in the way of player involvement and just felt like one well written story and a few button presses here and there. Much like Heavy Rain. Brilliant game, but not much in the way of interaction either.

If anything, The Walking Dead should win an award solely for it's amazing story and believable and well crafted characters, their development and decision making.

sithsylar1994d ago

100% agree it feels to me like a visual novel then a game..... and really if it does win game of the year it says ALOT about games now and days....

deep_fried_bum_cake1994d ago

You can't have played many visual novels if it feels like a visual novel to you.

BitbyDeath1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Walking Dead is great but i wish it were more open like Heavy Rain.

I should be able to choose who lives and who doesn't not just have the story force it no matter what choice i make.

eg. Choosing to save the kid under the tractor and not Duck should mean exactly that.

landog1993d ago

far cry 3, impecible gunplay, gorgeous visuals (on pc at least), excellent, top notch voice acting, great depth

guild wars 2, $49 for a lifetime of updates, content, new places to quest with freinds, excellent pvp, and pve, great grouping, limitless options for class builds

diablo 3 (my freinds, co-workers and I have clocked in over 150 hours, the co-op is amazing fun, trading loot, killing high level bosses and rare mobs, amazing game, incredibly well crafted, top tier production values)

torchlight 2 (see diablo 3, same, but more lighthearted, and a lot less production values, very deep, great game)

xcom enemy unknown, insane depth, amazing pc visuals, standout voice work, addictive gameplay

Borderlands 2 (great fun with freinds, but lame story and low production values, still amazing fun)

journey, short but amazing, artistic, well thought out, and mind blowing in its simplicity

dishonored, excellent, impecible story telling, great level design

planetside 2, amazing scope, deep custimization

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, great scope, amazing visuals (again on pc, don't know what the console version looked like)
deep and vast

all the above, and many more from 2012 imo, far better than twd, which is a great game, just nowhere near goty worthy

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