PSM3 GTA IV info

Guys from PSM3 talk about GTA IV what they saw at Rockstar's office

They explain GTA 4 controls and show that you press circle to punch and square to kick, also show that when you hit R1 you go in cover. Also they show you have three movement speed, walking , jogging and Sprinting.They say that at some places you can climb objects like Assasins Creed with the square button.They show how the phone works, Down on the d pad and \it makes it appear at the bottom of the screen.You can jack cars in GTA 4, break the glass with L1 and then you cut wires to make the car start.You can go in NetCafe to go on the internet in the game.

From PSM3
• According to the journalists, the first hands-on minutes were enough to solidify their feelings of how the game is going to kick ass.
• Liberty City has more streets than any other game in the genre.
• You cannot enter every building. However, you can interact with most of them. Rooftops, stairways, fire escapes, partial interiors, etc.
• Niko will not be able to manage property, gangs or trade.
• Bowling, dart games, drinking games, strip clubs and night clubs will be available.
• The core of GTA IV is all about the human relationship.
• Sometimes, your contacts may call you during a hard mission to ask you a service. In this instance, you can choose between the mission or whatever your contact is asking. If you ditch your mission to do things with your phone contact, you may see consequences. Whether or not you will be able to replay the mission that you went away from remains to be seen.
• The new impression of seeing a next generation living, breathing city is absolutely stunning.
• The pedestrian population density changes between the place/borough you are in.
• If you walk around the street with a gun in your hand, pedestrians who have a phone can call the police.
• In one instance when Niko tried to carjack someone, the scared innocent driver sped away so fast that he hit two cars.
• During the first mission that the journalists played, they tried to carjack someone without a gun. The driver beat up Niko. Niko got beat up so bad that he ended up at the hospital.
• Pedestrians react in a very realistic way. The journalists said that it is as if each person in the game leads his/her own life.
• It took 15 minutes to go through 2/3 of Manhattan with a boat. It took 10 minutes by car to go through Brooklyn and Central Park

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DarkHero3947d ago

I'm just bummed that some really cool features are'nt there anymore.

I'm also curious to see where the extra dlc content on the xbox360 will be like. Meaning how do u make a map as big as san andres which is bigger than Liberty city in Liberty City?

could they have been talking about mission-wise and content?

Right now I'm just thinking of geting by money ready for gta4.

Stubacca3947d ago

..and getting it off work!

resistance1003947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Can't wait for this now, will be picking up on day 1 for PS3, reason im not bothered by the 360 version is simply i only use GTA to muck about in and thats its appeal to me, i've never completed even half of a GTA game before that doesn't stop me buying it. Its this reason why i won't even consider DLC even if i had the 360 version and it would be a waste of money imo. Plus the fact when the DLC is actually released i will be playing MGS4, LittleBigPlanet and HAZE and once done with that will move onto Resitance 2, Killzone 2 and Gears 2 so won't have time for it.

Now i would consider alot of other people are in the same boat as me when it comes to GTA games. I will say fair enough if you actually complete GTA games go for the 360 version, but for me if won't matter what version i get.

Also if you dont believe i have a 360 click the image

kingOVsticks3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

why do you have your PS3 standing up he won't no whose the boss if you have the damn thing standing up the 360 should be on the(other) left side of the PS3 where the fan is this way the 360 can get some air from the ps3 while the ps3 understands that your the alpha male.

cr33ping_death3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

im in the same boat with ya.... although i do complete GTA games. i complete a game then move on. only rarely do i ever put it back in to mess around the city. i use it to kill time before i go out in the real world.

edit: @ kings.....use periods and commas...PLEASE!

BachelorBrit3947d ago

The information is great but it has been posted before though.

I cannot wait to get this from day 1 either I have my Playstation 3 (Special Edition)on pre-order.

The game will be amazing and thats an understatement.

phonyforceslayer3947d ago

this is going to keep me going 4 monthes. if u sany fan boys had this you would be riping the 360 and u know it. so act like you aint bovered we no most of you are. not any one in this room. i mean king kaz and his minions

vloeistof3947d ago

cant wait for my ps3 version

kingOVsticks3947d ago

Im not so sure about the can't carry a gun around cuz of snitches how am I going to manage looking like a russian bad a5s walking away from a sunset with a ak-47 in my hand when avergae joe is chirpping to the police saying
average joe: hello? is this the police?

Police:yes, what is your distress?

acerage joe: yeeeeeeeeeah theres this Russian guy carrying a very big gun walking slowly on the beach and every once in a while he kneels near the bench and make it look likes he sitting on it but he really isn't because he is only kneeling.

police:OH NOEZ!!! We can't have a fake sitter on are hands

a sh!t load of cups pop up with 5 stars and im screwed the end THE MUTHA F_CKING END?!

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