My mom previews Tomb Raider, Dark Souls II, and other big games of 2013

GamesBeat Mike Minotti: My mother doesn’t know much of anything about video games. However, I discovered that making her watch trailers for upcoming releases and recording her reactions can lead to comedic gold.

This time, I exposed her to a few of the trailers played during this year’s Video Game Awards, which showcased some of the most anticipated games coming out in 2013.

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roblef1300d ago

Yer MOM previews games. Wait.

deantak1300d ago

i'd like to see the video version of this.

JeffGrubb1300d ago

"But there's no electricity?"

Mom logic.

darkronin2291300d ago

Haha. Her response to South Park was my fave.

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The story is too old to be commented.