Metro: Last Light - New Screenshots Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "THQ has unleashed a new set of screenshots on Metro: Last Light’s official FB page. Metro: Last Light looks gorgeous and will be one of the best graphical games of 2013."

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Welshy1971d ago

Ever since i decided to try out PC gaming almost a year ago, the only games to even scratch the surface of my 2gb AMD 7800, 16gb RAM and i7 have been Metro 2033 and Battlefield 3.

So i'm looking forward to this to really see how my setup stands a year down the line =)

TheGamerDood1971d ago

umm am I the only one that finds these images a bit underwhelming?

Muffins12231970d ago

everything in the game looks way nicer than any other game on the market right now.....the only thing that other games look better in compared to metro are the character models but that's really it. Everything else is pretty impressive,but the human models seem to look lifeless and are lacking detail in my opinion :|

dirthurts1971d ago

My video card just crapped itself from fear,
Then wet itself from excitement.

Plagasx1971d ago

I truly hope I can play this at 60fps with my 680..:(

Tone1971d ago

Not unless they optimise the engine! I have 2 680s in sli and in metro 2033 I barely hit 70 fps average with everything up to the Max in the benchmark!

clearelite1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

uh wow. Can't wait to get back into PC gaming. Not saying graphics are the only reason, obviously. I'll probably be playing Counterstrike most of the time, but this game looks amazing.

The scene in the Cafe, the art style and graphics look amazing!

I'm wondering how well they optimized their engine this time.

claud31971d ago

this will be a great game and it has the same atmosphere feel the other had and that is special

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The story is too old to be commented.