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When will it be safe to buy a first-run console?

Cnet article focusing on the potential downside of purchasing consoles on release day, and when you should consider making your purchase. (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

bilal  +   2857d ago
it would never
be wise to buy next-gen consoles at launch like 360 or ps3...
but its fine if you buy a last generation concole in a new box it would probably be ok..(wii)
Dusk  +   2857d ago
If you buy anything at launch (360, PS3, Ipod, whatever), buy a warranty, as there will always be problems with new, complicated devices. This author acts like this is something new.
big_tim  +   2857d ago
That is what I did
I bought a warranty with the 360. I am on my 3rd one now. I expect to go through 5 at this rate before they get it right. I will buy one for the PS3 also. Nintendo seems to be the only company that has ever had a reliable launch machine.
calderra  +   2857d ago
I bought a first-run Xbox and a first-run 360, and I've never had a problem with either.

Ssooo... the safe time to buy a first-run console is... now?
Mikey_Gee  +   2857d ago
Not only consoles
This is "NOT" a console only issue.

Media Players
Paintball Guns
etc, etc

Anything on its "FIRST TIME" out will either

A) have issues (although my launch 360 still runs great)


B) Will be improved over time


It is not that it NEVER happens that the FIRST RUN is a GOOD RUN, but "First Adoopters" of a new product should be aware that they are in a way doing the "Beta" testing.

Islandkiwi  +   2857d ago
Warranties are a must
When I bought the 360, I bought the warranty with it. And I think that if you're purchasing untested products, that's just the sensible thing to do.

With the Wii and the PS3, and considering the shortages that will occur, I've got no problem sitting on the sidelines for a bit. At least until some game catches my eye that I can't live without.
bszelda  +   2857d ago
I think that Nintendo's wii console will NOT have problems with it. I have gotten EVERY single Nintendo console at launch and they all worked PERFECTLY. I might buy a warranty though just in case...idk. I think nintendo is spending the most time perfecting their console's hardware and wiring. Besides, if nintendo's new wii console DID happen to mess up or something, then they would probably let you send it in to get it fixed or get a new one. :D
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2856d ago
Warranty! Always get a warranty, these are electronics that cost from $200 too thousands of dollars. Gaming machines and high def TVS are investments why anyone wouldn’t get a warranty is beyond me. If your on a budget sacrifice a game because what good is that game when you can’t play it at all in a few months.
TheMART  +   2856d ago
Luckely we get two years of warranty by law in Europe... For free! Yay for Europe :)
Vistrix  +   2856d ago
Article nothing to do with the Wii
Nintendos reputation for making solid consoles with ZERO failiures is an extremely good one.

There is hardly any risk of it having failiures so this article doesnt belong in the Wii section.

Its Sony and Microsoft who have the hardware failiures. Nintendo doesnt.
LuminousAphid  +   2856d ago
Zero failures? Not one? Ever? I don't buy Nintendo consoles at launch, so I don't have any personal experience, but I'm pretty sure a zero-failure rate in any kind of industrial manufacturing, especially something as complicated as electronics, is completely impossible. If frito-lay can't achieve zero-failure tolerances for my bag of potato chips (I once got one from a vending machine that was sealed but completely empty), I don't believe Nintendo can do it with a video game console.

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