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I’ve put this off for too long. I’ve been struggling, actually struggling, to find a way to approach this review, because Mugen Souls is not simply a terrible game—it’s an offensive one as well. Having anything to do with this game makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. It made me physically ill to play certain parts of it. But this is all part of the job of being a critic; you have to sample the entire spectrum of the medium, and eventually, given the law of infinite diversity in infinite combinations, something utterly vile will cross your desk. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mugen Souls.

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ThePsychoGamer1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

"It boggles my mind as to why it was even localized for North America. It took a Herculean effort by fans to get master works Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story to our shores, yet this … thing shows up uninvited."

Nisa is a far better publisher than Nintendo, simple as that. (BTW univated? Fans asked Nisa to localize this game)

Lazy? Ok now I have doubts that the reviewer even played the game. It may have beena lot of of things, but it most deffevently wasn't lazy, if anything the game was to ambitious.

brish1935d ago

A lot of the responses to this review are ... interesting. Some people claim that the site unfairly criticizes a jrpg.

Here are two other reviews from trendygamers.

Xenoblade Chronicles Review (10/10)

The Last Story Review (9.5/10)

This site has given very good reviews of jrpgs in the past.

After reading the review for Mugen Souls I would summarize it as: "It's an awful game that sexualizes children, has an awful story, and has awful gameplay."

Here is a quote from nisa's own site:

"The Japanese version of the game contained a mini-game in which the player had to scrub/grope 2D depictions of female characters in a variety of bath scenes. The characters and surrounding audio/visual elements were extremely sexualized, and a number of the characters were depicted as potentially being pubescent or pre-pubescent. ..."

Child molestation as a game play mechanic?! Seriously?!

"Ok now I have doubts that the reviewer even played the game."

The reviewer is completely disgusted by the sexualation of children. Did you read the review?

Quotes from the review:
"I felt dirty playing this game. I was shocked into silence at some of the shamefacedly creepy things I was seeing. The opening sequence alone all but robbed me of what little desire I had to play the game, even just to review it. The game purports to be a colourful, cutesy, child-like deconstruction of BDSM relationships. I’ll say it again, the game is one giant Bondage/Dominance/Sadomasochis m allegory—starring a seven-year-old who wears what is for all intents and purposes a Lolita nightgown."

"Upon doing further research into this ghastly abomination, I learned that games of this nature are apparently Compile Heart’s bread and butter, including an upcoming PlayStation Vita title that lets you use its touchscreen and sensor pad to, for all intents and purposes, physically molest little anime girls."

A 0/10 seems appropriate.

Godchild10201935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I expected better from Trendygamers. A 0/10 has to be the worst score any site has ever given any game. I guess it's a new year, so anything can happen.

I don't care what anyone says, no game can be that bad to get a 0 out of 10, unless it was a blank disc. And if it was a blank disc, you would rate the company a 0, not the game. Shame one you TG, better luck next time.

Godmars2901935d ago

I'm guessing its another case of a JRPG being judged by WRPG standards. One that fails to properly exploit the platform its on at that.

Sorry, but most PS3 JRPGs just look like better looking PS2 ones, which are really only improved PS1 style games.

The JRPG industry needs to look at things like 3 Dot Heroes, Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles, but since none of them did too well or given much of a chance devs just fell back on the safe and familiar. Which is true even of Atlus and NIS, though they will stray.

Jreca1935d ago

Why should a JRPG be better looking than this? I though I was in a games page, and not in a graphics-whore page. Disgaea 3 is a hell of fun, and yet it retains the sprites from the first, for example.

I mind the game not the graphics. And of course, not a commercial game ever has been worth 0/10.

Inception1935d ago

0/10? RPGfan gave this game 75/100. Is this trendygamer site really play the game or playing tricks for hits?

I agreed with Jreca. JRPG trademark isn't about beautiful graphic with super detailed model / background textures. But it's about fun and adictive gameplay. Well a little exception like FF that had great graphics but we all knew how FF XIII turns right? And i prefer playing old masterpiece such as Vagrant Story / FF Tactics above FF XIII.

Btw, i quite agree with the 3 games you mentioned. And i reccomend Disgaea 4, Tales of Graces f, and Ressonance of Fate to the list. Also, if you really care about graphics in JPRG, i suggest Ni no Kuni.

Godmars2901935d ago

I'm not talking about appearance but rather performance. And performance-wise something like Tales of Graces F is little changed from a PS1 Tales game besides being in 3D, which I believe was done first on the PS2.


Not talking about recommendations, but rather examples of game mechanics.

Think of Star Ocean title using Mass Effect's choices system. A technically open universe with competing factions where said choices effect you interact with them and how one of possibly multiple stories go. Which NPC joins you.

Of course such wasn't even really possible with ME because they were too focused on graphics.

Slapshot821935d ago

Wow! Really?! A 0/10 for a completely playable game?!

Great way to ruin your credibility TG!

LOGICWINS1935d ago

The game received a 0/10 because it's so bad that TG wants to emphasize that it's not worth buying at its current price point.

Review scores are measured by whether or not(and to what degree) a game is worth buying, not how "playable" the game is. It's ASSUMED that a game is playable when the reviewer receives it.

A game shouldn't get ANY points for being playable. Thats like giving an employee a bonus every week he/she shows up to work.

kreate1935d ago

Don't worry mr hater. no one bought the game except me at a reduced price of 25 bucks.

Slapshot821928d ago

No, and employee gets paid for showing up for work. This employee's pay scale adjusts according to the work they perform for their employer: under-performing employees don't get quarterly/yearly pay increases and performing employees do. But overachieving employees might even get to move up within their company - netting even better benefits and pay.

It's no different with reviewing videogames (which I do myself and have done so for years for major gaming websites). The low end of the scoring system is where the under performing games sit, where they will most likely not gain mass appeal and increased sales at retail. Performing games sit in the middle and reap average benefits, but the overachievers gain mass appeal and are rewarded (potentially) with millions in revenue.

Of course, this isn't always the case - Zumba Fitness is terrible and has made millions, but I think my point is quite clear.

Not only do I still stand by my original statements, but your rebuttal only reaffirms my questions about the credibility of the website, which I've never had any qualms with before, seeing as a former colleague of mine got his start there.

Gaming websites have a bad problem these days with doing things just as this: low/undercutting scores on games to "prove a point" or to pull in 'clicks/hits' from N4G. A 0/10 isn't for a game that's playable, it's for a completely broken game. If you would have given the game a 1/10 for all of the reasons that you fully elaborated on, I could of understood and accepted your argument. But, the 0/10 comes off as either immature or intentional - neither of which, in my opinion, equate to professional journalism.

Remdih1935d ago

Reviewers are often idiots, simple as that... Long live Nisa!

memots1935d ago

All the while other site seem to be giving it decent score.

Is this a ps3 exclusive? That would explain a lot.

memots1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Nothing to do with this site in particular.

Its well known that once in a while just bash an exclusive (more often than not ps3) And youll get hit's on your site.

I am not targeting Trendygamers themselves they are doing what they must to remain in business.

And Oh yeah ..

Try harder

Gaming Boner1935d ago

lol pick and choosing review to justify your opinion while ignoring other review, Take off your fanboy glasses LogicLoser

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