Why Far Cry 3 Should Be Game of the Year

Kotaku - Far Cry 3 should not be my nomination for 2012 game of the year. I'm not a huge fan of first-person shooters. While I appreciate the technical accomplishment of the first two games in the series I've not felt compelled to complete either. I felt absolutely no excitement leading up to the third installment's late November release. I expected a visually pleasing shooter that would keep me occupied for an hour or so before I moved on to more compelling things.

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-Mezzo-1933d ago

Platinum'ed it.

To be it was by far the best FPS of 2012, but not the GOTY.

IAmLee1933d ago

IMO one of the best story's I have played for a long time.

th3n00bg4m3r1933d ago

I disagree;
Trapped in island with full of pirates and rescuing friends.
It just didn't do it for me.

Hellsvacancy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I got teh platinum aswel, its an easy 20hour platinum, almost as easy as the Hitman platinum

I enjoyed FC3, it was a big improvement over FC2, not my goty personally, I think that goes to Dishonored

camel_toad1931d ago

Glad to hear someone else mention Dishonored for GOTY. Far Cry 3 was good yeh but gameplay-wise it didn't do anything that hasn't already been done 100 times already.

The final main missions being perfect examples...

PhantomT14121933d ago

Got it on Xbox. Sold it today to buy one on PC :)

redDevil871933d ago

Journey all day.

But Far Cry 3 was a lot of fun though. It was like a Rambo simulator.

Next they should do Far Cry 4 with dinosaurs.

-Mezzo-1933d ago

I just hope the Co-Op is better in the next game and a lot less buggy.

ab5olut10n1933d ago

YES. jeeeeezus i've never seen such bad net code

guitarded771933d ago

Just difficult to have such an open game of that level run smooth in co-op across all platforms. Hopefully next gen systems will be up to the task.

Nes_Daze1933d ago


I agree with the writer, I actually found myself caring about Jason Brody's friends, hell I even cared in the beginning when Grant died, and when I found out about Riley, I don't know but few games these days really make you care about the characters. Now as an open world it is awesome, trying to hunt a black panther or setting a tiger at an outpost loose in order to make your job of liberating it easier. It's an awesome game, almost at the platinum, and it is my GOTY.

Thatguy-3101933d ago

Really felt the connect Jason and Riley had. Specially the interrogation scene. It just felt so real and actually made me think what I would do if my brother and I were in the same situation.

Nes_Daze1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I felt the same way having a younger brother and all, really touching stuff throughout the storyline.

aquamala1933d ago

My goty, looks phenomenal on PC

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