The Game of 2012 Isn't What You Think

Karl explains why the best game of 2012 isn't what everybody thinks.

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Kurt Russell1996d ago

So game of the year is a crap port of a good game... No.

Miguelitons1996d ago

Seems to be the GOTY 2012 only for one person though ...

profgerbik1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

"Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is my game of the year not because of the game itself, but because of what it represents, a chance for kids everywhere to experience what I did when I was younger and that trumps any achievement in sales or graphical leap, because that means technically, I’ll be able to raise my future child in exactly the same way I was brought up, only in HD thus making them an exact copy of me"

This is what is wrong with the world people like this don't need to be having children. Sound narcissistic much?