5 Underrated PS1 Games That Had Amazing Openings

WC - That’s right, we’re going old school with this post, way back to the PS1 days, to where graphics that now look laughably dated, looked tremendous on release, and where life was an awful lot easier and games seemed an awful lot harder (for the better.) Yes, the graphics may be poor now, but there were a few games that had absolutely outstanding opening scenes, even to rival their modern day counterparts.

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Pozzle1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

This list needs more Soul Reaver. Great voice acting and amazing graphics for its time. That game had one of the most incredible PSone intros ever, imo.

-Mezzo-1935d ago

Dino Crisis needs to comeback.

Pozzle1935d ago

Yes please!!!

A Dino Crisis game in full HD graphics would be....*drool*
I don't even care if it's a remake of the first game. Just give me more Dino Crisis, Capcom!

Kyosuke_Sanada1935d ago

Bloody Roar II,I really loved how chaotic the intro was which really made me pumped for battle.

Another great intro was Persona II: Innocent Sin which made you feel it would fit a horror more than an RPG.

Koudelka still won my heart for one of my favourites however....

Hicken1935d ago

So.. are we saying the games are underrated, or the openings are underrated?