2 Tournament Seasons Later – Glitches Abound, and All-Stars Titles Still Not Being Awarded

PlayStation All-Stars released November 20th, so at the end of that short season many players let the lack of awarded titles slip by. But, now that December has come and gone (along with the tournament season), many players are frustrated to see this issue rear its ugly head again.

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dbjj120881904d ago

Seriously. The hardcore players can't be too happy with this.

HarryMasonHerpderp1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

The title really exaggerates things, makes it sound like the game is rampant with bugs (which it's not).
Hopefully it gets patched up asap.
I had a bug where characters disappeared once but that's the only problem I have had. Never really paid attention to my belt number.

Veneno1904d ago

@Harry Mason

Ummmm not sure what game you're playing but I encounter bugs and glitches in nearly every match. Character models disappearing, huge lag issues, character freezing bugs, the titles issue, game stuttering at the beginning of matches, etc.

When we were getting different characters in match than what we selected was a huge indicator that the online is a huge buggy mess. Its barely playable.

HarryMasonHerpderp1903d ago

I haven't had any of those problems apart from the odd disconnect. Not saying you haven't had those problems though and I hope they patch it up as soon as possible.

doogiebear1904d ago

I never encountered any glitches or bugs or disconnections nor any lag. Not once.

knifefight1905d ago

I'll be interested to see how it sells when it's released in Japan. Can you play against people worldwide? Hopefully the Asian release brings in some new and enthusiastic blood. This game is fun.

Obnoxious_Informer1904d ago

New blood is right, there's so many times I've played against the same people online, or people I've heard of/see on the internet. The game really needs some sales badly.

dbjj120881904d ago

Unfortunately it still won't help the Vita though D:

Obnoxious_Informer1904d ago

Honestly, it doesn't seem like a lot can help the Vita at this point aside from a heavily advertised price drop.

Killzoner991904d ago

@ dbjj12088
The Vita is doing fine you troll. It does not need ANY help. Name a better handheld that's been built. YOU CAN'T.

knifefight1904d ago

He's talking about sales, not the quality of the system or its games.

Most people who have a Vita (myself included) seem to love it, but that doesn't mean a lot of people are buying it. It's selling way below Sony's expectations, way below market predictions, and even below systems like the Dreamcast.

He's not trolling, he's just saying that the system is selling poorly -- especially in Asia, where I was talking about.

ftwrthtx1904d ago

This is a title that needs all the support it can get.

abzdine1904d ago

Amazing game i cant get enough of it. If you play it often like i do add me on PSN :) same for everybody else :)

insertcoin1904d ago

Oh, the days when games had little to no glitches...

god_mode1904d ago

There isn't a game around that didn't have glitches. In fact older games had just as many. With the rise of the internet and information being out day one it only appears that today's games have more bugs than ever.

Gran Touring1904d ago

Not true in all cases, some older games used to be pushed back so that they could fix those issues.

Temporary1904d ago

There was no such thing as "patching" in the early days of gaming. There most definitely was a difference in quality from then and now because the sense of urgency is different. Now they rush it out so they can patch it later, back then they had to make sure it was as close to their perfect vision as possible because it's a "finshed product" that doesnt require patching and balancing late after its release.

flyingmunky1904d ago

Those were simple days when nearly all the bugs could be found within a few months. Now games are so expansive and complex it is not feasible to find all bugs. But still, you would think developers could at least find more than they do.

god_mode1904d ago

This game is fun but it gets monotonous real fast especially with the amount of Kratos players online.

Maybe part 2 will iron out A LOT of the kinks found in this one.

Soldierone1904d ago

The only time I run into Kratos online is when I randomly decide to be him. Otherwise I'm normally Raiden and never see Kratos.

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