XBox Next/720 silicon production day arrives

Remember when SemiAccurate exclusively brought you the news about the XBox Next/720′s main chip taping out? Remember when we said customer silicon was likely to go in to production in 2012? Guess what?

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jujubee881970d ago

New MS console in 2013 confirmed.

Now . . . How about that PS4?

redDevil871970d ago

Wait for an announcement about the PS4.

jujubee881970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Hmmm. A novel concept if I had ever heard one. Sorry, I wont wait. My breed do not know of such a word.

I will browse every rumor, divine every bit of online speculation, and pray to the gaming gods for a VITA+PS4 budle and entry level SKU under $400 USD. All this I will do until the day comes that Sony announces something (anything) officially.

Wait? It has already been far too long since I got my high...and all I did was click "refresh" (on another PS4 rumor). DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE NOW?!?

I am clinically insane, is what I'm saying. ^____^

sikbeta1970d ago

MS launching first will kill any PS4 chances to sell well in US+UK, this gen went for too long, the core is starving for a new beast of Console...

kneon1970d ago


I don't want a $400 Vita+Ps4 bundle because that would mean they cheaped out on the tech in the PS4.

If we're going to get a new console it should be a worthwhile upgrade, not just a minor improvement in features and performance.

ProjectVulcan1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

According to this source from long ago, the next Playstation was supposed to be a bunch of fast separate chips possibly on an MCM while the next Xbox silicon here is supposed to be a Fusion style SoC. BOTH machines according to the source claim to be AMD lockouts, AMD CPUs and GPUs. However other sources claim Microsoft have gone with an IBM CPU.

All we have heard since from a bunch of alternate sources though is that Sony are in fact the ones going in on the SoC 'fusion' style concept. Sony are the ones who apparently have gone for the x86 bulldozer CPU and AMD GPU.

It is difficult to separate fact from fiction here as the waters are still hazy.

I like looking at these articles and remembering all the rumours a couple years down the line from now, so we'll see who was closest and try to +1 them.

BitbyDeath1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Now . . . How about that PS4?"

Here ye go

PS1 ended production 24th March 2006
(just 8 months before the PS3 released)

Which means we may see the PS4 release as early as September this year.

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DeadlyFire1970d ago

3-6 months later PS4 arrives Spring 2014! I expect PS4 production to start Mid 2013.

That's just my opinion though. No facts to go on at the moment other than the way the patents got released. Only a couple of months apart with XB3 being first and PS4 being 2nd. Production and release will likely be along those lines.

Knight_Crawler1970d ago

I do not think its a good idea for Sony to launch the PS4 ater the 720 - 3-6 month is not bad but if Sony releases the PS4 a year later they will be in big trouble.

Next gen is diffrent being that no gen has ever lasted more than 5 years so gamers will be exreamly hungry to play a next gen console - console loyalty will not matter and gamers will buy the first next gen console to release.

DeadlyFire1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Well either way I am buying PS4 first. I bought X360 first last gen and it didn't please me. I own 90% of my games on PS3/PC.

Unless Microsoft can pull out more than one new great IP that can entice me to think of Xbox as more than just Halobox I believe I will be standing my ground.

sikbeta1970d ago

OK, see what happened this gen when Sony launched after the X360 and how MS totally won the US+UK market after the Wii appeal died down? guess what's going to happen now that MS became a powerhouse by its own....

America = Xbox-Land

kneon1970d ago

Sony releasing the PS3 later than the 360 was only a problem for the media and fanboys. They are now pretty well tied in overall sales despite the PS3 launching 12-24 months after the 360 depending on the region.

So the PS3 sold at a faster rate than the 360 even though it's been the most expensive console throughout this generation.

nunley331969d ago

@sikbeta, xbox 360 has sold better over in the united states but not by much. and ps3 has outsold it in uk+japan. so 360=america land but PS3=UK+Japan land and this was after launching a year late.

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Thatguy-3101970d ago

Think Microsoft console will come out first but Sony will follow it couple of months later. They won't wait a whole yr like this Gen.

Kurt Russell1969d ago

I'm calling October for Xbox.

morkendo231969d ago

According to MS game programmer production crew member a PERSONAL friend I SEE DAILY. has his take on "DURANGO" : "Quality control" is having problems with heatsink testing and cooling ventilation once again also inferred connectivites issues ( kinect) 720 maybe delayed til mid 2014

this was mention in nov. 2012

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Lvl_up_gamer1970d ago

Can't wait. 2013 is going to be a great year for gaming.

Xbox 720 day 1 buy for me. Just need the date. Reveal should be coming before summer.

iGamerZERO1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Wow ! Your comment is clean and right to the point of what you would like to see happen in 2013 and you got disagrees , gotta remember theres a ton of broke ham n Eggers on N4G that just saved enough for current gen consoles and are sweating the idea of new consoles.........I'm buying PS4 , Xbox next and a steam box with hesitation DAY ONE.....

SilentNegotiator1968d ago

It's called "comment history" and "agenda"

JamieL1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@ silent
You would know a lot about that huh? You're right though, your "comment history" clearly shows YOUR "agenda".
Hypocrites, gotta love'em.

Dlacy13g1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

After reading the article... I don't think this is confirmation that the silicon issues are resolved. This merely is an article saying the production date has come and if they aren't producing by now, we wont see it in 2013. There was no concrete source stating the kinks were ironed out.

Edit from the article:

"While we have not definitively heard about a go/no go wafer in decision, if Microsoft is going to launch their next generation console this year, they almost assuredly made the December 31 date. Any delay of more than a few weeks will mean no new console in 2013, there just won’t be enough time to make them. If no one credible leaks news soon, I wouldn’t go stand in line for a new Microsoft console in late August."

RandomDude6551970d ago

There was actually a rumor not too long ago about MS delaying by six months, and there hasn't been any word about if the yields/problems improved.

I personally think they missed it.

Should find out in a couple months anyway.

DiRtY1970d ago

There has been a rumor and because there hasn't been another rumor contradicting the previous rumor, it might be true!

3 - 4 months and we will find out.

bobshi1970d ago


This article is trash.

It even says itself that they haven't actually received word that the deadline was met!

And that was a deadline set in summer 2011. Clearly the author has never worked in a deadline driven environment, because deadlines are hardly ever kept - especially not when they're set over a year in advance.

IAMERROR1970d ago

I personally believe the 720 is coming out this year. There's a reason they're releasing GOW:J early in the year instead of the near-end of the year GOW titles always had. The Holidays will be dedicated to the 720 and launch games.

Dlacy13g1970d ago

I agree that the plan certainly is for the next Xbox to hit in 2013. Their Calendar of games (lack of) for the first half screams new system. BUT.... if they really are having issues with the silicon fab still then no matter what they "want" wouldn't matter since this would dictate the production.

Most likely I think they do a staggered launch and launch in NA first especially if they have limited units.

IAMERROR1970d ago

Pretty much what I think, they might do a limited release late in 2013.

akaakaaka1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

this is the most logical way of thinking and it seem that few n4g kids can't use logic..

Playstation, XBOX and even 3rd party devs games are in the first half of 2013, the second half is a mystery with few games which is normal for PS3 and 360 to still be supported after PS4 and new XBOX is out.

000011970d ago

im thinking with the non-stop next generation talk as of the last month, now that it is 2013 hopefully we start getting news of some next gen games! >:D

IAMERROR1970d ago

I want to see some next gen games already! :3

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