DMC: Devil May Cry: Why the Fans Cried Too Soon

When Ninja Theory showed their redesign of DMC: Devil May Cry’s Dante, fans the world over bursts into salty tears and rage. Now their tears of sadness are turning to tears of joy.

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StifflerK1934d ago

Only two weeks left - looking forward to it!

Chuk51934d ago

Old DMC fans don't need to like this game. They really don't. However, a vocal minor of the anti-DmC force need to stop acting like hating on every article about the game is constructive. You've said your piece. Some far better than others, and far more respectable, but SOME people need to stop acting like thier opnions are fact as to why the game is "terrible".

Also the notion that this game isn't exactly like the old games, is the entire point of DmC existence. If the wanted to make a DMC5 right now, they would have.

MikeMyers1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

That's true, they simply need to move on. The thing is they don't have to buy it but it's almost like they don't want anyone to buy it.

The same sort of thing happened when the Fallout franchise was resurrected by Bethesda (not nearly as bad of a reaction as this mind you). Old Fallout players moaned. Meanwhile it went years without a new game and they were quite content with that. They didn't want Bethesda touching the IP and thought they would tarnish it. Instead what it did was bring new fans. Old fans don't have to play the new games. So what was the problem again?

prototypeknuckles1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

fallout is a bad example and isnt comparable at all, some old fans dindt like it most did especially new vegas because it referenced a lot of stuff from the original fallouts, besides that Bethesda never said trash talked the fans, they never trash talked the original creators, and at least they tried to do something new besides blatantly copying other games and acting like they are original, there are always 2 sides of the story you have to look at both, most people always think that the only reason people hate DmC is because of hair, while some of these fans still do most dont, its way past the hair, i mean thats just a stupid reason to hate a game, we all know that reboots differ, but they have gameplay elements or things that are very reminiscent of past games, like the Prince of Persia franchise i loved every game the original 3, the sands trilogy, and the 2008 game, because they stayed true to the franchise roots and had been made by a pasionate team that cared for the franchise and the fans unlike ninja theory who blatantly copied story elements from movies, and weapons from other games, as well as talking crap about other developers behind god of war and bayonetta, and of course trolling the real fans.

when they first announced DmC I defended it I was saying it could be a great game, but the more I saw I saw it was going to be an average game, it was looked okay and I played the Demo, its still average, and I would have bought it at $40 because im a fan but, Ninja Theory and Capcom are 2 crap companies that have gone off the deep end, NT acts like they make the best games when all of them have been very similar to past much better games(Heavenly Sword=God of War, Enslaved=Prince of Persia 2008,Kung Fu Chaos=Powerstone), and knowing Capcom even though they say theres no on disc content we have to wait until people hack the disc to prove that because capcom has been outragous with this lately.

Temporary1934d ago

Ill admit when the news first came, i was one of the people who were skeptical about NT taking over the game and rebooting. I quickly changed my mind when I realized they improved voice acting, story, and made the characters more believable instead of the original DMC characters who just didnt seem genuine at all because voice acting wasnt imporant at that time. Now it's one of the more vital parts of a game, so kudos to NT for bringing DMC to the Next Gen officially.

Root1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

and you've got to stop making it look like other people can't share their opinions on this game.

You don't need to bash people who don't like the game and try to silence them but most of you guys still like to do that anyway and to top it off you still have the cheek to make it look like we don't have any valid points to why we hate the game and make it look like it's because of the hair still

No one is stating anything as fact, they are opinions....old DMC fans who are ticked off with this game and NT/Capcom, played the demo and don't like it....thats all.

Seriously, if we were coming onto your comments and saying how you need to shut up for liking the game fair enough but we don't. It's a commenting website, your can't restrict people from voicing their opinions. To you it's like "Right only possitive comments can be posted here"

DMC fans who are with this game have legit reasons to hate the game, it's not like were pulling it from thin air for the hell of it.

To keep saying things like that is hurtfull, it's like people can't speak anymore on here because they are scared for their comment to be bashed down. If it was trolling or them swearing like mad fair enough but if it's not hurting you move on.


Fallout is a horrible example, Bethesda did not upset the old fans like what NT has done with old DMC fans. They also didn't keep digging themselfs into a bigger hole as the release date got closer, lets not forget that they also didn't crap all over the franchises name.

I mean what I find funny is that the ones who don't like the game, found there reasons for not liking it and are mature about it when commenting (most of us anyway) but then we have people like brich233 below with immature comments and then other people making us look stupid, not to mention those like yourself who try to silence us. If we can mostly be mature about it, why can't you guys.

EDIT: Below

Oh those death threats were probably a huge exaggeration from them so they could make ALL the ones who don't like the game look like the bad guys while also gaining the sympathy vote from people

Theres a huge difference between not having confidence and knowing how much a company dosen't give a crap about the games franchise you love while making a new installment.

Of course people don't want it to sell well...they want DMC5 and if this does well then we'll never get that. All those loose ends will be forgotten about and Capcom will never give a crap about the old franchise ever again. Why would people want a version of DMC which is a dumbed down version of it when they could have a brand new installment of the old franchise made with actual japanese developers.

MikeMyers1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Root, anyone is allowed to voice their opinion. At the same time people are allowed to disagree. What I am speaking about are those who say such dumb things as I hope DMC doesn't sell well and things of that nature.

What we are discussing now is people need to simply let it go but for some reason they want to drag their feet kicking and screaming all the way. It is what it is so why try and crap over the game now to the point of actually wanting others to agree and stay away from it?

I was involved with discussions in the past about Fallout and yes, there are hardcore Fallout gamers out there who didn't have any confidence in Bethesda taking over. The point is to not prejudge, that is all. The game will speak for itself. You're trying to combine the commentary outside of how good the game is with the backlash from fans that dated as far back as when they announced the new direction the ip was going.

I also already commented about how disgusting NT was treated in the first place so don't think for a second they are the ones who came out swinging and wanted the negative feedback in the first place. You have gone on record multiple times about how much against this game you are. We get it, so why is it you can't move on? Is there a point that hasn't been made?

"If it was trolling or them swearing like mad fair enough but if it's not hurting you move on."

I guess you missed the part of them even getting death threats. So that whole episode of them and the fans has nothing to do with me. I will let the game speak for itself. If it's bad or not that great then so be it. I'm sure you'll grin from ear to ear if it does crash. If it does well then great, another fun game to play. Life goes on. At least for some it does.

VileAndVicious1934d ago

Lol Root you act like only the people who like this game do this.

Can you honestly say you havent seen it the other way around too? The problem across the board is there is no mutual respect. Some people feel as though only their opinion matters and they bash anyone that dissagrees.

Some people even go as far to make blanketed statements like "Well if you like this game, then you arent a real fan of the series." or "If you like this game its because youve never played any of the others."

"To keep saying things like that is hurtful, it's like people can't speak anymore on here because they are scared for their comment to be bashed down."

100 percent agree with you on that, but you cant pretend that the attacks happen only one way.

WeAreLegion1934d ago

Huge DMC fan.

Huge Ninja Theory fan, too.

The demo was fantastic and they actually DO understand the series, despite what many people seem to think. I can't wait!

Root1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

"and they actually DO understand the series, despite what many people seem to think. I can't wait!" they don't

They've crapped all over the franchise and did everything in their power to tick DMC fans off.

It's nothing like DMC

EDIT: Below

"You just called someone out for trying to silence people such as yourself yet here you are contradicting yourself. "

I'm not telling him to shutup am I

For the love of god Mike give it a rest, your trying so hard to make the ones who don't like this game look like the bad guys. We get it you love the game but stop trying to dumb down other peoples comments and twist them

If I was tyring to silence him I would of told him to shut up.

He said they understand the series, I'm saying they don't....whats wrong with that.....exactly, nothing.

MikeMyers1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

That's funny Root, above you said people should be able to voice their opinions yet here you are basically smothering this person telling him/her they don't have a clue what they are talking about. You are not the authority figure so stop acting like it. You just called someone out for trying to silence people such as yourself yet here you are contradicting yourself.

This is what I mean, some people just can't say something and move on. Instead they attack others, or keep replying to anyone who thinks differently in a arrogant fashion, then act like they are the victim in the process.

This topic is about prejudging the game and that is exactly what some people have done.

MikeMyers1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Where did I say I love the game? I haven't even played it yet. That's the whole point, one you keep polluting by prejudging the final product. That's what this topic is about yet you're so determined to make sure it fails before it even gets released.

What I've noticed on forums is you will always get a very vocal group. One that wants to make sure their opinion is heard above all others. So no, this isn't about you trying to clear the air and saying to keep things fair and that all opinions are valid. You've got an agenda and are making sure you stay the course. I will never win the argument because your position is already made up. One that was likely determined long ago. I have no position because I have yet played the final product. See the difference?

What I find funny is how it just eats up some people to see positive reviews come out for the game and positive commentary about the game. This isn't about trying to blacklist anyone who thinks differently. It's about not prejudging the game and not attacking anyone who may actually end up liking it or likes what they have seen so far.

I don't look down on you or anyone else who may not like what they've seen so far, but it sure seems that you do to those that do like it or like what they've seen so far. If you don't want to support it that is your choice, and only your choice.


I understand completely. People get invested in a franchise and feel a part of it. It's only natural to feel some disappointment when things go down a different path. Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, even Mass Effect. Some people blame EA for games like Dragon Age 2 and how much it changed. I get it. What I don't get is the deep hatred and the attacks. The best way to get them to change is to vote with your dollars and move on. Getting yourself in a rut and going on and on isn't going to do anything.

The gaming space is changing. Some feel games are becoming too easy, too mainstream. That could be true. At the same time I will give a game a chance. I used to like Prince of Persia as well but couldn't get into the later ones. I moved on to other games. There's always something else to play so I don't burden myself with it. I just don't agree with those that take it too far. They attack other gamers or smother other peoples views because it differs from theirs. I have learned there are people out there with a lot of time on their hands and will go to the extremes. Life's too short to get worked up over something I didn't create. I paid my $50 or $60, so that's little investment. If the game turns sour it turns sour. There's always something else to go after instead.

wishingW3L1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

playing Dante on UMvC3 right now since that's the closest thing we'll get to a real DMC5. ;__;

PS4isKing_821934d ago

Capcom recently said they were a little disappointed that re6 didn't seek quite as well as they were hoping. This will sell ever worse. Ill take metal gear rising, lords of shadow 2, god of war ascension and bayonetta 2 over this crap.

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