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Easiest PS VITA platinums of 2012

2012 is pretty much over, and it is about the right time to take a glance the easiest platinum trophies of the year. Are you ready for some hunt? (PS Vita)

remanutd55  +   602d ago
i still need the friendly competition trophy on playstation all stars battle royale to get my platinum :( , anyone else need that trophy?
Godchild1020  +   602d ago
Send me a PM, I will help you get it. I would add Unit 13 and Asphalt injection. Unit 13 is a fairly easy, just time consuming and if you can find someone to get "near" you the HVTs, it makes doing the 36 solo missions a cake walk. Asphalt again, is another time consuming platinum and finding a dedicated partner for those online trophies.
remanutd55  +   602d ago
thanks a lot, PM sent
Knushwood Butt  +   602d ago
You're lucky if you can use Near to get the HVTs.

There's nobody 'near' me playing the game, and therefore grinding to get 5 stars in all 36 missions to unlock the last HVT is far from easy.
Godchild1020  +   602d ago
@Knushwood Butt,

I got them, if you want me to 'Near' them to you, I will. My first Platinum for the New Year.
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guitarded77  +   602d ago
I'm down too... guitarded77.

Thing about PSASBR is you can get double platinum between the PS3 and Vita version. Guess I better get to grinding.
just_sayin  +   602d ago
gravity rush should be on the list.
guitarded77  +   602d ago
I don't know... mastering all the challenges can be a pain in the ass.
just_sayin  +   602d ago
Well I can see that I did the challenges after I was almost max out. The ones that I had problems with were the time races and the green nevi.
Zechs34  +   602d ago
Persona 4.

Its so easy I chose not to even go for it.
xursz  +   602d ago
you have to be f***ing kidding. 100 hours of my life out the window with this one.
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Zechs34  +   602d ago
Lol. I was kidding. Clearly.

I am very disappointed I have not had a chance to even touch the game yet!

rpd123  +   602d ago
Dude I was so surprised at how easy it was for Resistance.
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MizTv  +   602d ago
Resistance is so damn easy to get
SirRidge  +   602d ago
No mention of Sound Shapes?

This game took 10-15 hours at the most, was super fun and is actually two platinums.
BlaqMagiq24  +   602d ago
The thing is though is that it's not easy to platinum. The Death Mode challenges actually kinda depended on luck. I eventually got the plat and loved the challenges but it seemed unfair at times.
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SandWitch  +   602d ago
Sound Shapes is pretty quick, but Death Mode levels can be frustrating
nikrel  +   602d ago
I picked up the PvZ Vita Plat, took awhile.
claterz  +   602d ago
Motorstorm RC should be on there somewhere, it's the easiest platinum ever! Plus the game is really fun and it's only like £5 And you even get two platinum trophies if you have the PS3 version (which is free).
tarbis  +   602d ago
Gravity Daze is easy to plat. You just need patience and strategy for the challenges.
cpayne93  +   602d ago
If you need patience and strategy then it isn't easy. Great game though. I only go after trophies in games I love anyway.
boybato  +   602d ago
Virtue's Last Reward is easy to Plat specially if you do not mind using guides.
BlaqMagiq24  +   602d ago
Gravity Rush plat was my favorite one to get. Not easy but not hard either.
USMC_POLICE  +   602d ago
Resistance took me one day with the flu it came in the mail arround five I had it by 9 or 10. Online was neat I played a few rounds. Better than blops declassified!

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