Halo 4: The Multi-Kill, Tips on how to get higher mutli-kills & more top plays

Probably the biggest reason that keeps Halo players coming back for more every day is the multi-kills. In case you weren't aware, in Halo, between each kill you have 4.5 seconds to chain them together in a multi-kill. So after killing the first, you'll have 4.5 seconds to finish off the next guy for a Double Kill. I believe it's one of the key things that makes Halo so addicting.

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aviator1891966d ago

Some pretty helpful tips in there, I'll definitely keep track of this.

rogimusprime1966d ago

Dude in the second clip is no joke. He Rapin' Errbody.

RamsesNum11966d ago

Yeah ansane man, I dont know how I'm ever going to get that good. Tiiiiiime!

Belking1966d ago

Loving this game. Can't wait for the download content to hit.

Allsystemgamer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Crimson map pack just came out with 3 new maps and one being a halo 2 remake!!

Balcrist1966d ago

except that the crimson map pack maps suck and everybody and their mother plays nothing but Ragnacock and if ever they get into a big team match that isn't Ragnacock they quit out because they want Ragnacock.... Don't get me wrong, i like the map, but i like variation too.... what they need to do is bring back the favorites, i'm talking High Ground, Zanzibar, Rat Trap, Guardian, Lock Out. just touch em' up to halo 4's graphical standards and ship them out.... really... Also Sidewinder.

RamsesNum11966d ago

yeah, but i mean i wish we got some small maps. I mean coe on! waiting for more : )

BX811966d ago

Excellent game! LMAO at the last video.... 343 can you patch that gun already!

optimus1966d ago

The guy in those clips has to be ranked very high with excellent perks as i noticed most of his shots from a distance were one shot kills where for me it would take several shots from that distance using the same gun...

Also, i didn't know you can kill somebody without lining them up in your reticle... He was hitting people while the reticle was a few inches above or to the side. Which could explain why i die so many times.

Mainsqueeze1966d ago

no perks in the game increase the damage or range of your guns.

Balcrist1966d ago

Yep! however one of those guys had a little something called damage boost power up... that's what this kid is probably talking about...

RamsesNum11966d ago

Yeah power ups or abilities, damage boost is beast. Gotten a couple of overkills using this : )

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