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This Barbarian Game Was Supposed To Be Xbox 360′s God Of War Rival

God of War is a PlayStation exclusive franchise and Pi Studios wanted to make a rival franchise for Xbox 360. (Pi Studios, Xbox 360)

Ezz2013  +   852d ago
why they didn't go to Sony or nintendo then when MS didn't want it ??!!
NukaCola  +   852d ago
Should do a kickstarter or go find a supportive publisher. It's not normal for MS to give a chance to any game they don't think will sell millions.
Do you think MS would spend million make a new AAA games? lol

How can this rival god of war when it's only an xbla game.. It was supposed to be f2p.

Hope the devs are a success though.
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darthv72  +   852d ago
Dante inferno
is as good a rival to god of War as it relates to the 360. The game played very similar and i really enjoyed the different levels of hell.

I was looking forward to a continuation of Dante through Purgatory and possible a finale of Paradise.

if not full stand alone games then some really nice DLC to add to the existing game.
Sarcasm  +   852d ago
Nah they didn't make it because of those amateur-level concept arts. Now I'm not saying I can do any better, but compared to some other games that aren't even big budgets, those drawings look like kids work.
darthv72  +   852d ago
judging by disagrees
many have not tried Dante inferno. Its not a half bad game. It is available on ps3 and 360.
dantesparda  +   852d ago
Dantes Inferno, while not a bad game, is not in the same league as God of War 3. The graphics in God of War 3 are way better than Dantes Inferno and the gameplay is also much better on God of War
darthv72  +   852d ago
I was actually generalizing dante inferno as being similar to god of war.

i mean if there was a hack slash game to want to aspire to be like it would naturally by the gow series.

On the ps3 it wasnt given much credit because of GoW. To 360 only owners, its a nice alternative but you are right. it isnt gow but it can still be enjoyed.
NukaCola  +   852d ago
If you don't have a PS3 and want a something both similar and still amazing as all hell, get Castlevania Lords of Shadow. It has a lot of the GOW feel, but the game is gorgeous and twice as long as GOW in it's campaign, with replayablity to explore each chapter to find all the treasures. It has huge epic bosses, great QTE moments.

If you get a PS3, play GOW 3. You will truly and most literally sh*t bricks. Some of the most insane and jaw dropping fights you'll ever find in a game. Opening 20 mins is still the most epic stuff I have ever played in any game ever.
kikizoo  +   852d ago
"Dante inferno is as good a rival to god of War"

it's just a cheap copycap..god of war light sort of (but gow3 can't be made on 360 without loosing something)

streetofragefanhater said :
"sony tried with killzone and fail miserably"

yeah sure, but only in your delusional/denial land of fantards only.
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InTheLab  +   852d ago

The game was crap on either system dude. It's not that PS3 gamers felt threatened by it or any of that foolishness that you appear to be implying. The game was just terrible. It's like calling Quantum Theory a suitable rival to Gears of War.

A better choice for gamers that can't play GoW due to it's exclusivity would be Castlevania. It's still not on par with GoW but what is? What it is is a decent enough game that didn't forget to include a 3rd act like Dante's Inferno. Seriously, the last few levels of Hell were pointless. Hell, one of those levels of Hell was just a f***ing challenge room. Something you'd see listed on the main menu after New Game and Load Game.

Dante's Inferno was awful and not what you'd expect from the people that gave us Deadspace.
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darthv72  +   852d ago
Sorry, i havent played the Castelvania game. so therefore i could not suggest it. I will have to check it out as i do enjoy the hack/slash games.

Im an old school castlevania fan and just hadnt gotten around to playing this new one but if its as cool as you suggest then im sure i will enjoy it.

Oh and there was no implications that DI was a threat to GoW. Far from it. Sometimes there are games that arent half bad when it comes to the model they are following.

I can see if you didnt like it but I did. To each their own but yeah...now i need to check out Lord of shadows.

Thanks for that.
SilentNegotiator  +   852d ago

Actually, judging by the disagrees, people have some taste. Dante's Inferno was terrible compared to GoW.
Kurt Russell  +   852d ago
Dantes Inferno wasn't terrible. It wasn't in the same league as GoW but it did have a really nice combat system. It's biggest let down was that it felt you were just going room to room, clearing them as you went.
indubitably  +   852d ago
The hack and slash genre has left gameplay behind almost completely at this point in place of presentation (God of War, Dante's Inferno). The only franchise that prevents me from dismissing it as a true gaming genre is Devil May Cry
jetlian  +   852d ago
dante has better combat and story but GOW has better set pieces and higher production values. Gow combat needs to be upgraded. None of the other weapons are worth playing.

The cross played way different than the sword in dantes inferno.I actually spent time deciding how to play. Gow still to much tri, tri, circle.

Ninja gaiden still top of the H/S with bayo second And GOW third. Played DMC collection and it didnt stand time very well.
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Irishguy95  +   852d ago
As if Nintendo would want such a game on the Wii/

And Sony had God of war.

They should try it again anyway with other publishers I agree with NukaCola
Edit---I disagree, the concept art looks pretty cool to me
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zebramocha  +   852d ago
@Irish they have heavenly sword.
Honest_gamer  +   852d ago
i guess it was a fan boy developer
kevnb  +   852d ago
they brought it to a bunch of publishers, but nobody wanted it. The art work looks kinda crappy, and it never made it past concept... Did any of you click the link? Im sure if thq said to make it multiplatform and we have a deal, they would of went with it. And sony, microsoft or nintendo wouldnt publish this...
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hellvaguy  +   852d ago
Why would MS want a God of War clone, when Darksiders and The Witcher already fill that role equally, if not better?
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blue_flowers  +   852d ago
this looks like the worst concept art ever lol.
Blackdeath_663  +   852d ago
agreed, the concept art didn't do them any favours. still think it could have been a good game though can't think of many hack n slash games
BlackWolf  +   851d ago
That's true. they need someone who can draw without proportion flaws.
onyoursistersback  +   851d ago
Your comment and the your avatar photo made me lol!!
sashimi   852d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
user947031  +   852d ago
Santa Monica should make a X-box game, a piece of the pie would go to Sony and X-box gets a cool exclusive a win win.
redDevil87  +   852d ago
user947031  +   852d ago
I'm just trying to make Sony and Microsoft share a lesbian kiss.
r21  +   852d ago
Um are you talking bout Sony Santa Monica? They are literally a Sony only studio so highly doubtful they're ever gonna make an Xbox exclusive. I get that you're probably making a joke, Im just clarifying some info.
KwietStorm  +   852d ago
Thanks Captain Ob.
nunley33  +   852d ago
That would only be a win for MS. A fair trade could be made like Halo coming over but i wouldn't want the deal. Dante's Inferno is on 360 if you want something like that. Forza would get ignored on playstation so don't send that.
DOMination-  +   852d ago
Unless its horizon which is genuinely a great and fresh game
nunley33  +   852d ago
Idk DOM i would check it out but that game seems to be a forza game in name only. It would be going after the need for speed crowd instead of the GT and presumably Forza crowd. It could be good but better left on the 360. I would want alan wake and i think it would've sold better on the PS3, either as a exclusive or as a 3rd party multi-plat.
Hicken  +   852d ago
Looks like it could have been interesting.
sandman224  +   852d ago
It's a good thing it wasn't. I'd say it would be pretty tough to compete with god of war. I just don't see the 360 making a graphical impression that would even compete with god of war on the ps3.
Ulf  +   852d ago
There have been SO many God of War ripoffs, and NOT ONE of them has been even close. It has nothing to do with it's being a PS exclusive series, either -- its a great game, because it has great combat, coupled with great storytelling and camera work.
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Tontus  +   852d ago
God of War will always be the best the genre has to offer as it does everything flawlessly, only Sony Santa Monica can top themselves.

Also God of War and Sony Santa Monica deserve every fan of the genres respect because without them the genre would be dead now. God of War inspired many developers and they saw that hack 'n slash games could be huge success' so that gave devs confidence to make their own.
nevin1  +   852d ago
What game was similiar to God Of War?

DarkSiders is the only one that come to mine.
Crystallis  +   852d ago
Dante's inferno is another one.
Darrius Cole  +   852d ago
And Dante's Inferno.
masa2009  +   852d ago
There are waaaay more than that...
Heavenly Sword, Bloodforge, Garsharp, Castlevania LoS, a number of movie tie-ins like Thor or Green Lantern, and that Conan game by the Vita's best friends Nihilistic.

And that's not even counting a ton of other games that didn't necessarily use the same presentation or camera, but definitely lifted the casual-friendly light attack/strong attack combat of GoW, like Force Unleashed, etc...
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nunley33  +   852d ago
Darksiders was a mature zelda clone but a very good one. It has much more to with Zelda than Gow, which that thinking comes from the protagonist being eternally angry.
3-4-5  +   852d ago
so they are confused as to why trying to Copy another Game didn't work ?

Here is a hint. Create your own ideas. Nobody wants to play a watered down version of their favorite game.
Tei777  +   852d ago
The concept art wasn't enticing at all. I'm not surprised this got turned down.
Nexgensensation  +   852d ago
M$ does not need another mediocore franchise
M$ needs versitility! it needs something that can stand the test of time! If I was M$ I wouldn't buy this game either.
Belking  +   852d ago
They have plenty versatility already. The concept was obviously lacking something since numerous publishers turned it down. It being similar to god of war is a good enough reason alone to pass on it. if you are going to invest millions into a game it should be a sure thing.
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Nexgensensation  +   852d ago
it needs to be a high calibur game like MGS to zelda, and also halo.
Tontus  +   852d ago
What being similar to a critically acclaimed, beloved and bestselling franchise is a good reason to pass on it? Are you stupid boy?

Nothing is a sure thing, if a game is quality and has a decent marketing campaign it will sell.
masa2009  +   852d ago
Who needs a God of War clone when God of War has been cloning itself for 5 games now?
Riderz1337  +   852d ago
Have you even seen the progression the series has made? Improved visuals, improved boss fights, improved combat, and now even the addition of multiplayer. Also since you claim that the series has been cloning itself for 5 games, one would assume the reviews have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY lower because of this, correct?

GoW (2005) - 94 Metacritic
GoW II (2007) - 93 Metacritic
GoW III (2010) - 92 Metacritic

And now the PSP games which have been made by Ready at Dawn

GoW Chains of Olympus (2008) - 91 Metacritic
GoW Ghost of Sparta (2010) - 86 Metacritic

I fail to see the significant decrease in quality. Good day sir.
Skips  +   852d ago

Hell, even Gamestop and Amazon (Two of the largest retailers for Games) have God of War at

GOW1 = 9.8/10
GOW2 = 9.5/10
GOW3 = 9.4/10

GOW1 = 4.6/5
GOW2 = 4.6/5
GOW3 = 4.5/5

Seems to me that people are loving what they're buying!
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xursz  +   852d ago
I wouldn't even bother. Xbox fanboy is mad trolling. But i bet he thinks Gears of War has improved greatly after 2.
Sp1d3ynut  +   852d ago
You goofballs only served to support masa2009's comment; all of those scores got LOWER with every iteration. Great job...
josephayal  +   852d ago
There will never be a ''God of WAR game'' for Xbox 360, Wii u etc etc...Never
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Riderz1337  +   852d ago
Of course not, the developer who makes God of War is SSM as in SONY Santa Monica.
Cam977  +   852d ago
Exactly, why bother when the 12-year-old players only like COD?
Sp1d3ynut  +   852d ago
COD on PS3 outsells all but a couple of PS3 exclusives EVERY TIME. GOW3 wasn't even CLOSE to any of the COD games in sales. Now what was your point again?
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GraveLord  +   852d ago
Microsoft is too focused on Kinect to even consider it. Would have been great if Sony or Nintendo picked it up and it turned out to be a massive success.
Sp1d3ynut  +   852d ago
I guess you missed the part where this game was in conception and passed on by EVERYONE, looooong before Kinect.
jakmckratos  +   852d ago
Sad to think of all the promising games that never saw the light of day while we get shits and rednundant sequels shoved down our throat
Yodagamer  +   852d ago
Nintendo could pick it up, but then again they might not want to fund a title that would compete with bayonetta 2 another game they are funding.
urwifeminder  +   852d ago
Good work ms dont give us that crap.
BitbyDeath  +   852d ago
No guns no buy?
StreetsofRage  +   852d ago
You want to beat God of War? Buy the Asura's Wrath franchise. Make it exclusive for the next xbox. And add some more gameplay with a few tweaks and you got the most awesome game ever!

Okay maybe that's just me.

Trying to rival God of War is like trying to rival Halo. It's not going to work. Sony tried with Haze, Resistance, and Killzone and failed miserably. God of War is the best of the best. Especially since Ninja Gaiden lost its way. The first Bayonetta definitely stepped it up. We'll see what it can do for the sequel.
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Ezz2013  +   852d ago
Resistance, and Killzone are a fail ?!!

Resistance 2 87$ metascore
halo 4 87% metascore

halo reach 91% metascore
killzone 2 91% metascore

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RuleofOne343  +   852d ago
Think he meant sale's wise .

@InTheLab Ninja Blades is an Xbox game developed & published by From Software
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Skips  +   851d ago
Define "failed miserably".

Extremely positive to critical acclaim and sales ranging from 2-4 million is NOT "failed miserably".

Going by your logic (Sales mean everything and if it doesn't sell well it "failed miserably")

I guess the Forza series "failed miserably" right? lol
Mister_G  +   852d ago
Forget God of war, it reminded me more of Dark Souls (from what I saw of it, didn't watch it all).
DivineAssault  +   852d ago
go to sony & do it.. I wouldnt mind a GOW clone
InTheLab  +   852d ago
I thought they tried with that NInja Blades game a while back that nobody wanted...
Npugz7  +   852d ago
It was probably crap!!!
edonus  +   852d ago
Trying to make a rival franchise against a genre defining game is 98% a losing battle. God of War has been tempered and refined for years. So any game coming out of the gate for the first time would have almost no chance to create what GoW captured out the gate.
That why no one is going to make a Halo killer or a Mario murderer or a Zelda zapper or a Gears of War grinder or a Metal Gear gouger or an Uncharted unraveler.

You should never pitch games against each other you should make them the best experience that you can create once you use another game as a platform you have to deal first at leats get to the level of that game which if it is a good one will be hard enough then you have to surpass it to justify why someone doent just go with the game they you are competing with. It would be a waste of money.
SicilianGunner  +   852d ago
God of war series sucked imo wasnt into it..... i thought god of war 3 was cheesy as hell
Tontus  +   852d ago
You're just an insignificant minority of haters. The series is consistently critically acclaimed, bestselling and beloved by millions of fans. In fact the God of War fan page on Facebook has passed 4 million fans today, not a lot of franchises have as many or more fans than that, it has more than LittleBigPlanet/ Gran Turismo and Uncharted combined.

And even if you don't like it you can't say it 'sucked' because obviously it doesn't, it's just not your thing, you suck though.
Belking  +   852d ago
I loved the 3rd one. Don't know if I will get GOWA though. I'm getting kinda tired of the series tbh.
palaeomerus  +   852d ago
Why does 360 supposedly need their own God of War? There are already plenty of 3rd party games like that. The original Xbox had them too. Remember Otogi?
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