Google's Make Me Asian app enrages Asian-American groups

A number of smartphone apps in Google's Play Store marketplace are facing boycotts from Asian-American groups angered by perceived racial stereotyping, reports the Chinese state-run tabloid Global Times.

The Make me Asian app allows users to add kitschy effects to their own photos transforming them into the supposed likeness of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other nationalities by employing adornments and effects such as a Fu Manchu mustache, coolie hat, slanted eyes and yellow skin, offending many as tasteless and racists stereotypes.

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dirthurts1997d ago

I wonder if I would be enraged if they made a "Make me American" app.
Nah, I don't think I'm that overly sensitive.
It does seem a bit racist though...which I can't support.
Distasteful, but I don't see any reason to get angry.

MidnytRain1997d ago

I had to laugh when I read the headline. XD