GTA 5: Saturn Rockstar Action lists for March 2013 - pre-order box available with Poster

A big German retailer confirmed a March release for GTA 5.

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core_51997d ago

Confirmed and Rumor Categorie? That doesn´t match!

SolidStoner1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

This site should sort the news! Not Users! False Release date Confirmed again..

scotchmouth1996d ago

The guy who typed the headline while filing this under rumor is an idiot. That much is confirmed

Razmossis1996d ago

Retailers DO NOT confirm/decide release dates. Retailers DO what they are told. Publishers are the ones who decide and confirm release dates. Until R* or Take Two tell us... disregard it.

N4G would be a lot tidier

MikeMyers1996d ago

From the article:
"Whether GTA 5 actually appears in March remains to be seen. Rockstar Games has not yet reached a decision on the release date."

So much for being confirmed.

Rumor1996d ago

Well whenever it is it needs to come fast. I was just playing IV online last night until 2am with two of my friends. We were getting hyped and just naming off the new features well be able to do in V's multilayer! (underwater exploration, riding around with our dogs, crashing jets into other player's cars, parachuting, tractor races/drivebys in the farmlands all this on the largest gta map... God I can't even compose myself typing this comment!

knowyourstuff1996d ago

In case anyone doesn't know anything about game development, it takes 3 months to manufacture a game of this magnitude. That means the game would be just about complete this month, in which case we would have at least seen or heard something about it. Most analysts are speculating April or later anyway, but really with so many great games coming out February and March, who cares?

Dee_911996d ago

knew that was too good to be true

1996d ago
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BlmThug1997d ago

It is not confirmed! I hate when sites and/or user create false headlines for hits and N4G admins barely regulate the quality of the news being posted

roadkillers1996d ago

Well it needs 10 votes before going to the front page. While those votes are being given any user can report it, which shows up underneath the picture.

scotchmouth1996d ago

This article got the following votes

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IAmLee1996d ago

I was about to point that out :')

IAmLee1996d ago

May as well rename the article GTA 5 will definitely maybe be released next year...

360ICE1996d ago

In hidden halls and behind closed doors men speak of confirmation. Or at least so the rumors have told.

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Godchild10201997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

If the 15th is a real date, that would make it the 12th in North America and that would kinda overshadow God Of war and maybe Gears of War.

While I really want this game, I can't see it releasing in the same month another Take Two game is releasing, even if it is 2 weeks before. Then again Take Two's quarterly/annual earnings report is at the end of March, so I guess it could happen.

Edit @Sandmano: I would still get GOW as well and if it is true, it would save me a trip. One hell of a Midnight release.

Sandmano1997d ago

I will get GOW regardless of GTA overshadowing it but I really hope this release date is true, I need my GTA fix its been long overdue.

If not March I believe April 20-30 at the latest

Lordchunk1997d ago

Do take into account Microsoft delayed gears 3 until September they will likely do the same and i don't know about GOWA hopefully sony does the same.

m231996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Microsoft won't delay Gears this time. First of all its a side project, not a main Gears game, so I don't think they are depending on it too much to sell. Gears 3 was delayed to make time for a beta, and also because they didn't have much to launch that fall. This time it may be different.

If the rumours are true which seems very likely, the next xbox will be launching at the end of next year. No way would they launch a current gen game at that time.

DigitalRaptor1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I don't believe it.

#1 Retailers are often wrong and use placeholder release dates ALL THE TIME.

#2 Take-Two's other huge published title, BioShock Infinite is releasing in March, alongside other fairly massive games like God of War Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement and Tomb Raider.

#3 April is a scarce month for big games. Rockstar/T2 are smarter than this.

TristanV11996d ago

God of War will steal GTA's thunder if it comes out in march

DigitalRaptor1995d ago

Not steal. Share the spotlight, is how I'd better describe it. God of War is massive but it's not big enough to dethrone GTA/Rockstar hype.

PS4isKing_821997d ago

Nothing is confirmed until rockstar says it is.
Or any studio for that matter.

jimbobwahey1997d ago

Exactly. Retailers are never an accurate source for release dates and are frequently wrong, yet people never learn.

Well they do learn, but they still run with retailer release dates anyways because it's cheap and easy hits for their websites I guess, journalistic integrity be damned.

redDevil871997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Wait for Rockstar to say something.

If this happens i expect to see a couple of games getting moved to April.

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