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Top Ten Halo 3 Plays By ESPN.

Major League Gaming's recent partnership with ESPN is inarguably bearing some pretty tasty fruit for Halo fans and gamers alike. This week marked the debut of their Top Ten Halo 3 plays feature on ESPN. The plays, all taken from Saved Films (and the entire top 10 is available at MLG Video's Fileshare, and the top five plays are in this week's Bungie Favorites) include a variety of Sniper related high jinks and some pretty incredible displays of map control.

While we're obviously extra excited by the prospect of seeing Halo 3 on ESPN, it is also pretty badical to see video games continuing to creep into other mainstream avenues – in this case, the realm of sport. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

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FirstknighT  +   2650d ago
Exciting times for competitive gamers. ESPN and MLG are bringing Halo 3 into the mainstream and will eventually show tournament gameplay. No other FPS brings the intense competition like Halo 3. These videos speak for themselves. Team Final Boss were one of the first teams to sign a MILLION dollar contract and more is sure to come. No other FPS can say that.

I need to start to upload some of my clips. I have a few tasty killtacs.

Karma's (#3) no scope off lift is SICK!
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tatotiburon  +   2650d ago
great news my friend
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EZCheez  +   2650d ago
Call me crazy but
ESPN is the last place I want to see any video game news. Leave sports where sports belongs and video games where they belong.

I would love for there to be a primetime video game show that was available to the masses to see, but not on ESPN. In fact, I think I would actually be satisfied with any channel other than ESPN.

Of course, they could always air this on the Ocho!
FirstknighT  +   2650d ago
"Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively."

Your missing the big picture here. Halo 3 is more than just a simple video game. This isn't Donkey Kong or Mario. It has the competition and high skill level of a real sport. Not many video games out there has the teamwork and skill level of these Halo 3 players. Halo pro players have been signing big contracts to play for MLG just like the professional sport athletes for years now.
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EZCheez  +   2650d ago
No, I'm not missing the big picture
Sport (straight from Merriam Webster)-physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2): a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in

The key word there is "physical."

I'm not trying to take anything away from MLG because I think it's great and anything that gets games out to more people is great, but if you are going to try and argue that playing video games is a sport, then you are misinformed.

If you were to use that example you gave as a definition of the word sport, then you could say some of the exact same things for Chess, Scrabble (which sadly I have seen on ESPN) and other board games.
Nostradamus  +   2650d ago
They show poker on ESPN
I would rather watch Halo than Poker anyday.

Besides, if it gets more people into gaming, then its good.
tatotiburon  +   2650d ago
nostradamus you're so right, we can see in ESPN poker, pool, even domino...but hey is Halo and is a xbox 360 game, a lot of hating we are going to see in this post
Imallvol7  +   2649d ago
keep videogaming out of my espn.
Omegasyde  +   2649d ago
VIDEOGAMES are not sports and never will be.

What constitutes a sport is physical competition and athletics.

Using both of my thumbs to play videogames, don't count.

This is why obesity is taking over the world, when people decide that digital entertainment are athletics. I get sickened by the drama of that stupid madden mtv show.

myxomatosis  +   2649d ago
poker is FINE on ESPN, becuse it takes balls to risk the amount of money that they are betting. This wont bring more people to gaming, think about it, some one is waiting for their favourite hockey team highlights and they have to sit through abunch of clips from a video game which feels like a giant add.

Its really silly, especially with the commentary.
Sayai jin  +   2650d ago
Wow, Halo 3 on ESPN.
BLUR111  +   2649d ago
next-gen gaming is getting bigger and bigger , but yea that was some crazy halo action. its amazing
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Delt4  +   2650d ago
thats cool! But I heard that on demand was going to start a gaming system through the set-top box's in peoples homes and will add a whole gaming section for all events like gdc, e3, and MLG tourneys. Thats going to be awsome! but this will all be in good time.
Delt4  +   2649d ago
it is a proven fact, for what ever person felt they needed to disagree. gaming is going to on demand. At least in the western region.(thats where i work) its not speculation or a lie. They are trying to program it right now. But it still wont be a while becuase testing takes time. After the ADS switch in feb 09 for all cable in the US im sure, becuase of how much space it will clear up in the headend's around america.
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bozobucketeer  +   2650d ago
They need to give that announcer an award for making that sound way more interesting than it really was.
jiinn  +   2649d ago
That's sweet. Looks like the stopping power in the sniper rifle is what takes you to the top of gaming.

For those who've never played Halo, i suggest you do ASAP.

Awesome video.
IzKyD1331  +   2649d ago
lmao, i thought the same thing, the entire time i was thinking "dude, its just a couple of headshots, just shut up"
it almost like he thought he was commentating a REAL sport
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Legion  +   2649d ago
Those announcers have a lot of practice. They do make the most mediocure of sporting events (even though I enjoy watching some of em...) look exciting. Take the following, A guy putting a puck into a net after it seems like hours of skating around in circles. A guy putting a soccer ball into a net after running track for an hour,,,yawn., A car going around in circles making left turns look dramatic??

This beats out a LOT of sports today that just scream HoHUM!!!
TwissT  +   2650d ago
Woah its amazing how all these kills can happen in Halo 3.
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Imallvol7  +   2649d ago
I would be so angry if I saw videogame stuff on ESPN. It is for my SPORTS. Videogaming IS NOT A SPORT. And if you think it is, I feel sorry for you.
Imallvol7  +   2649d ago
after watching that it makes me even more angry. makes me embarrassed to be a videogamer.
sleepbox  +   2649d ago
talk all the trash you want but Halo 3 is the most competitive console game, PERIOD. Nothing on PS3 comes close.
Omegasyde  +   2649d ago
Cod4>Halo 3.

Even on the 360 people play more cod4. Your statement is a little late.
Legion  +   2649d ago
Even though I play more COD4 online then Halo3 these days. I see WAY more people logged in on Halo3 then COD4 when online!!! Not even close. Hundreds of thousands on Halo3 every day. COD4 a lot... but not near Halo 3.
IzKyD1331  +   2649d ago
i'd like to see top ten call of duty 4 moments
Legion  +   2649d ago
It would take a lot of work. COD4 doesn't have the awsome game replay save system that H3 has.
Dashmoney101  +   2649d ago
problem is .......
no film saves on there like halo[unfortunatyly].... that is the one thing that it has over all these other good FPSs
tatotiburon  +   2649d ago
ok sony trolls all the hating please right here ------------------->
c'mon move on...c'mon guys
Engineer  +   2649d ago
You know, I think that's a teensy bit hypocritical. Most people in here aren't bashing your beloved Halo, they're talking about how ANY videogames shouldn't be portrayed on ESPN.

I believe you should go right ahead and follow that pretty arrow you made.


I'm not sure this really qualifies on my to watch list, but hey, if it's getting an audience then who am I to judge. Is a little weird though, I mean they have somewhere way above 100 matches a day to get highlights... I'd expect at least what they have shown here, actually I'd expect more. I'll never be as impressed by "Karma the Red Masterchief gamer" as I will be by Crosby or Ovechkin.
EZCheez  +   2649d ago
Honestly man
If it were a PS3 game I'd feel the same way. I don't want to see any Warhawk on ESPN either. It's ESPN, and even though there is other crap on there that isn't even close to sports, it doesn't mean we should add more that doesn't belong.

Two wrongs don't make a right, and by that I mean even though they do show poker, scrabble, and other stuff doesn't mean we should choke one of the best channels on tv with things that are not about sports.

It's like showing all of these 2.0 shows on G4. They have nothing do with video games, and that's why a lot of people including myself hate G4.

Besides, I'll probably be playing Halo 3 tonight, so please don't act as if i'm passing judgment on the game alone. I hate the entire concept.
GETPWNED  +   2649d ago
I'm speechless. Just WOW! Halo is SOOOO good. You've got to be some new kind of sony fanboy to talk sh1t on something this awesome.

I wish I could find where to download these clips to my Halo replay list. DAMN.
Martini  +   2649d ago
These gamers have some seriously fast reflexes and mad skills. After watching this clip I ask - who needs keyboard and mouse ??
kewlkat007  +   2649d ago
Besides commenting on whether Halo
should be on ESPN, well quite frankly I don't give a damn. Football season is over, I hardly watch ESPN currently.

This is more entertaining than POKER/BOWLING that's all I know.

On Halo Gamers, the reflexes are ridiculous...wish I was that good but Halo is not all I play.

Plus any Video Game that makes it on Primetime is marketing the Industry in a good way, so who cares.

Just like PC gaming and especially in in Korea and how serious they take it, Video Console gaming and Online play should get its due as well.
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jinn  +   2649d ago
ESPN and MLG is what its all about
FirstknighT  +   2649d ago
"Sport (straight from Merriam Webster)-physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2): a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in

The key word there is "physical."

So wouldn't using the controller be called "physical?" Or do you need something like running to be called a sport. If that's the case than golf isn't a sport either. ESPN is filled with "non-physical" sports like poker and pool. They even show the spelling bee. Their are many definitions of the word sport for example..."the occupation of athletes who compete for pay" I personally say anything that takes a high level of skill to master is capable of being a sport. Kinda like the Xgames. Is skateboarding a sport? As long as their is a high level of skill to master and a competition to show it.....than it is.
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EZCheez  +   2649d ago
Well by that argument
We can consider those spelling bee competitions sports too because those little kids have to move their mouths to spell out words. Scrabble players are playing "sports" because they use their hands to lay down tiles. Do you honestly believe that?

And I never said everything on ESPN right now is all sports. I know they show other crap. That doesn't make it any better though, and I would rather not add to it.

Physical (straight from Merriam Webster) c: characterized by especially rugged and forceful physical activity : rough <a physical hockey game> <a physical player>

I won't argue anymore because your pulling me into that gray area about golf, and this could go on forever. In my honest opinion though, being a great gamer and competing requires a lot of skill, but I will never consider it a sport.

Don't take it so badly though. I would love to watch it anywhere else. Just not on ESPN. I've got too much college basketball to keep up with right now.
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toughNAME  +   2649d ago
I fukcin hate when I get no-scoped
FirstknighT  +   2649d ago
So be honest...
Any Halo 3 players have any crazy saved plays like these??? I have a few sexy killtacs that can probably maaaaaaybe be in that top 10. I play with Karma and a few other pros and those guys are for real.
Covenant  +   2649d ago
I suddenly feel...inadequate.

WOW. Just...wow.
Daxx  +   2649d ago
Christ F*cket or Christ Bucket? Kind of hard to hear. ^_^
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Spinitus  +   2649d ago
halogod is beast.
ambientFLIER  +   2649d ago
"One man wrecking crew"

"No shield, no problem"

"Shot through the crack, takes out his cankles"


That no-scope headshot from 100 feet away going up an air lift was insane.
FirstknighT  +   2649d ago
Some people are commenting about COD4. COD4 isn't as competitive as Halo 3. Their is no debating over that. Getting kills in COD4 is way to easy. The average gamer can easily rack up 30+ kills in COD4 but would have a hard time getting 15+ kills in Halo 3. In most cases, a good game of team slayer in Halo 3 would hit around 12 kills. While a bad game would be around 8 kills and maybe 12 deaths. Halo 3 is just too competitive for the average gamer. I can see why some people prefer to play COD4.

Your not going to find any amazing kills in COD4 like these saved clips. And your not going to hear about COD4 teams or players getting signed to million dollar contracts like Halo 3. Halo 3 is gaming competition at its finest.

No other FPS comes close.
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ambientFLIER  +   2649d ago
That's true. All you need for a massive kill streak in COD is 5 kills in a row without dying. Then, if you're not an idiot, the next two kills are guaranteed from an air strike, and then the chopper comes in and tears everybody up. And all you have to do is hide. I think the chopper needs to be called in at 10 kills, not 7.
ben806  +   2649d ago
if anybody is confused about what a sport is, Darts is a sport....
so in my opinion anything can be including halo
darts and poker have about as much physical activity as video games.
Extra Guy  +   2648d ago
That commentator drove me crazy, the kills weren't all that amazing either (okay some were but that's beside the point). The problems with lists like this is that people get missed out if they haven't made a name for themselves or advertise. Also since they were only snippets most of these could just have been lucky moments. I'm not disputing whether they are skilled, just that i've had a few of these moments and i'm not exactly amazing. It's consistency which wins the match.

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