GDC 08: Final Fantasy XIII Crystal Tools Images has managed to take photos of Square-Enix's presentation yesterday and they show Final Fantasy XIII enemy models including a solider and the creature Lightning fights in the CLOUD trailer. One of the photos also shows how Square-Enix uses the Crystal Tools to render cutscenes. The Crystal Tools logo was also revealed.

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Darkiewonder3944d ago

The gui looks delicious. and they said target platforms. Wii is classified as etc. XD

niall773944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

And I think some of you in internet land do aswell


for those of you that think another platform can handle the same white engine visuals of ff13 an versus in realtime, other than ps3, and you have seen the realtime footage, the white engine original used to do ff13 and versus for ps3 does cgi in realtime, so the entire thing was ingame stupid.

Bombomb3944d ago

in every thread relating to this news


Sevir043944d ago

Some peaole are like a broken record it's best to just look at them and keep moving while shaking your head.

vloeistof3944d ago

wow that looks good.

oftopic:i picked up ps magazine and have now a realy cool resistance 2 poster lol i am so happy now

Tariu-kun3944d ago

As far as I'm concerned no one really derives any satisfaction from this xD
It just looks like any old model viewer really, (With a massive library)
But it's all good, still can't wait for the games.

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