The 10 Most Disappointing Games of the Year

Kami On Games: Yup, the most disappointing games of the year.

Now, here’s how I’m judging this. For a game to qualify, it has to be actually disappointing in some regard. This means that it might have had promise, or looked great on the surface, but when I got into playing it I felt an overwhelming sadness about it. Because it could have been so very much better, or brilliant. Disappointment can sometimes be worse than just being terrible; being terrible is memorable. Being mediocre and/or disappointing makes us want to forget you.

So let’s get straight down to business.

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Psychotica1808d ago

I wasn't disappointed by Dark Souls: PTDE at all, I put a bizillion hours into that. I do agree with The Secret World though, I was very disappointed with how boring it was.

sandman2241808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Not getting official news for the announcement and release of a new Xbox or playstion would be the only disappointment.

francknara61808d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 is awesome. Best in the series. Can't understand this hating.

Hellsvacancy1808d ago

I hated it personally, I painstakingly fought my way to complete that rubbish, im so glad I didnt buy it

Daver1808d ago

It was not a bad game in my opinion but it was disappointing, I thought it would have been a lot more.

Like the article, Diablo 3 takes the top spot for me too! Shame on Blizzard for releasing a game like that.

Blues Cowboy1808d ago

I enjoyed it right up until we [SPOILER] stopped playing as Haytham. [/SPOILER]

After that, it became a padded mess. So many good ideas, but so much busywork and emptyness.

FunkMacNasty1808d ago

I havent finished the story line yet, but I'm loving AC3 so far as well! Granted there have been some parts of the game where the pacing fell behind the action a bit.

Also, I think some people (not all) are Hating on AC3 because it was set in Colonial America (And you know how the world feels about America) Even the Author of this article ends his AC3 rant by saying "at least they got the the civil war part right, so brownie points for not being completely anti-British."

IF AC3 is "Anti-British" for it's portrayal of real-world historical events, then what do we say about all those games where the main character is tasked with saving the world from a crazed Chinese dictator and his Army, or is sent over to a fictional Middle East country to wipeout a fanatic militant group? What about all those games like the early MoH and CoD games that were set in WW2? Are they anti-German, anti-Russian, or anti-Japanese? Nobody bats an eye at those games, but the minute your Native American character has to start killing redcoats in the colonies, forget about it!

prototypeknuckles1808d ago

i think most peoples problem as well as mine was the fact that colonial america just wasnt as cool as florence, rome, or syria, because it just feels so out of place, and im american saying this, now had it been egypt, ancient china, japan,etc... it would feel more befittiing of an assassian.

Walker1808d ago

Resident Evil 6 was an EPIC FAIL .

TopDudeMan1808d ago

I think I'm one of the few people who liked diablo 3. But then again, It was an entirely new experience for me as I hadn't played that type of game before.

vallencer1808d ago

I liked diablo 3 and I put countless hours into 2. Most people won't admit that. It's getting better and better with each patch. Most people who claim to hate and played d2 didn't play d2 until the expansion came out and that's what made diablo 2 the game it was. Without the expansion and all te future updates it would have been boring.

Daver1808d ago

diablo 2 without the expansion was an amazing game compared to diablo 3. The expansion helped for the end game to make it more enjoyable and durable but the game itself was a lot better than diablo 3 on all points.

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