3 Incredibly stupid anti-gaming arguments made by Fox News

Fox News says words about a lot of things and video games are something they like to potato on a fairly regular basis. These incredibly illogical anti-gaming arguments will entertain you immensely.

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Choc_Salties1578d ago

Those tards are the news equivalent of WWE - you don't watch that for news, its for pure entertainment purposes

FrostyZipper1577d ago

WWE's hilarious. It's a hammy soap opera, only with less fights

HammadTheBeast1577d ago

What's Fox News? I just listen/watch to Weasel News...

But really , Fox fails on whole new levels.

KangarooSam1578d ago

After I read "arguments made by Fox news" I knew this would be funny.

PandaMcBearface1578d ago

Well said! I couldn't make up that stuff if I tried! Which makes me slightly disappointed in all honesty.

mewhy321578d ago

Foxnews is populated by the conservative extremists. I mean I can't stand to watch more than 2 or 3 minutes of that crap. It's like tuning in to watch my grandparents on the news. What a waste of airtime.

Redempteur1578d ago

i didn't know about simcity ... but why is recycling bad ?

Don't they know about global warming ?Don't let them play civilisation lol !

ravinash1578d ago

Don't you know that God is going to save us, so we can feel free to pollute as much as we want!

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