Multiplayer Titles To Look Forward To In The New Year

MP1st - 2012 has come to a close. We have survived the apocalypse and witnessed a photogenic guy win the hearts of millions, but with the new year finally among us, it’s time to look towards the more important matters at hand: what multiplayer titles can we look forward to that will be arriving in 2013?

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pompombrum1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Don't know why but I have a feeling that EA/DICE are going to somehow ruin Battlefield 4. Over the last 16 months, my faith in EA is at an all time low and I think they've stopped caring about making AAA quality games these days.

Hopefully they can prove me wrong with Battlefield 4.. they can start off my adding mod support for PC (this would really redeem them and show their long term commitment to the game as opposed to a yearly cash grab) and by re-adding commander mode or whatever it was called from Battlefield 2.

Very comprehensive list though, Elder Scrolls Online and Arma 3 stand out as the games I'm mostly looking forward to however a new killzone would definitely be worth getting too.

retrofly1754d ago

MOD support isn't going to happen unless they can factor in some kind of subscription, this is what rFactor 2 and project CARS is doing. You can buy the game and get 1 years subscription to online services. After that you pay a year subscription to play the game (Can't remember if that's offline/online or both).

I guess its fair enough, as the longevity of a game can be extended for years after the initial release, of which the developers wouldn't get 0 revenue from after the initial purchase.

In a nutshell, EA will only allow MOD support if they can make money from it. They aren't going to let people make maps for free when they can charge £15 for a few maps.

pompombrum1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

And that is exactly what is wrong with EA.. always thinking short term $$$. I'd bet a good wager there are more people now playing Battlefield 2 and it's various mods than Bad Company 2. So many quality community games that have been released for Battlefield in the past.. Desert Combat, POE, Project Reality come immediately to mind but there has been so many more.

MurDocINC1753d ago

Even if BF4 has mod support I still wouldn't spend a dime on it. The frostbite2 engine has horrible Netcode which totally ruins the game for me. It was bad in bc2, MoH and bf3. Done with dice. Lucky I still have bfp4f which has good Netcode.

jimbobwahey1754d ago

I had a lot of fun with Bad Company 2, but Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor are just terrible games. I'll wait for them to make a new Bad Company game, whenever that is. Until then they can keep rushing out yearly releases in a desperate attempt to appeal to the COD crowd, but they won't see any money from me.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1753d ago

Every shooter that becomes a console gamers will be ruined. BF5 in 2015.

DeadlyFire1754d ago

Battlefield 3 is okay. Gunplay is great, game itself seems okay, but nothing about it really grabs me enough to make me wanna go back and play it much. Battlefield 2 though I played since I got it up until a year or so ago.

Bad Company 2 is great as well, but since it was a PC port it lacked a bit and no modding... Its still fun and pulls me in more than BF3 does. I am hoping Battlefield 4 is a nice BF 2 and BC 2 mix with a little BF3 in there on the side with less restrictions on the PC crowd.

isyourhouseonfire1754d ago

I have hopes for BF4, but it will need to be completely built from the ground up instead of from BF3. BF3 was a novelty more than anything (like turning on BF3 just to show your friends how loud the tanks are... then turning it off).

USMC_POLICE1754d ago

I love Bfe but im not ready for 4 i feel like ea is rushing dice to make bf4 to compete with call of duty. killzone will be epic and I hope rainbow six will be like the original titles.

venom061754d ago

When BC2 came out, it didn't DRASTICALLY change from BC1, other than upgraded graphics and slightly enhanced gameplay, but it was still great.... same thing will be true for BF4. As long as the graphics are improved (which they will be with the next gen systems and the advancement of the Frostbite 2 engine) and enhanced gameplay, BF4 will see the leap from BF3, that BC2 had from BC1. These types of articles ALWAYS attracts the CoD fanboys that have no clue of the progression of the franchise and the fact that nothing drastic is done between titles, yet they always come out great.

jmc88881748d ago

Battlefield 3 on the PC is already more powerful than anything the PS4/720 will put out. It maxes a GTX 670 and a GTX 670 is far more powerful than anything put in a PS4/720.

It's not that they need to make BF4 better looking than BF3 on PC, because BF4 will be on next gen consoles.

Hell we still don't know if a PS4/720 will be out when it comes out. It appears there will be a Wii U version. I'm sure there will be a PS3/360 version (since they had BF3).

I'll get it on the PC like BF3, and I expect graphical improvement, but not all that much. I see it more as having more destructible stuff. Perhaps a slight bump up of textures or tessellation or something. But overall it's going to look a lot like BF3.

But all these improvement won't be in a PS4/720. As the PC version will be superior to a PS4/720.

I don't know why people have it in their heads that the next consoles will do what the PC games are doing. They won't do what PC's were doing in 2011, hell probably 2010. Let alone what BF4 will do on PC in late 2013. So the increases will be solely because and limited to the PC realm, not consoles.

Hey they'll all be nice and I'll buy them, but the ability to make a console powerful like a PC just isn't possible anymore. Not unless the console costs a few grand, is HUGE compared to any other console, and sucks up 700-1500 watts instead of 250.

I don't see a Frostbite 2.5 engine until at least BF5, or sometime in 2015. Perhaps later.

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