A New Era for Gaming

Is gaming being "dumbed down"?

Those attending the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week may have noticed that a not-so-subtle revolution is going on in the world of computer games. A "movement" is afoot-call it the casual game effect. This movement is being sparked by the Nintendo Wii and the fact that a plethora of low-cost games with minimal graphics are hitting the market. In addition, cell phones are emerging as an important casual-game platform in the U.S. Put this all together and it's easy to see that the high-end 3D graphics-intensive game market is not necessarily at the center of the gaming world anymore.

Sure, Alienware and Voodoo PC still rule the high-end gaming PC market, and game console platforms, such as the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), still dominate in the world of high-end gaming graphics. It's also true that this is still a lucrative market where big bucks are made. But from a larger gaming perspective, the shift to less graphics-intensive games is where the big numbers will come from in the future.

Here are some facts and figures...

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LastDance3948d ago

hmmm.. i have a feeling this whole.. its cool to play video games attitude ive seen from 14 yr old girls in the mall everyday for the past year could easily be a fad.

I dont think it could eat into hardcore gaming. Because casual gamers arent relaible potential customers. They wont always be there. because they are "casual". their fan base will be ever changing and could easily become unpopular.

for alot of school people right now its a major fad just like ipod was/is.

They will have their own world of gaming. but never will that take away from true gaming.(Dont get offended Wii owners cookin mama aint a true game to me)

Besides i cant remeber the last time i saw "hardcore" video game posters on bus stops haha... I think its(or will end up) booming as much as casual games have.

grilledgorlupa83948d ago

the ipod is not a fad. Everyone in the world likes music. The ability to hold all your songs in the palm of your hand is something any human would want just not at that price.

Basch3947d ago

not all Wii owners are into cooking mama. There is some decent hardcore gaming to be had if you look in the right places – it's just that there's not an awful lot of it right now.

"True gaming" is a rather emotional label as well – what, in your experience, constitutes a "true game"?

LastDance3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

haha well to all the people i went to school with it was a FAD. That doesnt mean every single person who got 1 only got it was cool but it was definatly the case for alot of them.

hell i grew up with this guy and he doesnt like ANY bands and he had an ipod. needless to say he doesnt use it.

same with the WII. it will be used a bit but then disregarded after the hypes gone.
And Yea Cooking mama isnt a true game.

Im not going to explain to you what a true game is..if you cant tell the difference between cooking mama and a true game then youve got issues.

on a side note. i love what nintendo is doing and if anyone deserves to be back in the game its nintendo. They are the pioneers of fun gaming and its nice to see them stick at it rather then try to make a HD console.

wiizy3948d ago

all that spell is nintendo was smart to know that innovation wins.

KeenanTheSavage3947d ago

I completely agree with you. ;)

longduckdong3948d ago

are why the industry isn't taken as serious as movies even though the video game industry has the potential for movie entertainment

CRIMS0N_W0LF3948d ago

casual gamers is what we do not need. They buy the console then never buy an original game. I bet 90% of the Wiis sold have a wii key in them to play pirated games. Unlike PS3 and X360 which mod chipping them (I know PS3 mod chip ain't out) removed online. Wii got next to no online and cascual gamers give a toss about playing Wii Sports online.

OC Shock Value3948d ago

I like Hardcore and Casual

ill play Halo and Metal Gear just as fast as ill play Wii Bowling and Smash Bros..

The problem with the HD ("Hardcore") era is that it takes to damn long to make the games.. Then when most of them come out they are Pee ons.. Look at Turok and games of that nature.. All talk talk talk.. NO action.. Plus most good games on the HD systems are SHOOTERS.. People are getting tired of Shooter after Shooter.. And are hungry for somethin new.. And the NON SHOOTERS keep gettin delayed..

Thats why nintendo is killin.. The Wii goes beyond the FPS box.. So that way when your tired of killin ppl 24/7 you can do somethin else..

Dont Believe me?
RB6 Vegas
Gears Of War
The Orange Box
Lost Planet
Unreal Tournament 3
Turok (not good example)
HAZE (soon)
Killzone (soon)

HD systems have been over run by shooters.. And theyre quick attempts at innovative games have been poor.. The JRPGs of late have been poor.. Most of theyre high production games range around 6 to 10 max hours of gameplay.. And only a select few made any real impact online.. And they were mostly shooters at that.. Dont lie to yourself and say otherwise..

THAT is why the Wii will win until someone gets creative..

On a side note..
Where the F*** is HOME and my in game XMB...

UNLESS.. HOME IS the in game XMB

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