Top 10 most anticipated PlayStation Vita games of 2013

Pocket Gamer: This year wasn't so kind to the fledgling PS Vita. Sales weren't too hot, and there were slim pickings as far as games were concerned.

But, hey - when was the last time that a games console did well in its first year? A platform rarely comes into its own until its second year on shop shelves.

And so, in 2013 the PS Vita has it all to play for. But judging by this upcoming games lineup, it may well have it in the bag. (Although we'd really appreciate a price cut, too, Sony!)

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KangarooSam1964d ago

All of them!
Tearaway, Killzone: Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice, and Phantasy Star Online 2 will all be bought by me this year.

Although PSO2 is free to play lol. And also, I've never played Killzone before, but it looks to be our best bet for a good FPS on Vita.

I just hope some more devs (large, Indie, whatever they may be) will hop on the Vita bandwagon soon. Sony did promise us more announcements this year, can't wait to see what's in store! :)

Sandmano1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

if its anything like killzone 2 and has 6vs6 MP I can gurantee you it will be the best handheld FPS to date and for years to come...

Killzone and soul sacrifice are what ill get.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1963d ago

Darn right.

Mercenaries is my most anticipated vita game to date. They better show some more gameplay before e3.

NukaCola1964d ago

Seeing the AAA makers supporting Vita directly tells me two things. They are going to make great Vita games with the love and care it deserves. And they can compartmentalize a small development team for the system, because they are getting ready to launch their PS4 titles. I am expecting a fully open world LBP 3(D) game coming from MM and whatever GG is doing will set the standard for the next gen of console games.

porkChop1963d ago

Yeah I think it's inevitable that the LBP series will make the switch from 2.5D to 3D. And making it open world also seems a natural progression.

Hanso1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

i have only 2 Vita games yet Uncharted and Gravity Rush
well technically 4 Mutant Blops and Big Sky Infinity from +
but i have still 6 psp games on my Vita that i play

2013 will be huge for me:
Soul Sacrifice
Persona 4 (still not out in EU)
Ys Celceta
Phantasy Star online 2
Warriors Lair
Dragons Crown
Masamune Demon Blade
Retro City Rampage (still not out in EU)
Assassins Creed(wait for price drop)
Ninja Gaiden 1 (wait for price drop)
NinjaGaiden 2
One Piece 2
Disgaea 3 (wait for price drop)
NEW Disgaea for Vita

Killzone not sure yet , if it has a long Sp day 1 otherwise i wait..
Tearaway will be a good game i am sure but im not much of a jump n run gamer as you see above

ElectricKaibutsu1964d ago

It isn't really fair is it. The Vita is an amazing machine, far better than any tablet or mobile phone, yet it isn't doing well. Tearaway and Sly Cooper will be great I'm sure.

CaptCalvin1964d ago

It's a shame the mainstream market don't know what's good for them.

izumo_lee1964d ago

It is cause Apple has blinded the regular public that their device is a capable gaming machine which clearly it isn't.

The 3DS is doing well cause the Nintendo fanbase as well as the younger audience will support the system. As well as the popularity of the Nintendo's 1st party games.

The Vita unfortunately is stuck between a rock & a hard place. It is a great device that has everything a gamer can want but the regular gamers are too fixated on Apple products to see what is there.

tubers1963d ago

For a more core mobile gaming market.. w/c is pretty small.

It can seriously destroy the market if only they made better and more software for it.. it has 3G, might has well make it a real phone for a reasonable price (look and stare at the Nexus 4) .. Xperia isn't doing too well against the competition.

Far better only in terms of gaming.. and core gaming on the go isn't really what the mass market wants right now.. or at least at the price it's currently being offered.

I'd be happy enough if Sony'd just support the device for a full 7+ year typical life cycle.. but at this rate.. IDK.

Ares84HU1964d ago

To me, this list is really sad. There is maybe one or two I would buy.

Nerdmaster1964d ago

I agree. On the bright side, Persona 4 is really good. I spent the last days playing it almost non-stop and I didn't finish it yet. In fact, it's the only Vita game I really liked to play. I mean... "Vita" game, because it's actually a PS2 game. But it's great nonetheless.

Hicken1964d ago

What's sad about this list?

Killzone, Tearaway, P4G(though it's already out, here in the States), Soul Sacrifice, Kickbeat, ZoE HD, and PSO 2 all catch my interest. Never played a Sly game, so I'm curious about Thieves in Time. And I don't know much about Guacamelee! or Rocketbirds, so I haven't made any decisions there.

But it's a great list, and it's only one site's top ten.

I'm certain you can think of other games that would interest you more than SOME of these, but overall it's not a bad list at all.

Ares84HU1963d ago

There isn't a single game on that list that interests me. I really don't like rpg games and ZoE I already played. Killzone on PSV...not sure about that maybe that's the only one. Other than that....none of the games interest me on that list.

abzdine1964d ago

Tearaway and Killzone Mercenaries! That's what i'm talking about.

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