Ubisoft planning for Ghost Recon movie

Reported that Ubisoft has been putting together a pitch for its Ghost Recon franchise to be made into a movie.

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sandman2241937d ago

Why don't the just plan on making a good ghost recon game.

PhantomT14121937d ago

How wasn't the last one good? Besides, it's not the film makers that are going to do the game and the developers that will make the film so really, they can do both.

BattleAxe1937d ago

The last game was not true to the series.

GuyThatPlaysGames1937d ago

I was just thinking the exact same thing!!

FanboyPunisher1937d ago

Last game was the worst ghost recon i've ever played gameplay wise; it was trying to be call of duty/gear of war. The franchise has been ruined by the devs appealing to casuals.