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PS Home Gazette's: Interview With Trophy Hunter Hakoom

Stryctnin Interview's one of the PS3's Top Trophy Hunters. (PS3)

-Mika-  +   968d ago
"Hakoom: I have loved the PS since PS1 because it had the best of the best games on it. When I 1st saw the Xbox, I disliked it immediately and in my opinion the Xbox 360 ruined the nextgen era. Every game is being downgraded because of the Xbox hardware limitations. If it wasn’t for the Xbox 360 then 70% of PS3 games would have looked like Uncharted."

Wow what a fanboy. All I have to say is Halo 4. Im a playstation fan but seriously people need to stop spouting crap like that.
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RTheRebel  +   968d ago
You calling someone a fanboy
BlackWolf  +   968d ago
Dear Mika, looking at your comments, you're the least appropriate person to call someone fanboy.
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abzdine  +   968d ago
STFU already!
Tetsujin  +   968d ago
I admire Hakoom for having a big trophy list, however I can't take someone seriously for having joke plats in their list; Hannah Montana?!

My question is, "What do you get for having all these plats outside bragging rights?"
Baka-akaB  +   968d ago
Yeah i'd respect more someone who doesnt go out of their way to play crap and easy games for a trophy count
Fishermenofwar  +   968d ago
He is a Trophy hunter...Any trophy will do...
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   968d ago
Would love for them to interview this dudes "girlfriend".
Stryctnin: What do you do for fun besides play video games?
Hakoom: Just play and earn trophies for the most part, but sometimes I watch anime.

I have a stack of games still in plastic that I haven't touched. I don't see how it is possible for anyone to do nothing but play video games all the time. Unless your ass is confined to a wheelchair or a bed for a long term medical condition. Seriously, look at some of the trophies and imagine how much time grinding it would take to platinum a few shooters alone. Have a look at the requirements for Socom Confrontation and Resistance 2 the time it would take a single person to do that would be insane. I don't buy into it at all.
Tetsujin  +   968d ago
It's more than one person on that acct, they rotate between sessions. Also if you look at the list there's some games there may be 1-2 trophies however they moved on to another game for the plat.
nunley33  +   968d ago
Hakoom has denied more than one person gets trophies on the account but many have said it. good job Stryctnin on the interview.
Alos88  +   968d ago
I'm unsure as to how he unlocks them that quickly. If he really is doing it by himself, I can't imagine how he gets anything else done.
AlucardFury  +   968d ago
Every game is being downgraded because of the 360..... Really? That's just as low as you can go.
AlucardFury  +   967d ago
Lol look at all the disagrees.... wow
sypher  +   968d ago
The problem with the trophy hunting mindset (i know because i have/had it) is that it limits your game choices. You think hmm better not play Skyrim because platinum takes 100+ hours. Easier to play short games which have under 20 hour plat time.

And yeh he most definitely has other players doing trophies for him. It just isn't feasible to live/work/study as well as game and gain that many trophies.

Just look at the comparisons the author made the same amount of time had passed and the author who is obviously an avid gamer who goes for platinum's doubles the amount he has from like 20+ to 70+. So that's the kind of jump you would expect from any 1 person within a year about 40-50 games.

But Hakoom has managed 200+ within the same time, which equates to a platinum every 1 and a half days. That's if you are playing every day for 365 days. Its just not possible to live a life and play that much. So its obviously more than once person.
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kza  +   968d ago
I LOVE getting platinums but unfortunately MOST of us have that thing called a life and responsibilitys! this guy takes it way to seriously. I feel sry for u how u think its a real life achievement and u accuse people of being jealous when they say u hacked! U take video game addiction to another level u clearly have issues!!!
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BlaqMagiq24  +   967d ago
I'm sorry but I can't respect this guy, not when he calls people jealous for not having as many trophies as him and then lies to people's faces about being the only person on the account. People have proven there are more than one person playing on his account and he still denies it. There have been other people who are doing the same thing as him and have admitted that there are other people using their account. At least they have the balls to admit that. But this guy? He needs to get over himself.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   967d ago
Mika is like Meg from Family Guy.

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