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Submitted by gamenewsfinder 1134d ago | opinion piece

Halo is Obviously Better Than Call of Duty

In the battle between Halo and Call of Duty (CoD), there is no battle. The Halo series pounds the Call of Duty series into the ground in the most important category: imagination. (Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo, PC, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360)

rbailey  +   1134d ago
Yeah Halo is the better game as far as Multiplayer and Campaign goes imo.
IAMERROR  +   1134d ago
lol @ all these comments, I personally prefer halo but c'mon!
3GenGames  +   1134d ago
Campaign, I dunno. COD4 will smack any Halo campaign there is. Although the newer ones, I'd take Halo's story over them. Now gameplay wise, COD sucks since 4 and is the same thing....but I dunno if I'd say Halo can compete with any COD single player in that department. They just have better game play with or without story in single player. Now multiplayer, Halo 4 beats newer CODS for sure. Halo 3 most definitely. COD4 though is a bit better in multiplayer for sure.
tigertron  +   1134d ago
"COD4 will smack any Halo campaign there is"

Not sure if serious...
mewhy32  +   1134d ago
IMO Black Ops 2 is a much better multiplayer game than Halo 4. Faster action, score streaks, greater variety of playmodes. I have tried to like the Halo multiplayer. I've played and played, thinking it's an acquired taste but I just can't get into it.
doogiebear  +   1133d ago
"Better than COD" isn't really saying much. Battlefield is better than both and it's a year old (except for campaign, unfortunately).
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jacobneldson  +   1134d ago
CoD's alright, but it's super boring. Halo keeps me interested!
BanBrother  +   1134d ago
I agree. I cannot say which is better, as it is an opinion. As far as FPS games go, Halo wins for me hands down. The story, universe, gameplay and now graphics from Halo 4.

Never cared much for CoD, but they look quite enjoyable. All I can say is that I loved CoD 4 (who didn't), and that I am not well equipped as far as knowledge of CoD goes.

To each their own. Halo for me.
clideron  +   1134d ago
Master Chief > ALL
Gigglefist  +   1134d ago
I love these debates
Battlefield or CoD?
Halo or CoD?

They're all really different games. It's comparing apples and oranges.
Personally I enjoy the gameplay of Halo more, but it's an entirely different shooter compared to CoD
Argus9  +   1134d ago
Apples or Oranges? Oh damn it, you beat me to it. xD
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guitarded77  +   1134d ago
I agree, Halo and CoD are very different shooters. It's difficult for me to say which I prefer. Probably Halo with friends, and CoD when running solo. Halo is great for co-op MP and campaign.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1134d ago
The last of US or halo? F**k shooters! Way to many!!
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InTheZoneAC  +   1134d ago
if CoD didn't have ridiculous lag, the online portion would be very fun

CoD campaign's are always fun

Halo, haven't played too much, but I didn't care for it. I played campaign only for Halo 1 and ODST. 1 was ok in it's time, ODST was definitely stupid.

As for the online part to Halo, I haven't and will never play 4, it feels like there are no player weight characteristics at all. And it seems it takes way too many bullets to kill someone.

And in the end, Battlefield is a much better FPS than both of them.

And for best online shooter, that would go to Socom, excluding Socom 4.
momthemeatloaf  +   1134d ago
Ps3 fans will disagree because they're stuck playing cod
Riderz1337  +   1134d ago
I'm playing Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. I don't know what kind of PS3 you're talking about buddy =). I'll be enjoying my multiple exclusives in 2013 also while you that are already available on the PS3. PS3 players can troll you back. Good day.
vickers500  +   1134d ago
I'm a ps3 fan. I also just bought Halo 4 yesterday. It's weird how that works right? How someone can be a fan of one thing, but also be a fan of something else? It's almost as if you don't have to tie yourself down to one single electronic product and defend it as if it was your lover...
Reverent  +   1134d ago
I know right. I only own a PS3, but I'm man enough to admit that I am very much jealous of the Xbox for Halo.
Ezz2013  +   1134d ago
i own 360/ps3/pc
and i don't like halo or cod
and i think ps3 owners have KZ2/3 uncharted2/3 BF3 etc. to enjoy MP

couldn't say it better
NiceGuy360  +   1134d ago
But according to your logic, multiplatform games don't count and Xbox 360 only owners enjoy just 3 games, what happened to that bro?
Now bf3, a multiplatform game, counts? You're making my head spin.
Ezz2013  +   1134d ago
you blocked me because you know you have no answer for what i said
when you are the one who PM me in first place

and don't spin my words i never said MP games don't count
i said
MS only have 3 games and keep milk them with no other new ip's
which is true ..spin it around it
but it's the truth

no need to own xbox360 when you can get eveything it have on ps3/pc plus the huge numbers of pc/ps3 exclusives
xbox360 have nothing but halo/gears/forza

so what alse you could brag about ??!!
USA sales ...from vgchartes lolXD
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1134d ago
Your argument is flawed simply based on quantity > quality.

However, I prefer Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza over all of Sony's exclusives.

Just because a game is exclusive doesn't mean it's a great game. Just look at titles like Steel Battalion: HA or sorcery for the Move. There have been plenty of games from Sony that didn't generate high reviews or High sales. Socom, Twisted Metal etc.

You are also ignoring the experience that can be had while playing a multiplatform game. I will ALWAYS play my multiplats over XBL for a number of reasons...Achievements, better online community, more robust, party chat etc.

Also, I own Kinect, so games like Madden, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim give me a more immerse experience and the option to experience a game in a different way.

So I do agree with you Ezz2013 that MS's pumps out their heavy hitters more frequently (and why not since they generate millions and millions of dollars because people obviously want them)then Sony pumps out theirs, but Sony is also focusing on less then average rated and non selling exclusives.

Bottom line is quality > quantity.

No spin, just truth.
Ezz2013  +   1134d ago
Bottom line is quality > quantity. ؟!!
do you have any idea what you are talking about ??!!!

sony have both
2008 GOTY was MGS4
2009 GOTY uncharted 2
2010 GOTY god of war 3 and RDR
2011 uncharted 3 and skyrim
2012 journey and TWD

do you see an xbox exclusive in there ??!!!
no xbox exclusive won GOTY awards ..NON since 2007
you talk about quality

2008 MGS4 94%/ LBP 95% metascore
2009 uncharted 2 96%
2010 god of war 3 92%
2011 uncharted 3 92% / LBP 2 92%
2012 journey 92%

show me a xbox360 "exclusive" that score higher than those games in each year of those years??!!??!!

i could bring you ALOT more of 80+% 90+% metascore ps3 exclusives
but why bother when you know for a fact can't back your self up

sony have quality & quantity
and their games sell very well over 2m to 9m
following vgchartes to say ps3 exclusives don't sell is something lol worthy
and even then vgchartes still show that ps3 exclusives sell very well mins very few games
and also what games on MS console that sell well other than gears/halo/forza and maybe fable

and MS as xbox owner my self sure as hell don't have quality nor quantity over sony ..not even close

No spin, just truth.

(bring the fairy disagrees)
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Conzul  +   1134d ago
Not really. I'll never own an Xbox but from vids and word of mouth and Halo on PC - I firmly believe that Halo is better.
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Yourworstenemy  +   1134d ago
Don't be getting attached to that bubble!!
Mr_cheese  +   1134d ago
EmperorDalek  +   1134d ago
I preffer the campaign of Black Ops 2 to Halo 4. MP wise Halo 4's better, but that's not saying much since I hate BO2 MP. I like Modern Warfare's MP more. The only other Halo i've played was Reach... which was awful.
C-Thunder   1134d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1134d ago
Thats common knowledge...
prototypeknuckles  +   1134d ago
looks at title

NO DUH!!!!
StreetsofRage  +   1134d ago
Some mornings I feel like waffles, and other mornings I feel like french toast. Depends on my mood. Yuuuuup! :/
TheSaint  +   1134d ago
Blatant troll topic.
Canary  +   1134d ago
And people who argue about Halo or Call of Duty are obviously inferior to those that don't.
Adolph Fitler  +   1134d ago
Although I think COD has hit a stalemate, it is a far better game than Halo, as Halo has also hit a stalemate, but the difference is Halo hit the stalemate by Halo 2, whereas COD only hits it's strides this gen. & hit that wall with the series highlight in World at War.
Both are still doing the same ol' same ol', but COD does it with far more style from it's butter smooth framerate (60fps), as opposed to Halo still being stuck on 30fps, not that that is the dealbreaker, but fact is real world weapons are far more exciting to use in a game, as they have a real world basis to model them off in regards to sound & such, whereas the made up sounds & effects of Halo's "alien" weapons are FAR less convincing....I mean, I truly don't enjoy using any of the alien guns in Halo & much prefer using MC's default assault fact, I hate running out of ammo & having to raid the gay wiggles looking aliens for there crappy putzy guns.
Insomniac know how to do far better alien type weapons than Bungie or 343, as Resistance's alien guns kicked serious a$$. Probably one of the many reasons I prefer Resistance to Halo (& yes, I have 360 & all Halo's bar Reach) In fact, when FUSE fails, as I know it will, I hope to god Sony snap up Insomniac, so they can refocus & get Ratchet back to being the best platformer bar none, & we can get another Resistance as a soon after launch PS4 game.

No question COD is better than Halo, it's not an opinion thing, it's not a sales thing, it is a fact thing....technically COD beats out Halo in every single department......
And to solidify my point, Bungie walked away through boredom of the brand, as they are such a great developer, & are artists, they knew they had overstayed there welcome, they were acutely aware as an artistically talented team that the series was now just a franchise, so they moved on to escape what Treyarch, IW & such have now been caught in since WAW & MW.

Many may disagree with me, heck no, they will dissagree with me......but that don't change the fact, & the fact is that I am right, so shut up, suck it up & get on with it. I mean, I bought BlOps2 at launch, & only recently put the online multiplayer on, & i thought I was burnt out & over it, but seriously, COD's online is quite simply in a class of it;s own as far as playability, awesome maps, sick guns & the rest goes....Truly awesome. Halo is great online, no doubt, but it is just lifted straight from Halo 2 (the pinnacle of multiplayer for the series & nearly 3 gen. old).
rpd123  +   1134d ago
I see your novel is coming along nicely.
ALLWRONG  +   1134d ago
How could you even start to compare the two? If it wasn't for Halo the matchmaking, true skill and much of the playlist COD depends on wouldn't exist.
chukamachine  +   1134d ago
Yet mp was done better on PC long before any console games.

Stop acting like halo started it all, it came from a pc environment.

As for gameplay, Halo is a lot more floaty, maybe MC is high.

Cod black ops 2 is the best online for COD.

But BF3 is Awesome as well.

Just depends on what you like.
SAE  +   1134d ago
cod 4/5/6 needed skills , but after that it's all about luck , that's why i stopped playing them , halo sucks too , all play the same way , it's all about reaction which all games need it and weapons , i really dunno why people still play it when they see a lot better games , battlefield 3 is a game worth playing instead of wasting time on halo ...

i would kill my self if i seen someone playing it infront of me xD , it's old as hell , this article released very late to be interested , to be specific 5 years late ! but now both sucks , both need to end and move on to something new ...
Yourworstenemy  +   1134d ago
Tea is obviously better than coffee and no I'm not a Tetley fanboy before u ask, I buy Nescafe too!!
csreynolds  +   1134d ago
I don't have any grounds for comment about Halo, being a PS3 gamer, but Call of Duty has definitely gone downhill in recent years.

In Modern Warfare, World at War and Modern Warfare 2, you needed a degree of skill to succeed (excusing the noob tube/OMA exploiters in MW2). With the 'just okay' Black Ops, underwhelming Modern Warfare 3, and the laggy, broken mess that is Black Ops II (again, from a PS3 perspective. On Xbox 360, this may not be the case), little skill is needed. You don't need to be good because you have cheap Deathstreaks, death-doesn't-matter Support Streaks and automatic revenge spawning (don't deny it Treyarch; we ALL know it happens) to depend on.

By making CoD 'accessible', to abusive, disrespectful, foul-mouthed youths, the developers have dumbed down everything that made the series enjoyable/challenging in the first place. Now, the only time I'll play Call of Duty now is if friends are online. Otherwise, I'll play anything else instead of it.
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schlanz  +   1134d ago
Neither CoD or Halo have sparked my interest since Halo 2 and Modern Warfare 1.
rpd123  +   1134d ago
How were you not totally pumped for Halo 3?
schlanz  +   1133d ago
I had played so much Halo 2 by that point I was over it. Same thing with GTA3. Played so much GTA3 that I couldn't get into any of them after that.
MYSTERIO360  +   1134d ago
Halo 4 definitely has a better multiplayer over COD
deletingthis34675334  +   1134d ago
They both fail.
inf3cted1  +   1134d ago
Call of Duty is like MCdonalds. It feels good but you know its made of crap.

Halo is more like a high quality burger and it feels good.
Starbucks_Fan  +   1134d ago
If we were comparing quality then Halo would win.
Justinakach0ppa  +   1134d ago
Both games are subpar in my opinion, people act like Halo broke the mold with fps titles which it clearly didn't, maybe for consoles (although that's debatable considering games such as goldeneye before it) and it certainly did not break the mold with multiplayer gaming (ask the many games before it on pc that were innovating more) and call of duty originally was a fantastic franchise, everything after WAW was poor (I enjoyed black ops 2 however just because it tried something different)

The reality is this, if I was in a situation where I could only ever play one game again for the rest of my life neither of these franchises would be near the top of my list, however its hard to rate one over the other but I would pick halo for the simple fact that multiplayer is more challenging imo.
aim4dabushiz  +   1134d ago
battlefield 3 poops on both of them!
STARRHUNTER29  +   1134d ago
Bladesfist  +   1134d ago
ARMA 2 if you are not 15.
andshesays  +   1134d ago
yes I like fried cod with chips

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