Halo is Obviously Better Than Call of Duty

In the battle between Halo and Call of Duty (CoD), there is no battle. The Halo series pounds the Call of Duty series into the ground in the most important category: imagination.

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rbailey1965d ago

Yeah Halo is the better game as far as Multiplayer and Campaign goes imo.

IAMERROR1965d ago

lol @ all these comments, I personally prefer halo but c'mon!

3GenGames1965d ago

Campaign, I dunno. COD4 will smack any Halo campaign there is. Although the newer ones, I'd take Halo's story over them. Now gameplay wise, COD sucks since 4 and is the same thing....but I dunno if I'd say Halo can compete with any COD single player in that department. They just have better game play with or without story in single player. Now multiplayer, Halo 4 beats newer CODS for sure. Halo 3 most definitely. COD4 though is a bit better in multiplayer for sure.

tigertron1965d ago

"COD4 will smack any Halo campaign there is"

Not sure if serious...

mewhy321965d ago

IMO Black Ops 2 is a much better multiplayer game than Halo 4. Faster action, score streaks, greater variety of playmodes. I have tried to like the Halo multiplayer. I've played and played, thinking it's an acquired taste but I just can't get into it.

doogiebear1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

"Better than COD" isn't really saying much. Battlefield is better than both and it's a year old (except for campaign, unfortunately).

jacobneldson1965d ago

CoD's alright, but it's super boring. Halo keeps me interested!

BanBrother1964d ago

I agree. I cannot say which is better, as it is an opinion. As far as FPS games go, Halo wins for me hands down. The story, universe, gameplay and now graphics from Halo 4.

Never cared much for CoD, but they look quite enjoyable. All I can say is that I loved CoD 4 (who didn't), and that I am not well equipped as far as knowledge of CoD goes.

To each their own. Halo for me.

Gigglefist1965d ago

I love these debates
Battlefield or CoD?
Halo or CoD?

They're all really different games. It's comparing apples and oranges.
Personally I enjoy the gameplay of Halo more, but it's an entirely different shooter compared to CoD

Argus91965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Apples or Oranges? Oh damn it, you beat me to it. xD

guitarded771965d ago

I agree, Halo and CoD are very different shooters. It's difficult for me to say which I prefer. Probably Halo with friends, and CoD when running solo. Halo is great for co-op MP and campaign.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

The last of US or halo? F**k shooters! Way to many!!

InTheZoneAC1965d ago

if CoD didn't have ridiculous lag, the online portion would be very fun

CoD campaign's are always fun

Halo, haven't played too much, but I didn't care for it. I played campaign only for Halo 1 and ODST. 1 was ok in it's time, ODST was definitely stupid.

As for the online part to Halo, I haven't and will never play 4, it feels like there are no player weight characteristics at all. And it seems it takes way too many bullets to kill someone.

And in the end, Battlefield is a much better FPS than both of them.

And for best online shooter, that would go to Socom, excluding Socom 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.