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Submitted by Pozzle 1131d ago | opinion piece

Final Fantasy VIII: The underestimated and overlooked gem

SA writes: Anytime people are discussing the Final Fantasy series we tend to quickly dismiss the belittled Final Fantasy VIII. The risks and acute changes to the philosophy of the battle system left fans baffled. Although it is often criticized for it's unique Draw magic and intricate Junction systems, this was a worthy entry in the Final Fantasy Series. (Final Fantasy VIII, PC, PS3, Retro)

silkrevolver  +   1131d ago
The more I played with it, the more I appreciated the junction system.
Asuka  +   1131d ago
i have to agree with the title ;) i know there are problems with the story, but overall i found it very enjoyable. Must have played this game 1000x from start to finish with every possible party/junction combination i could think of haha!

i do agree with the article when it mentions that when people discuss FF, most everyone writes off FF8, and FF9 for that matter. Basically, if it isn't FF7 (or FF6), then it seems people just dont care. They get turned off by the plot holes or junction system, or the classic style ff with a monkey boy and never seem to give the games a chance.
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Hicken  +   1131d ago
Neither underestimated nor overlooked, as it's still my favorite FF of all time.

I hear about plot holes, but the only one I can think of is about Ultimecia's origin. And since it's not like anything contradicts her origin- because it's not disclosed- I can't really call that a plothole.
vallencer  +   1131d ago
My favorite is 7 and I absolutely hated 8. For me it was the serious love story and the main character I just didn't care about. But I loved 9 that game was awesome. In reality for me 8 is the only real blemish aside from x-2 and the spin off ff games.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1131d ago
The game is amazing just for the "space scene" where they start to lose oxygen.
Simply beautiful and moving.
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franwex  +   1131d ago
We are still talking about ff8? Why can't we just let this one go? The game sucks! I came to grips w/ it. I was duped by Square all those years ago! And it wouldn't be the last time they duped me either.

Lets move on!
Snookies12  +   1131d ago
What exactly sucks about this game, please enlighten me. It's one of the finest in the Final Fantasy series. All of the PS1 games were amazing. I didn't like VIII at first, but after giving it a couple tries, I finally really got into it. I'm really glad I did...
koehler83  +   1131d ago
There's a lot of stuff wrong with FFVIII. Most of it doesn't manifest until the third disk. The first two are actually quite good but the whole thing falls apart as soon as the third disc is put in.

The junction system is a broken progression system that discourages magic use throughout the entire game. That's ridiculous.

The characters, who are supposed to be elite military specialists are all morons, each and every one. Squall is an asshat from his first interaction. Selphie is a dumbass. Irvine is somehow considered an ace sniper without being able to pull the trigger. Seifer would have been kicked out of any military organization for disobedience. Rinoa is a clingy wretch.

Nothing holds up to basic scrutiny in that game.

(But it's still pretty fun for the first couple of discs)
Root  +   1131d ago
Move on...why it's one of the bets FF games made

People only didn't like it because it wasn't a sequel to FF7. With the new fans FF7 brought in they failed to realise that each FF game is differnt.

All the things people nitpick about in the game are exgerated or they have been done worse in other FF games.

I mean take Squall being this "emo" for example, people call him a crap character when in fact he has one of the best character development in the franchise. You see the change to his character over the course of the 4 discs, it's fantastic. However people still base him on the character we meet at the start of the game. I mean least he has reasons to being like that while someone like Lightning dosen't.
Chrono  +   1131d ago
FF8 is the series' finest entry. I wouldn't like RPGs if I hadn't played this game.
catch  +   1131d ago
While I found it a little too easy to abuse the junction and draw systems the game overall is one of my favorites. I love the characters and really enjoyed the different Gardens.
aiBreeze  +   1131d ago
Overlooked? It had probably some of the most gorgeous graphics around at the time of release.
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Pozzle  +   1131d ago
I'm guessing the author means it's underrated in terms of nostalgia and how people treat the game nowadays. Because at the time of it's release, it definitely wasn't overlooked. It was ridiculously popular, had advertisements in every game mag and game store, was often touted as one of the best PSone games of all time, and (if I'm remembering this correctly) sold double the amount of copies in 6 months that FFVII sold in an entire year.

Which is why it's so weird that FFVIII doesn't seem very popular on forums and FF discussion boards.
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TheDivine  +   1131d ago
I liked it but hated the draw system. Made battles too long and drawn out at least in the early parts. Got board and never went back.
Root  +   1131d ago
Then don't use the draw system....problem solved

I never used draw once and I had a ton of magic at the end of the game. People seem to think it's the only to get magic when theres pink magic orbs scattered throughout the world. Island of Heaven and Hell anyone.

Plus using draw to use an enemies magic on themself or you was great.
phantomexe  +   1131d ago
I enjoyed them all including ff11. I didn't enjoy 13 tho, it was like a turd that wouldn't flush.
USEYOURFIST  +   1131d ago
My favourite final fantasy game, and i have played them all from start to finish bar the mmorpgs, everything about it is amazing. It tells its story very well and the gameplay is brilliant. I miss the days where square would pack in so much extra stuff to do for the completionists, the card games especially were an awsome addtion that gave extra life to the world we were playing in and were great fun, the chocobo stuff, the little secret places that would add to the story....A PROPER WORLD MAP!! ah well time to dust this game of and give it a play, PS1 hd collection anyone?
DudeJets  +   1131d ago
The game could of been so much better if I didn't hate rinoa so so much
Nerdmaster  +   1131d ago
Actually, the only enjoyable characters are Quistis and Laguna, and Irvine is kind of interesting. Squall is a jerk, Zell is annoying, Rinoa is childish, Seifer fails as a rival and can't be taken seriously with that "my dream is to be Edea's knight" or whatever, Selfie is the teenage girl with mental problems.

Oh, and funnily enough, the romantic pair in this game - Squall and Rinoa - is one of the worst in any Final Fantasy and yet it's the only couple that's in any FF logo.
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DudeJets  +   1131d ago
Unfortunately you hit the nail on the head the best things about 8 are the garden battle and the ragnarok.

And Irvine was a very obscure character I liked him, Laguna not so much Quistis was pretty badass
Summons75  +   1131d ago
8 is so much better than 7. Squall has so much more charcater than cloud, cloud was emo and whinny every step of the way.... Not to metion a terrorist. Squall gets dragged into the story and really doesn't care but still fights anyway. It's in my top 5 ff's. 6,8,4,9,5 in that order.
Pozzle  +   1131d ago
"cloud was emo and whinny every step of the way.... Not to metion a terrorist."

Except...not really. Cloud wasn't emo and whiny until Advent Children came around. In fact, he was a pretty talkative and cheerful character throughout FFVII, and often goofy things that made the other characters jokingly mock him ("We'll all be burned to crispy critters!" and "Let's mosey!", anyone?).

I'll never really get where this whole "Cloud is emo" belief even came from. Did people only play the first 2-3 hours of the game? Or only watch Advent Children?
Summons75  +   1131d ago
I unfortunately played the entirety of ff7. I hated cloud and everyone from the start when they decided to kill tons of people for their selfish agenda. The story started good but after the first disc it fell apart and became Emo vs guy with mommy issues and I couldn't careless about the plot if I tried. The game is good but characters and story stuck. Cloud's attitude has always been Emo even if he was 3 lines more talkative than adven children.
Pozzle  +   1131d ago
Seriously, you're gonna have to give examples of Cloud's emo-ness because I just can't see where you're coming from. A talkative and cheerful character =/= an emo character. And I'm really boggled that you think Cloud is somehow more "emo" than Squall. I mean, Squall is emo because that's how he was intentionally written. He's supposed to be quiet, pessimistic, and sort of whiny...That allows him to grow as a character and become a more likeable protagonist and a more effective team leader later on in the game.

But Cloud is the archetypal "anime hero" character to begin with, who grows into a more mature and well, heroic hero as the game progresses. Not counting his stint as a jerkass-mercenary at the beginning of the game, he's talkative, he gets along with everyone in the team, he gives inspirational speeches, and he's also pretty funny (which is something I think a lot of people forget about). He was always cracking jokes and making goofy/wiseass comments. e.g. "You look like a bear wrapped in a marshmallow," "Whatever YOU want, Daddy!", "Look at what? The girl in the bikini?" etc

Though it sounds like you're view of the game is biased to begin with. "Emo Guy" and "Guy with mommy issues"? Well sure, if you want to ignore all their other character traits, those descriptions are true. But that's like saying Final Fantasy VIII is just "a mopey guy constantly rescues outgoing girl" or FFX is only "some sports guy follows a hot chick around."
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Irishguy95  +   1131d ago
Yeah, you know people are just hating on it because it's popular when they don't even remember the main character. I bet he even thinks Jenova was the main villain

Edit---Oh wow, you actually DO think Sephiroth had mommy issues? Yeah he did. For 20 minutes, as he crushed Nibelheim. If you think he was like that at any other point in the game, you didn't understand the story, at all. Which shows your bias against it.
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Root  +   1131d ago
"Did people only play the first 2-3 hours of the game?"

Same can be said for Squall though

People base him on the character at the beginging of the game.

If you call Squall an emo you call Cloud since they are both similar. I think people can't handle the fact that Squall had better character development then Cloud and thats why they hate on him
Nerdmaster  +   1131d ago
I don't like neither 7 nor 8, but Squall is way more emo than Cloud. I didn't finish 7, but I didn't think "dude, please just die" to Cloud as much as I thought to Squall. I really wanted Squall to die and Quistis to become the protagonist.
El_Jibarit0_PR  +   1131d ago
I still get chills from this scene:
Tei777  +   1131d ago
But there wasn't a cohesive, story/motive till disc 3...
Griffin4871  +   1131d ago
8 was the underappreciated one? I never hear anything about 9 if people aren't talking about 7.
DivineAssault  +   1130d ago
Lionheart baby! i loved this game

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